Amego Electric Bike Shop in Toronto Canada

Amego Electric Bike Shop in Toronto Canada

While visiting Toronto Canada for some ebike reviews, I spent some time visiting Amego Electric Vehicles (Electric Bike Shop). The founder and owner, Virginia Block, took me on a tour of her shop and warehouse. This video is meant to be a virtual tour and help people who might be considering visiting to know what to expect. Amego performs ebike maintenance and sells a range of e-bike brands including:

Ebike brands carried:
– Riese & M眉ller
– Stromer
– Amego
– Opus
– Gazelle
– Aventon
– Haibike
– Focus
– Elby

Shop address: 533 Richmond St. West Toronto Ontario M5V 3Y1 Canada
Shop phone number: 416-907-4922
Website: EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Looks like a well organised place.

  2. Anyone know how to remove the rear wheel on the Infinite? I know how to remove rear wheels properly but not on an E Bike ! anyone have a link to the service manuals?

  3. Wrong, open frame electric bikes are not allowed on park paths and linear park paths. Buyer beware. Fines are applicable if you are power assisted.

  4. hlo brother i have electric bike but i want to export to canada please help

  5. I would strongly suggest buying your bike elsewhere.
    The owner of this company does not care about customer service at all.
    Sold me and my partner a defective bike. It broke after 2 days of owning.
    She refuses to respond to emails, calls, tweets anything. Told me to resell the bike to someone else.
    If you have thousands of dollars to burn then go for it. If you want a long term product with excellent post sale service move along to another shop.

  6. My wife bought two Stromer bikes from Amego (for my 65th birthday) 9 months ago and we can鈥檛 say enough about the quality of the bikes, the sales help and the service department. I have been away a lot this year but I have managed to log over 500 km on mine and my wife has put over 1200 miles on hers even though we have only had rain, snow, wind and below average temperatures since October. We seldom used our regular bikes but these bikes are like riding in luxury automobiles. Stromers at half price was a great decision. And the fun is free!

  7. hlo brother i have electric bike but i want to export to canada please help

  8. What a great interview! Great Store and Owner!! THANKS!

  9. I’d choose Rad bikes over Amego all day. I don’t know why uber partnered with Amego.

  10. DragonPupEclipse December 8, 2020 @ 9:17 pm

    I just bought one and no regrets.

  11. Great Shop Review..! What a great owner.. Did she say that they bought out all of the Bionx after they went bankrupt..? How do they support proprietary motors/batteries if Bionx is no longer in business..?.

  12. hlo brother i have electric bike but i want to export to canada please help

  13. UTILITY MARKETING December 8, 2020 @ 9:18 pm

    Great team! Great bikes!

  14. I’m in the market for an ebike so your vids have been very helpful. Have you considered review Emmo bikes? More on the cheaper end, but would love to know what you think of the value with all your experience

  15. Not only is Virginia is real purty…she’s smart, too ! Not to mention ambitious.

  16. Love my Amego Infinite high step. I am in the "urban commuter" category and use it to commute 20 miles one-way into work. I absolutely love the ride.

  17. The ST5 costs more than some motorcycles too, haha. I think I’ll be looking into Amego instead of Stromer.

  18. E.bikes is the busieness of the present and future, it will explode like a nuke in many countries.

  19. hlo brother i have electric bike but i want to export to canada please help

  20. Don Scott Macdonald December 8, 2020 @ 9:24 pm

    Add Elby to the ebike brands carried by that shop. Elby bikes stand out as a good choice for smaller people.

  21. It’s too bad that governments are still stuck behind the wheel of an automobile . . . imagine the difference if every car on the road was replaced by a bicycle ! ! !

  22. Anyone know how to remove the rear wheel on the Infinite? I know how to remove rear wheels properly but not on an E Bike ! anyone have a link to the service manuals?

  23. Thanks so much for featuring this Toronto business! I’m looking for an e-assist bike but I’ve found it hard to find anything through google. Big thanks to you!

  24. Great video looks like the lady is very passionate about electric bikes. Please could you come over to Yorkshire in the UK and do a vid.


  26. Great video and very educating regarding stromer

  27. City OttawaEdger December 8, 2020 @ 9:28 pm

    I sure as heck hope they have good security at that place.. man.. scary .. but anyhow wonderful business.. doing a great job.. ebikes are the future!

  28. Stromer price is overkill and yet. it still doesn’t use mid-drive motor.

  29. U should have bike shop in Mississauga but otherwise good stuff

  30. Please come to Virginia, Virginia! Charlottesville desperately needs a nice E Bike Shop like yours with a dedicated owner and staff

  31. Gr8 video. Ebike are the future.

  32. I have bike from amegoe ,elevate and is very good perfect quality thanks to team and Virginia

  33. Youtube giving free money. Ahh tahh

  34. Her "South Cali" accent needs some work.

  35. Where is the bmx

  36. *It’s perfect for my commutes鈽炩槥>**袪** 聽 All in all,we’re really pleased with this purchase. Here are some of the pros and cons.*

  37. Wow I see a lot of inventory, there is some history in that store. Now I know where to send customers looking for help with their Binox needs. If I鈥檓 every in Toronto I鈥檒l be sure to stop by and say hi

  38. I bought my elby bike from them. I can say Virginia and her staff are amazing to deal with. I had to have my elby serviced and their main goal was to get me back on the road as fast as possible. Also I鈥檝e tried many e bikes and feel the elby is the best and smoothest to ride. Now that they bought them out I鈥檓 sure it will only get better. Hopefully their next model will have a larger battery and an off road with a higher top speed.

  39. hey man, can u do me a solid, when doing female interviews, can u keep the gopro a little on the distance please…

  40. Hipster Capitalists all have the same voice inflections regardless of country of origin!馃槀

  41. hlo brother i have electric bike but i want to export to canada please help

  42. Opie stanborough December 8, 2020 @ 9:45 pm

    thats the fakest smile ever! Everything in T.O. is twice the price as anywere else….. you can order a Sur Ron direct,… you dont need a hipster to do it for ya and jack the price…. the Sur Ron MX threw Luna Cycle is $3900 but if you order it yerself its $2600 plus $300 shipping ( from China )

  43. Opie stanborough December 8, 2020 @ 9:53 pm

    these quacks are high as shit….! Hitting the ole bong in the office! How else can you explain how these highbags are acting…… Buddy was almost gonna " have sexual relations " with the poor pooch! Serious…. thats what these hipsters are like! One chick not long ago was so "enlightened " she married a TREE ! named him Bob or some shit… was grinding on it….. just a shit show! How would ya like to walk past her place with yer kids and there she is fornicating with Bobs "lower branch" ! The city should level the tree and run him threw a chipper! Make sum nice mulch for the flower bed! I wonder how many slivers she got in the ole cewch?

  44. I would love for that lady to ride on my electric bike.

  45. Did I hear correctly that they will be starting Bionx motor production again soon?

  46. Nice lady and great store. Canadians are so awesome! 馃嚚馃嚘

  47. I’ve been in this shop during the winter, I test-drove a Surface604 Shred. The lady who helped me out was cool af, they even stayed late for me. I didn’t end up getting the bike, but that’s Bosch’s fault. I put it on a hard gear and pedal assist 1 and it kept jumping to 3.

  48. From kingston not far looking for a good e bike

  49. the one and only December 8, 2020 @ 10:02 pm

    I would like to go for a ride to but not on the scooter damn she is beautiful

  50. I officially have a crush on Virginia!

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