Advanced LMG GUIDE /w TOP 3 LMG PvP Builds (Infinite ammo Chatterbox Self Heal) Division 2

Advanced LMG GUIDE /w TOP 3 LMG PvP Builds (Infinite ammo Chatterbox Self Heal) Division 2

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Finally, My complete LMG GUIDE IS OUT.
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  1. All I hear is waaaaaahhhhhhhh waaaahhhhhh! Baby want a bottle. Skip to 2:20 to see this BADASS build

  2. These are elite tips, great illustration bro🤗

  3. Fucking bullshit basters running skirmish facetanking players with LMG” when in fact some LMG are suppose to be used behind cover at distance away from players but these fuck basters take advantage with their LMG like it’s a fucking Assault rifle or a fucking SMG” yet what im trying to understand is when your doing a mission in the Division 2 using a LMG you can’t kill the mission enemies by just running up to them you have to take cover and fight them from a distance the same thing should apply for those bitchassdude running LMG in skirmishes what happened to tactical advancement in skirmish we just right back to that bullshit in the Division when everybody was running around in Last Stand with striker builds now its the same bullshit in the Division 2 with those bitchassdude running LMG in skirmish battles what fucking nexts!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great video pal. You explain the builds so well unlike others. Can’t wait for your next video.

  5. Michael Worrell April 28, 2021 @ 12:44 am

    My dude, thank you so much. Truly one of a kind

  6. I do have more luck than you 😂

  7. messiah vengeance April 28, 2021 @ 12:45 am

    would you consider this set up maybe ?
    i use 3,9,5 set up (ready for the update)
    armor is 275k and hp is 55
    mask with spotter 20% dmg (after update)
    vest with unstoppable force and hardened with 55% dmg
    holster with filler up
    back pack with hardened and safe guard (i am farming for this missing the hardened) – you can go on the rope but need 11 blues which buff your dmg by 25%
    gloves with compensated 15% dmg
    knee pads with patience
    all weapon dmg is 25% and lmg dmg is 25% (i can go higher)

    so total of 140% dmg (with OTR it will be 165%)

  8. I’ve looked through your guides and I know rng is a bitch but I can’t get enough damage on my weapons like you on any of your weapons. Any tips on farming?

  9. thanks for my build base mate

  10. Vincent Bonassisa April 28, 2021 @ 12:47 am

    This is the GOAT LMG build

  11. this is what i like, you actually have a screen with all the builds laid out i do not have to scroll through the content to find the info after watching the vid: 30:55

  12. 😁😁😁😁😁 good video friend but when are you going to make more ghost recon wild lands videos 😁😁😁😁

  13. Informative and entertaining great video.

  14. William A. Vasilakos April 28, 2021 @ 12:50 am

    Eroktic I would like to be able to contact you via PM. Is that possible?

  15. # Ree

  16. They stole ur build. But ur still the beast.

  17. Military m60 e4 is highest dps and best

  18. "oh, that’s actually a cool build, I’m gonna make a video on it later" good lord I’m ded.

  19. Darrell Jenkins April 28, 2021 @ 12:52 am

    Cool build, followed your tips, have 32.5% All Weapon Damage, 35% LMG Damage with a shitty backpack and Dialedin on the mask as I am waiting for an Explosive China Light to drop. Cannot wait to test the Grenades on those muppets that sit outside the checkpoints. Have 235827 Armour and 181240 Heath so I can make this better with a few lucky rolls from the gods.

  20. Some really great tips here, thank you

  21. Love the vids man you’ve helped me alot on learning builds

  22. I didn’t know Michael Fassbender played Div 2

  23. Thanks for sharing all this information with us 🙂

  24. Hilarious sarcastic intro. “I played that in the alpha!” 😂😂😂

    “You stole my build!” = “I assume nobody else knows basic math, except me!”

    Most content creators crib their builds from the top squads and players. There are several million players who know math just as well as YouTubers.

    Welcome to real life.

  25. I have a very similar build, but without compensated. Because I run also hs damage on my chest and 3 offensive weapon damage mod slots with 5% lmg damage each. so i have my 15% from modslots. So i have 52% total weapon damage and 51% LMG damage and lots of hs damage. i used to have 80% explosive damage but now i have some hardened and dmg to elites because i use the same build for everything.

  26. Fucking Idiot shit content

  27. You motivate me to play the game and I thank you and so should Ubisoft

  28. Sam Chesterman April 28, 2021 @ 1:04 am

    Where did u find this LMG? Great video by the way.

  29. If you force fire the Sawed-Off after it loads its first round, doesn’t it also do the same thing in a shorter time?

  30. Eroktic, I see you have a new video about your LMG builds. I recently saw the video you made and posted on 30 March, and I asked you how the NERFs of 5 April affected your great build??

    By the way are you serious about people stealing your builds? I am NOT a Youtuber so you don NOT have to worry about me. But I was wondering because you are posting your build here on Youtube so are you upset because people are copying your great builds or because OTHER Youtubers are posting your builds as IF they were their own builds?

    BTW I really appreciate your videos because I am a VERY OLD MAN and I am not very good, so I need a lot of help. THANK YOU

  31. the gun mod 10% armor during reload, you keep the 10% armor if your saw off are empty and switched to other guns.

  32. When blue mods get nerfed so will safeguard. Building with safeguard is building for failure within a couple of weeks. Will you change for On the Ropes after the patch?

  33. Does this work in normalised?

  34. M249 b for me because I have max stability and really good accuracy and I have 1k less dmg than you but I have 280k armour 😄but I didn’t copy anyone’s build which makes it even better

  35. Giving a monkey a hammer doesnt mean it can build a house.

  36. Why not use fenris chest with vital instead of hardened? 20% health is better then 10% armor, no?

  37. New subscriber. Love your energy. But isn’t safegaurd getting needed to the ground?

  38. Virgil_ Earp_69 April 28, 2021 @ 1:16 am

    I love your content dude

  39. Will you update this build? Because of the Update 3.0

  40. Thanks so much for the in-depth guide. I really enjoy it and appreciate your effort!!

  41. Stop sharing , Stop streaming , then no one will copy you, seems like you like drama

  42. Crazy man… stop LMG stuff. This game is not Call of duty.

  43. Thomas Edwards April 28, 2021 @ 1:23 am

    Bro can you tell me some secrets about sucessfull Rifle pvp build inspired by your knowhow? i am not youtuber but i am playing D2 often and i want to be focused on pvp with rifle. I see many videos about it but i want to know something from you.

  44. Question. Where are y’all getting these HIGH DAMAGE weapons from?? Is this after TIER 3?? I’m not there yet and I have Chatterbox and LMGs but they all under 9.0 damage!! WTF?!

  45. You don’t have to worry about anybody stealing your haircut

  46. Eroktic would like to see a lmg PvP built after the update since alot of ur talent in this built are getting nerfed wonder if this built would still hold up

  47. Prototype Spacecowboy April 28, 2021 @ 1:26 am

    u r the master of highlevel assholery <3
    i seriously love how all u guys dont even realise how u steal my builds and try to hide this crime by blaming others for it while all u le-potato-brains know exactlxy that ME was playing those builds allready decades ago while everyone else still was busy eating crayons and drawing masterpieces with your own rectal creations^^

  48. This is actually pretty neat PvEvP build.

  49. Bro i love your content! By far my favorite Division Youtuber. You have taken my builds and knowledge of the game to another level. Thanks for helping this old man out. Sincerely, 43 yr old Father/Barber

  50. Benjamin Patterson April 28, 2021 @ 1:37 am

    you need to do an updated lmg build as the safe guard got nerfed, the broken armor reload talent got nerfed.

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