Best 5 Electric Bike with BAFANG Motor

Best 5 Electric Bike with BAFANG Motor

The Bafang motor creates more torque for better hill climbing, it is centered on the bike for better balance, and it utilizes the gears for higher top end speeds and overall performance. So this is list best 5 Electric Bike with Bafang motor:

1. Calamus One 0:07
Motor: Bafang M620

2. FLX Trail Special Edition 1:35
Motor: Bafang M600

3. M2S All Terrain Ultra HT 3:15
Motor: Bafang M620

4. RadRunner 4:36
Motor: Bafang H620R

5. EVELO Galaxy 6:53
Motor: Bafang M400

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Readers Comments (11)

  1. The ROSELANDIA made in Portland Oregon, wasn’t listed here. It is one of the lightest ebikes on the market. it self-balances on the rear tire and rear rack to make it very. compact to park. The Bafang motor is built into the frame and doesn’t require proprietary batteries. If you need more than 55 mile range, just throw a second battery in the pannier.

  2. *I use this bike as my daily rider☞☞>**ӄ **   it takes me to and from work and more, battery life is great, I can go about a week riding around my neighborhood without having to charge it, it was easy to assemble and I believe it’s worth every penny*

  3. Manda número do zap Telefone

  4. hahahhahaaa..before i even hit the play button. mirror image with writing never looks good. shows lack of tech skill

  5. FLX….at 2:56 it took a beating, looks like that wheel is buggered.

  6. Where is Frey? Their AM1000 should be #1.

  7. Intothewildrider December 15, 2020 @ 9:55 pm

    "most ebikes have the motor in the rear wheel" wtf lol thats just not true. All i see is some low quality bikes where they smashed a bafang motor on, and alot of lies. Frey is by far better than anyone of these bikes.

  8. ask the big QUESTION, "why do they always film a bafang color display in the shade..?" Answer: You can’t see in in sunlight. They are useless in sunlight because they don’t have Sunlight readable displays. Now…think about where you are more likely to ride an ebike… in the dark… or in the sun… Don’t limit your ride. Tell your ebike manufacturer to provide sunlight readable displays.

  9. FLX…so amazing we recommend you keep the kickstand on while doing tricks in the air as Murphy´s Law does not apply here. Bafang may be a big manufacturer but quality is typical of Chinese engineering and will fail any minute.

  10. I got bbs02b 500w 36v, do you mean that i can powered up to 700 wat or more? I have the computer usb cable already, I’m scared to damage the factory programs.

  11. The best thing about Bafang mid drive motors is the ability reprogram them for high power.

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