Affordable $459 SkyLark E-Bike Review Demo by Filipino Guy

Affordable $459 SkyLark E-Bike Review Demo by Filipino Guy

This is the e-bike to buy! It is affordable and a good ride! Check the link below to get it. Also, the speed goes to 15mph and not 25-30mph. 馃檪
Nakto Skylark link:
Nakto Bikes –
Nakto Skylark :

Awesome Helmet I am using:

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  1. Is it throttle or pedal assist?

  2. What is your height??

  3. Mickel Evangelista January 9, 2021 @ 10:33 pm

    Do you think this bike is too fast for a teen? So no control for speed? Salamat

  4. You are the man. You came through again. I remembered when I was looking for a review on the Costco bike, i waited forever and you finally had the first full review. That Costco Bike was a downer. So looking around for another bike, I found the Skylark that had good specs all around but no review. I kept waiting forever and you are the first one to have a review on this bike too. This will be my next bike. Thank You.

  5. Your the first one to do review on this e-bike to there’s only promo vids with funny elevator department store music behind it ..I got the white one too just rode it today for a while I commute 12 miles to and from work in heavy traffic so the 10amp battery is plenty I did the commute with a 7.5 amp 12" folding e-bike I didn’t have my phone speedometer on but it seem faster than 15mph the tires feel good on bumps i put on a zoom suspension post and larger seat that horn is garbage an ant couldn’t hear it if it was right on it.. anyway it’s a good bike stable fast .

  6. The Costco Bike over and over and over again, the Costco Bike, not only are you 230 pounds on a children’s bike, you got to rant and rant. Dumb Shit.

  7. how did you film this, drone?

  8. Thank you for your review! I try to find a review for this bike but none!!! Finally you did it. By the way, i bought this bike for a week and like you said it pretty good. I wanna get rid of Skylark logo too… if you do it, could you please review it either馃槀 ps. I just realized after I watched this 3 times that the pedal is really small I鈥檓 gonna go get the new pedal ASAP

  9. Great review bro!

  10. I got a Skylark a few days ago. Per a speedometer app on my iPhone and Apple Watch, I am only getting up to 15 MPH. I weigh 165 pounds. Still haven鈥檛 tested the range.

  11. I might buy this SKYLARK!!! They should at least upgrade your peddles and give you a spare battery!

  12. Thank you for the review.. I bought one today based on your review.. great video.

  13. Need some info sir. Ung electric system ba nito most of all ung motor is running by itself or need paren ng assistance ng pedal?

  14. Youssef Abou-Atme January 9, 2021 @ 11:11 pm

    I am in MN too… how come we never met?!?

  15. Great review! Quick question… Will standard 9/16-inch pedals work as a replacement for this?

  16. How are ypu filming this?

  17. What kind of range are you getting on the bike ??

  18. Christian Enodien January 9, 2021 @ 11:26 pm

    So i want to buy the bike for 4 people. 2 adults and 2 kids ages 13 and 7. The bike on this video, is the seat and bar handle height adjustable?

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