Basic differences between street and race BMX bikes

Basic differences between street and race BMX bikes

In this video, we cover some very basic differences between street and race BMX bikes. This clip is intended for anyone who is new to BMX racing and has limited knowledge of BMX bikes. We don’t get all ‘technical’ in our explanations, we’ve kept it simple to make it easy for non-BMX people to understand.

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  1. what brand Is the white bike I can’t read the frame…

  2. He else has been using a street bmx for racing

  3. Wtf are those knobby tires on the race bike and why the seat so high??

  4. ive made my decision i want a street racing bmx light as fuck by totalbmx

  5. 〆『LORD』〆 December 20, 2020 @ 9:51 pm

    Street 🌚🤞💔

  6. Dayle-Ngahuia Amopiu December 20, 2020 @ 9:52 pm

    NZ Accents kill, "rice" hardly! "raice" maybe >> Decent vid though for the sprocket leagues.

  7. My street bmx weighs 10kg

  8. Can you change or take off parts from race bmx bikes to make it sort of street because I’m a beginner and fucked up in buying race bike so that’s my bad on my part

  9. Constantine lehara December 20, 2020 @ 9:52 pm

    nc thx alot

  10. My position 1 bike weighs like 10 pounds with carbon fiber and micrometer

  11. Jonathan Nilberg December 20, 2020 @ 9:54 pm

    Excellent explanation of the differences between street and race BMX bikes👍
    Thanks for making this video!

  12. Garras Porgratix December 20, 2020 @ 9:54 pm

    Now, do they make larger ones for MEN instead of just big enough to suit 9 year old boys?

  13. anyone else notice the gearing on the "street bmx"?

  14. street is for riding around race is built for speed meaning lighter

  15. There not called foot pegs there just called pegs

  16. I want speed but I like to ride off road too should I use 20" mountain bike tires or knobby bmx tires ( I don’t have any money but if have both types of those tires)

  17. Just A Random High Schooler December 20, 2020 @ 10:05 pm

    bought one from my neighbor it’s kinda a box of both with the heavier frame and bottom brakes but bigger sprocket and only rear brakes with a super hard light seat for racing

  18. Well fuck, I wanted to buy a street BMX a year ago or something but it turns out it’s a race BMX even tho it said "freestyle" on the page. The frame is too long so probably gonna get a street bike from

  19. Race bikes are sleeker looking

  20. None of these BMX bikes look street

  21. Emmanuel Joseph Deferia December 20, 2020 @ 10:12 pm

    I like race bmx bike i want to buy them

  22. Is it possible to convert a street BMX to a race BMX. (If i change the crank arms and the gear) ? 😛 thank you

  23. I dont how my race bike is like 15 to 20 kilos but it isnt a street bike

  24. this guy has no idea about freestyle bikes

  25. Up to 17kg for a street bmx? Isn’t that how much walmart bmx’s weight?

  26. I wanted to start BMX and when i saw this video i realized the bike i have is a race not a BMX i will have to start over and buy a BMX thank you

  27. Daily Driven Classics December 20, 2020 @ 10:22 pm

    I’ve had street BMX bikes with large front sprockets. This was done for personal preference as I wasn’t riding in parks and only grinded on the opposite side so I could get to higher speeds with less effort if I wanted. Granted I was riding in some places where you had to out run security or your friends so any advantage I could get I would take. Looking back I realize I was stupid but I’ll say when we had to get out fast I definitely had the advantage from a technical point of view. In all honesty we never got caught or we were left alone so there was no need but it always make sense in my mind. I’ll admit I had the biggest disadvantage too though. I never bothered to cut anything down to make it lighter and only removed the brakes for tricks and because they generally didn’t work anyway. The levers barely moved without cables. I didn’t technically remove the brake either. I just cut the cables on both ends because I intended to put something on there that completely eliminated the problem.

  28. Most importantly, the race bike has significantly progressive geometry, longer top-tube, longer triangle. A race bike almost always looks faster too.

  29. It is helpful.

  30. Street bmx don’t have brakes

  31. Que preço $$???

  32. Wait so can you race a street bike…?

  33. but could you use a street bmx as a racing bmx?

  34. Most street bmx guys dont run brakes. I dont either

  35. Ive found that alot of bmx bikes have a slight hybrid feel to them for people using them to commute these days.

  36. Great video, thank you

  37. What is the smallest sprocket size you can get for a street BMX bike?

  38. if I turn my race bmx to a street bmx would be there any difference or anything?

  39. Thanks for this info! Hi Five Kiwi!

  40. one question… can race bmx convert to freestyle?

  41. 2:54 voice crack

  42. Technically BMX bikes are NOT made with solid steel tubing it’s Hollow chromoly tubing for the good bikes and high-tensile steel hollow tubing for the cheap bikes.
    Also some BMX bikes use a combination of the two

  43. Great video thanks.

  44. I was riding half of my life a race bmx on the street and jumping double than other people 🙂 and expecially it never broken 🙂 it’s like a skateboard…it will depend how you land your tricks…everybike will be broken if you missing style o land in wrong way 🙂 very simple

  45. Wow..did not know that. Thanks

  46. Dufferuncuz

  47. Vocês mandão para o Brasil?

  48. great vid because yes, alot of parents don’t know when they go to the local shop…

  49. Fuck I got a race bmx I was excited getting my first and didn’t know much so I got the race one instead of street bmx

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