All About The Elby Electric Bike

All About The Elby Electric Bike

The Elby S1 9 speed is a fun to ride fully loaded City bike with plenty of power. With it’s step-thru frame and adjustable stem the Elby fits almost anyone. The powerful motor and large battery allows you to ride everywhere all day.

The Elby is an award winning e-bike designed by the same people that developed the Bionx ebike systems. The motor, batteries, controller and the display are manufactured by the Canadian company Bionx, who has 19 years experience in the ebike industry. Check it out!

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Bionx is dead???????

  2. bionx in 2019 ? wow .

  3. Nineteen Sixty-Nine November 25, 2020 @ 8:09 pm

    This is completely unnecessary. Just get a regular bike and save money.

  4. Does it have a throttle assist as well?

  5. Cameraperson, please show the bike parts as it is be ing described, not the girl describing it.

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