Accolmile eMTB Review – Bosch V Bafang – Part 1

Accolmile eMTB Review – Bosch V Bafang – Part 1

G’day boys n girls, I hope you’re all doing well.
In this video, we are reviewing the Chinese made 2021 Accolmile Rocket Bear, electric mountain bike on off road trails in Cleland National Park here in Adelaide, South Australia.
This is a 28kg, 27.5 inch wheeled, 1×9 speed, mid drive 750 watt Bafang powered bike, with “dual” suspension and huge 840 watt hour battery.
We put it up against my 2021 Focus Jam2 6.8 9 with its 250 watt Bosch XC Performance Line motor, 625 watt hour battery, and “proper” dual suspension for some hill climbing sessions over smooth to rough terrain, as well as some flowy trails and eventually, some gnarly downhill stuff.

Will it survive? Will it beat the mighty Bosch? Will my son even survive?

Watch and find out, in this multi part review.

Apologies for the audio compression and jerky camera footage. I’m not a professional videographer by any means. I’m still learning the tricks of the trade as I go.
To hear both myself and my son on the Hero 4 Session he wore, I needed to boost the gain and compression levels somewhat, and as far as the other camera footage goes. I recorded in 30fps on my Samsung phone and rendered into a 50 fps timeline. So it gets a bit jerky with loads of dropped frames. I hope to soon record with only one camera in the future and eliminate this issue.

Thanks for watching.

Accolmile eMTB specs and purchase link on AliExpress:

My Strava Log: (Bosch)

My sons Strava Log: (Bafang)

Readers Comments (6)

  1. This vid has definitely inspired me to do a Bafang vs Brose video.
    Keep up the vids mate 👍

  2. Hello, thanks for Review of the Accolmile. My is on the Way. First i like to change ist the Tyres! What do you think is the thickest tire combination? Want as thick as possible. Meaby you know the The space between the fork and the rear

  3. at the top. Hello from France. I am waiting for mine and I will put the magura mt5e in it but the assembly diagram is needed. I will put a rear suspension but I need the measurement please?what size of rear suspension please?

  4. Finally some decent insight on this ebike.
    Congratulations on the video. Content is more important than video image quality itself.
    I have placed an order for this model and still waiting…
    I will be using it mainly for commuting to work by road, so I guess the suspension issue will not affect me a lot. I hope it will help me getting fit, or… die tryin’…

  5. miguel hernandez April 28, 2021 @ 1:07 am

    Hello from canary Islands i order one accomile 750w from green energy for 1 mounth a go and steel waiting 🤦‍♂️ love the video you make🥰hope you do more information about this e-bike! Thanks and enjoy🚲

  6. Николай Михеев April 28, 2021 @ 1:11 am

    Although I already ordered it too, I would love to see the brakes from the front from below. How to turn off the motor when pressed. What a sensor. But if you filmed everything a long time ago, I’ll shoot the review myself.

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