Best Bike Gear and Apparel of 2020!

Best Bike Gear and Apparel of 2020!

List of my favorite bike accessories and apparel of 2020! Help support independent reviews:

Lems Canvas Chukka:
Lems Boulder Mid:
Chrome Double Track:
PEDaLED LS Jersey:
VO Flat Pack Rack:
BxB Framebag:
Tumbleweed Persuader Bars:

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  1. Many thanks for the recent videos Russ! I’m fairly new to the channel but really enjoying the content. Merry Christmas & let’s hope 2021 is a healthy one with plenty of pedalling….. 👍 From the UK

  2. Love Chrome Velo Orange gear and I got the Hunt Wheels on my Bombtrack EXT c – they are awesome

  3. Hows Laura?

  4. Path less pedaled. The most chill bicycle channel ever! How’s Laura doing with her treatment? Hope Everything is going well!

  5. Can’t find those shorts on their website.

  6. I d like to throw in "Path Less Pedáled" as a "Best Bike Thingy 2020". I understand you are at a severe disadvantage if comes to consuming the content you make, but trust me, its great, amazing even adorable. Thank you and thousand kisses !

  7. Devil Hunter Entertainment January 24, 2021 @ 7:50 pm

    Very awesome video😁, great reviews

  8. Did they stop making the shorts?

  9. Excellent video. I’m thinking about hanging that Chrome bag on the front of a sausage bag. You don’t want to cut those handlebars down? I’m using 710 mm handlebars which I bought new in 2019 and never did cut them. 710 mm is working out well with a armspan of 180 cm or 71 inches.

  10. Wheel of comments says, “Is that how you pronounce decaleur?” 🤣 I think we need to get the lexicographer back on the phone…

  11. 2nd comment

  12. My favourite accessory of 2020 has been the comment wheel! Please supply this ASAP as a sticker, with a bike illustration running comment wheels front and back. Oh, and make ‘em 650b comment wheels…

  13. Doomed To Linger January 24, 2021 @ 7:59 pm

    Dude that was near prfect. Concise, succinct and sure; terrific reviews too!

  14. 2020 GEAR! Thanks Russ!
    -Nick 😃👍

  15. Great list and great review!!! Thank you!

  16. Your channel is awesome!
    Rain pants?
    Going broke trying to find a good pair.
    Columbus Ohio, Commuting, Camping, Snow and Rain.
    Just need a good packable pair.
    Help please!

  17. Interesting take on the Hunt wheels. I own them and am kind of “meh” on them. I guess I was disappointed mine were 200g heavier than Hunt’s stated weight.

  18. The Tumbleweed Persuader bar looks really interesting. Doing a search on this but I don’t see anyone putting any support grips on the handlebar like ergon grips. Is this not suggested? Is the handlebar that comfortable that it doesn’t need grips like those from Ergon or other wrist support grips?

  19. The link to the Hunt wheels is missing!!

  20. Surprised the Ruthworks brevet bag didn’t make the list. It’s in almost every video.

  21. Thanks for the video Russ. Happy holidays to you and Laura.

  22. How are the LEMS soles holding up? Curious how much pins on flats would tear them up compared to other shoes. Love the channel.

  23. Definitely eyeing those 650b wheels….

  24. Path Less Pedaled January 24, 2021 @ 8:15 pm

    *Tumbleweed PERSUADER bar….

  25. If a product exploits animals, I don’t want to hear about it. Later..

  26. "It is helpful, turns out, to wear some clothes as you ride your bike." 🤔 Have you actually researched this? Did I miss that video?

  27. What’s the other rack at 3:23? Thanks

  28. Throwing Hunt wheels on my bike was my #1 upgrade. I’ve got the 4 seasons gravel in 700c. With 43mm Gravelking SKs. They glide like a hawk, ready to rock, savin’ dough be smart like Spock- I’m out😎

  29. Thinking of Laura…pray she’s improving daily. Take care of yourself as well. Thanks for the info. Happy holidays to you both.

  30. Bonnie Parrish-Kell January 24, 2021 @ 8:28 pm

    Thank you, Russ! Love this recap 🙂

  31. Thanks for the info! Pretty cool stuff. i really like that Chrome bag. Take care and stay well 🙂

  32. Well, I am on for two. Wheels and front rack. No one of the picks made me come up with a wheel of snark comment. Well done.

  33. I will have to try the Chrome handlebar bag. I hope it works for my Brompton as well as my gravel bike.

  34. Great video, Love The BXB Frame Bag.

  35. Great video, ever thought about reviewing Priority cycles? Would be interesting to see your opinion on the pinion system

  36. Mitchell Connell January 24, 2021 @ 8:41 pm

    Kindred spirits. I’m running the Persuader and Advent group on my Hunq. Good stuff.

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