Benno Carry On Electric Conversion

Benno Carry On Electric Conversion

Additions to stock Benno Carry On:
BBSHD motor
17.5 ah 52v Battery
(2) 1kw LED Headlights
Rear LED Tail light
LED light strips on frame (not pictured)
12v Bluetooth Stereo system
dc to dc step down converter
Benno bag
side Mirror
Front Rack (Large One) made by Benno
Stereo can be found here:

Readers Comments (6)

  1. how does your Radwagon compare to this one?

  2. Hi Johnny, I’ve been looking into using the Benno Carry On as a commuter bike. I was wondering if you could give an update as to how that is going for you. It seems like purchasing the Carry On and using a Bafang mid drive motor is the most economic way to get a powerful hauling ebike.

  3. brilliant conversion

  4. It looks good for fetching groceries and kicking around on for daily chores but definitely not a touring bike. I went with a BaFang BBS02 so it is legal to ride anywhere in America bicycles are allowed. But I went fully suspended so that I can ride for days-on-end and not feel it even at 60 years old. –

  5. So can you carry another adult on the back? I know the rating is like 100 lbs but wonder if a 150lb adult could ride for a short distance. Great review and build

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