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  1. Can just ride without power assistance.? And switch it on when you need it please great video

  2. i don’t own this model but i once rode it. But is there a cheap mountain bike that isn’t sold out in USA?

  3. Good Video!

  4. Can you remove the battery from the bike to charge inside your house separate from bike? thank you

  5. Dino Scott Grindle February 28, 2021 @ 9:51 pm

    I just got this bike last week, sweet., but the battery is 36volt, and I want to replace it with a 48volt, but it seems like all the batteries I look at online have different connectors then mine. Where can I find a 48 volt bag battery that will have the same connectors?

  6. Yes a little over my head but very necessary to plan for my future purchase.

  7. Héctor Fabian De La Barra February 28, 2021 @ 9:54 pm


  8. Some 1 try this and tell me if it will work. Get a top post car battery with a 400 Watt inverter, tie the battery down with some tie down strap on the bike rack. Will it keep the e bike charged at the same time you riding the e bike ???

  9. FV O R R E I. S A P E R E. C O M E. F A R E. X. C O M P E R A R E U N A AN C H E E R

  10. Warning: Ancheer’s warranty means nothing. I have the 500 watt model 26" model. The pedal assist is defective, PAS1 goes 18mph, and they won’t fix it. You have been warned.

  11. Thanks so much for the video! I Drive a motorcycle but am so nervous about getting on my new bike!

  12. So give it some speed and it’ll go until you take your finger off the throttle?

  13. I have the same bike

  14. Is this the exact same bike as the Cliency?

  15. Does the motor make any noise at all while in use?

  16. What’s so special about electric bikes plz answer

  17. Was the speedometer MPH or KMPH?

  18. I was extremely shocked when I saw the speed then I realized it was in km/h and not m/h. That speed is still impressive though

  19. Hi, I have the same bike about 8 months already, use it for commuting to work/shopping which is about 13 kilometres a day. Thanks to your videos аfter disconnecting the speed limiter I like it much more than before but I was wondering if I can put bigger 48v battery to increase the range, I’ve read somewhere Bafang motors allows this but I’m not sure about Ancheer. Any tip would be much appreciated.

  20. how long does the battery last?

  21. Kenneth Patterson February 28, 2021 @ 10:12 pm

    I just brought one home. An old man bought it last year, used it once and it been sitting since. I’ts essnetil brand new. Pugged it in and the battery is fully charged. $300. I think I got a deal. I’m here to learn about it.

  22. Thx …

  23. Abiez – please can you show us how to fold this bike?

  24. Can you tell me please How to build up The exeleter?

  25. top speed?

  26. Decent beginner ebike. I’d recommend saving up for a more high quality one though if you need one for daily use. Don’t buy this one because you really want an ebike now.

    The wiring can be easily damaged if you fall while riding, so be careful obviously. Happened to me, eventually bought a better quality ebike that I should have bought in the beginning.

  27. I just ordered this bike from Amazon for £790. Most people on YouTube paid $600, I feel robbed but am still exited for it to arrive 😁

  28. Hotel Photography ORG & AirBnB Photography NET February 28, 2021 @ 10:20 pm

    how is the quality ? anything breaks after a while ?

  29. This is my first E Bike. Great review!!

  30. The bike is exactly what I wanted.❖>▫ I’m a lady so the peddle assist is a wonderful feature. I’m able to enjoy bike riding while not being concerned that if I go too far that I won’t be able to get back or be too exhausted. The bike has a number of features, like disk brakes, front shocks, electric horn, and front headlight. Compared to prices of other electric bikes, the Ancheer is priced not to drain your wallet. The biking season is coming upon us so I will be able to future comment after the season about reliability. Now the bike goes with me everywhere! Good product and I like it.

  31. Hello! If you don’t mind, could you tell me the frame size of the bike?

  32. Are this coming with the battery charger?

  33. How do I check the bearings

  34. Now if they could add turn signals, like on a motorcycle – so we can keep.hands on the bars…

  35. Does this bike go up steep hills easily on electric mode?? I live in a very hilly area, is it worth buying?

  36. how many watts is the motor???

  37. Bruh-Shah Dust Of The Ground February 28, 2021 @ 10:32 pm

    How’s the bike working?

  38. Its a great bike though i would not call this a mountain bike on any day. This is more of a cruiser than a legit mountain bike.

  39. Ancheer elettric Come fare L acquisto di questa bici? O COME AVERE UN CATALOGO ON LINE

  40. how much was the bike? the price might also be lower because of black friday

  41. Do you have to pedal?.

  42. Hi how far does it go on just electric and pedal assist ?

  43. It’s possible to make removeable bettery ?

  44. My charger broke and I have this bike, where can I get a new one. And if so could you provide me with a link, thank you

  45. that battery pocket is so shitty.

  46. Hey abiez, it’s been a couple of months since you got the bike. Are there any major problems with the bike now that you’ve had it for a while now? Thanks!

  47. Where can I buy this bike from?

  48. that is a very cool bike!

  49. how fast is it

  50. Where can I get it?

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