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  1. Great bike, except for the tires, 27.5 = FAIL The bike has so much going for it, keep it simple, 26 inch or 700c please.

  2. The price on there web site is $2,399 ; so what gives?

  3. Serge Gojkovich April 23, 2021 @ 12:36 am

    This looks like a rebranded NCM bike. Is it?

  4. “we’ve got a park down there with cliffs and stuff”

  5. I could buy this bike a great all arounder.

  6. Zdenko Rakitnican April 23, 2021 @ 12:42 am

    It’s a good looking bike ,good video. How would you compare the rearhub to a midmotor does it give you the same amount of assistance when pedaling?

  7. Ncm moscow with amego tag

  8. I am looking at 3 bikes….. Surface 604, the Moscow Plus and this one.. Amego Elevate however you label it for Urban and the others as Urban, Trails and Mountain. Is there a reason for this just being labeled Urban since spec wise they look pretty much the same? I live in the mountains of California and we have a lot of dirt roads so I need one I can take both town on hills.

  9. Looks just like the magnum peak bike

  10. Wow she’s selling a direct knock off of the magnum peak haha but she only has the 27.5 she couldn’t get her hands on the 29er though.
    Also her folding bike is a direct knock off of the magnum classic folding bike. Both which have been in existence longer then her models.

  11. metamorphicorder April 23, 2021 @ 12:47 am

    Ive had karate kid on my mind because of the cobra kai series and i want to make a meme of Daniel throwing his bike in the dumpster and label it:
    Court when a bike doesnt have bottle cage bosses.

  12. This bike seems VERY similar to the magnum peak

  13. Why do Californian’s always park in the street in front of their house? Is there some law against using your driveway?

  14. If you lower the speed should you be fine on trails or not? Because I’m interested in getting a speed pedelec

  15. She is hott Court

  16. too noisy…………

  17. i like virginia

  18. I’ve been watching your videos for a long long time and this bike is so far my favourite. Powerful, has the throttle, ideal for all terrains, and the frame is something I love because you can share your bike with friends and family. Ideal for different genders, ages,… Comfortable!!! Once you have the motor I don’t see the point about having skinny tires!!! Thanks a lot for your videos. I have and electric bike y it was really helpful. I’ve been learning with you and my bike and I’ll have the second one in a few months!!

  19. That bike looks identical to the NCM Moscow

  20. Very Nice!, the bike wasn’t too bad either 😉

  21. Wow! This bike is Almost a twin to my Surface604 Shred! Same basic frame (small differences), same paint job, same price but I’m sorry the Surface604 guys give you a lot of good features for the same price. Check them out!

  22. Virginia sandals looks great riding the bike. 👍

  23. these bikes should all have an override to allow higher top speed, especially with throttle only. It be cool if the bikes could hit 25 miles per hour with throttle only. That’s a common speed zone in a lot of residential areas. I actually think you’ll be safer if you could for short durations be able to go with the flow of traffic. When you always have to pull over to the side sometimes the roads can have debris and stuff and. Anyway I think they should give the user the option I think the bike motor can handle that. Anyway I know there’s some law but I think it’s kind of silly why should bikes be so limited. Like I said on narrow roads it’s more of a safety issue when you can’t keep up with traffic

  24. Good job as always, and Virginia was the best person helping you with the demo there in the end 🙂

  25. There’s been some commenting in ebike forums concerning sticky thumb throttles. There are some better than others at reducing the potential and if I were selling ebikes I’d research and pay what’s necessary.

    It’s a good bike for the price.

  26. Looks very much like my Easy Motion 27.5. Especially the frame. The indentation on the top tube where it meets the seat post tube is identical. Also similar tires and motor specs All for $1000 less than the Easy Motion…Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Just sayin’ is all.

  27. Virginia block man she cute

  28. That is a lot of raw speed, whoa!

  29. Great looking bike with a lot of value for the money.
    However I still love my RAD ROVER from Rad Power City.

  30. James Williams April 23, 2021 @ 1:29 am

    Did u slam?

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