An Ebike Helmet You'll Actually Want to Wear (Thousand Heritage Helmet Review)

An Ebike Helmet You'll Actually Want to Wear (Thousand Heritage Helmet Review)

In this video I review the Thousand Heritage Helmet which is a unique helmet that comes with an anti-theft guarantee.
Thousand Heritage helmet:

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. Great hats. Really awesome quality. I have a big head, but the largest size fits great. Super cool looking as well.

  2. The link for the $20 off has expired.

  3. thank you for your review. this beautiful helmet (in carbon color) will fit perfectly with my new black RPB RadRunner to be shipped in october..:-). The dial fit system is a real plus and the heritage look is awesome. The protection and ventilation look great.

  4. The foam inside that helmet looks THIN. Like half as think as regular (bulky) helmets.

  5. You offer has expired?

  6. Your $20 link is not working at all, no matter the email or brower. Even in a private browser or different device. It is just DOA!

  7. wallstreetbetsmemes December 25, 2020 @ 10:34 pm

    that magnet doesn’t seem like it will hold under a fall or crash

  8. What size did you guys get?

  9. Love your wife Allie/Alli (sp?)! You guys make a great team. 馃憤

    Thousand has such an excellent ethos, and their helmets are SO cute! It鈥檚 nice when a company not only has a great message, but their products also look and perform well, so customers who don鈥檛 care about any of the company鈥檚 values can still get behind the product.

  10. What size is your helmet?

  11. Are they hot without the usual vents that other helmets have?

  12. Thanks for the review Ryan and Allie!

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