Affordable Ebike Helmet From Amazon | Scorpion Covert 1Storm ILM Rockbros

Affordable Ebike Helmet From Amazon | Scorpion Covert 1Storm ILM Rockbros

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What鈥檚 going on electric enthusiasts! This is Julienne and in this video we will go over the helmets I compared in the last month and which I favor the most. Before we dive into it, hit the subscribe button below for more content. Links for all the helmets are also located in the description.

Alrighty, the first helmet that we will get out of the way is the Rockbros cycling helmet. It has great ventilation and is lightweight weighing only half a pound. It has a visor and magnetic eyeshield option as well. If it is a super hot day and you don鈥檛 plan on biking at fast speeds, this helmet is the easiest to put on. This is what I normally wear for offroading or mountain biking.

Moving onto the next helmet, this is the Scorpion Covert Helmet, it weighs 4lbs and is DOT certified to ride on the streets. This is a popular choice as it is a 戮 helmet that has a removable front mask giving you different wearing options. It also came with two visors, a tinted and a clear visor. I always prefer the clear one for visibility in the dark. One thing to note is the mask portion is a flimsier material that will not provide much protection in a crash.

The next helmet is the 1st storm modular helmet that has a flip up front shield. DOT certified and also weighs 4lbs but feels heavier on the head. I like that it also has a tinted and a clear visor option. One thing noticed is that this helmet fogs up a little more than the others, which makes sense because the front mask is much sturdier. This helmet feels bulky but is rather easy to slip on because of the flip up design.

The last helmet to compare is the 戮 Open face helmet by ILM. This feels the lightest of the other DOT helmets and has a wider range of neck motion. Just like the Scorpion helmet, it has a removable front mask. This front mask however feels sturdier, it鈥檚 thicker and has less give. It only came with a black tinted visor, the clear one is an additional $13.

In comparison, all of the DOT helmets ventilated just about the same, I did not see any significant differences, asides the 1storm fogged up a bit more as expected. The street helmets also weighed almost the same and had the same fitting.

Out of the 3 DOT helmets, which do you think I favor the most?

If you thought it is the ILM helmet, then your detective skills are spot on! Was it the gopro mount that gave it away? I鈥檓 too lazy to remove it for the video. Anyway I am probably returning the Scorpion helmet, at half the price this ILM helmet provides the same features with a sturdier front mask and looks just as cool in my opinion. The helmet also provided a decent flat space for the gopro mount sticker to stick, so far it has held up on rides. As for the 1storm helmet, I鈥檒l be giving it to my wife as soon as her upgraded ebike arrives. Well folks, I hope you find this video useful in choosing an ebike helmet. If you haven鈥檛 already, like and subscribe to support our channel. Stay active and safe out there, see you next time!

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  1. you’re definitely Filipino

  2. Scorpion! That’s the one I have. Might change helmet soon…

  3. You think that ILM helmet would be good for a motorcycle or is it to flimsy

  4. Dope review man. I might look into that ILM one!

  5. Where did you order the clear visor for ILM helmet cant seem to find it, can you add a link?

  6. Go Lakers!

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