Best Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits of 2019 – Electric Wheel – Modwheel Buyers Guide

Best Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits of 2019 – Electric Wheel – Modwheel Buyers Guide

In this video we cover our leading brand of conversion kits, Modwheel. We look at all the different wattage and variations helping you better choose a suitable kit for your ride and lifestyle. Electric conversion kits are a eco friendly alternative to gas engine kits. The kits we cover are as follows.

All In One Modwheel:
Commuter 250W:
Enthusiast 500W:
Pro Series 100W: ►
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Everything you need to make your own Motorized Bicycle.

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  1. very expensive

  2. Thank you for sharing this video with so much good information.
    As far as I know, there is a kit. Which I like a lot. Learn about this kit
    more information


  3. No the future is a motorcycle!🤔

  4. Can you mount one on the front AND back? 2 wheel drive electric bike…

  5. He was on Nepoleon Dynamite….Pedro…..sweet jump

  6. Aucturuss Jagaard December 9, 2020 @ 9:14 pm

    Two hrs running time l can pedal 15 miles per hr easy no range no power 28 miles no range gas wins Ebike at least this one sux oil wins u lose.

  7. hey, I’m a 320-pound man, what wattage is best for me to climb a hill, my commute is 15km one way

  8. ooooooo the price is in the end my ba sorry i admit when i am wrong its still expensive for me i hate been poor

  9. What about bikes that have through axels

  10. Yemanebirhan Tadesse December 9, 2020 @ 9:17 pm

    All in one KIT is cool

  11. Aucturuss Jagaard December 9, 2020 @ 9:18 pm

    Gas is cheaper easy to install this price sux its for rich people n slow these kits suck.

  12. This is an ad for your products, not an objective review of available kits.

  13. Great for me

  14. Ahead of the rest environmentally? They’re certainly not compared to simply pedaling your bike.

    Do you know what a lithium strip mine is? Do you know how these batteries are recycled?
    Are you aware of the pollution the factories create in China that are producing these batteries?

  15. I also liked the video a lot. There was also a lot of information.
    thank you

    But as far as I know, there is a site that has some good information,


  16. My current bike is hell on my legs, with extreme leg work I don’t go fast or far, so mostly I just want an easier ride, I don’t mind pedalling, I just want it to be significantly easier (for hills too)….

    Would the commuter be the right option?

  17. More facts and less opinions. Price? Best what?

  18. BikeBerry sucks, worst company i have EVER dealt with.

  19. Just imagine changing both tires with a kit 😱

  20. For the price of any of those I can get an ebike. What’s the point?

  21. Would these work on my unicycle?

  22. Kenneth Ryckeley December 9, 2020 @ 9:30 pm

    Can I do rear wheel on a coaster brake style bike by just not using the 7 speed cassette? Is the spacing going to work?

  23. I’m looking for the best for very long range rides, >120 kms.

  24. Zachary Rodriguez December 9, 2020 @ 9:31 pm

    What If you make it AWD? like put 1 in the front and the other in the back to go like 56 mph at the most for the most powerful one, 42mphs for the second option and 30 mph for the cheapest one.
    If not what is we Mix match them like with either?

  25. I’d like to convert my 26" with one of your kits, but as Greg Jones mentioned; "More Info on battery, Head and Tail Lights, and lastly do any connect to iPhone for information (like Speed, distance, charge left, and a PAS System to recharge when pedalling? Really ready to make a purchase but am willing to buy a second battery too, but is it available, and for the lights Front and Back what’s my cost? Email response to please.

  26. I like your off-road Pro Series, and yes they are the future

  27. where can i buy the all in one front wheel?

  28. Don’t purchase from bikeberry horrible customers service and they’ll sent you a piece of crap and when u email them. They’ll play the pictures bs. One of the crap customers service 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 buy a Chinese one from eBay is much better at least you have eBay money back guarantee. Bikeberry suck 👎🏻👎🏻🤮. Purchase from bikeberry they sent me a piece of crap it. The treads on the head was stripped and sent over 20+ pictures bikeberry customers service didn’t help. Told me that I have 3 months warranty which I knew and my purchase was only a week old. Bikeberry suck don’t waste your money you’ll regret.

  29. This is BS. To say the best bike conversion kits of 2019 and not include a mid drive kit is just pure BS!

  30. awesome but why stop there bro??? why not add self recharge on the battery like device using wheel rotation like this lol

  31. I Need Something Fast Enough to Flee From Motorcycled Thieves

  32. What E-Motor would be good for a 3 Wheel Recumbent…

  33. Wooly Chewbakker December 9, 2020 @ 9:46 pm

    In the UK we have Cytronex. This only adds 3.5kg to the bike weight. Excellent for Road Bike or Brompton.

  34. Yemanebirhan Tadesse December 9, 2020 @ 9:47 pm

    brief Great helpful video

  35. 0:48 You’ll need at least a 1000W 48V motor to climb the incline pictured here, but even then the motor might shut off/cut out. I’m 280 lbs. so even with 1000W it would shut off on steep hills. The reality is you’ll be walking up steep hills, but now you’ll be pushing a bike that weighs at least an extra 50 lbs. with the motor and battery!

    I’ve also had 2 companies that sent me defective kits, that either failed within minutes or about an hour later of use. One of them refused to provide a refund without a video recording of the problem, which is ridiculous (I didn’t have a phone at the time so I lost $1000). So be sure to read the refund policy.

  36. Srinivasa Rao Ch December 9, 2020 @ 9:50 pm

    Any Dealers in India Hyderabad

  37. Transitive Wisdom December 9, 2020 @ 9:52 pm

    Honestly the ALL IN ONE is the best

  38. $1000.00 isn’t worth it, when for a $100.00+/- you can get a gas motor off eBay, do 40 mph and have a 300+/- travel range per gallon of gas. I’m only guessing but I’d say just a battery pack would cost more than a yrs supply of gas. Then there’s the cost of charging them.

  39. This is too expensive Jesus

  40. I am writing this for the buyers. Maybe it will make things easier for others.
    Ebike front wheel conversion kit was shipped quickly. This was the only good news…
    Manual was terrible, worse than useless. Had to spend a lot of time to find suitable instructions on YouTube.
    I had a lot of serious problems with the front wheel, sitting in the fork properly. Because the new wheel had larger diameter axle, it was sitting about 1/8” off center, comparing to the original wheel, and washers didn’t fit now into the indentation in the fork. I had to file safety washers to get them into the fork indentation. Hopefully, I won’t get killed in the accident after that. If I knew only about this problem upfront, I probably wouldn’t buy the kit at all…
    Break levers were useless because mine were integrated with gear switch, so I couldn’t replace them, and magnetic break sensors were missing, although they were mentioned in the manual, as an alternative. Had to buy them myself at extra cost(>$25). New magnetic brake sensors worked well, after finding the right position for the magnets. Throttle didn’t match the one in the manual as well, but at least it worked, after sorting out LCD PAS setting problem.
    Getting pedal assist installed was even worse. There were no instructions. It required extra tools that had to be purchased to remove the crank arm. Had to wait for weeks for the crank puller. Then stripped thread on both crank arm and the puller. Then I had to find another PAS model that didn’t require crank arm removal. More time and money. I also have to replace the crank arm now, because the thread is stripped. Then the new PAS sensor turned out to be defective and has to be replaced. I am still not done with this, almost 4 weeks since the purchase. The whole PAS installation was a disaster in slow motion…
    Controller and LCD. There was no diagram, one was supposed to match wires by a connector type and wire color. When the battery came in and I started connecting things to check it out, I had discovered that the controller had ring style connectors instead of bullet connectors on the motor (although they came together as a kit). Seller tried to send me another controller with the right connectors, but couldn’t do it quickly. So we decided that I will try to replace them myself, by buying female bullets, crimper, solder, flux and iron. So, I managed to replace these connectors. Finally I was able to connect most of the things to the battery to check if this thing was working. And it didn’t. Everything was dead. Communicated with the seller. It turned out that one had to turn on the LCD desplay by pushing the middle button on a little switch, attached to the LCD, and then push the upper button to get PAS at 1 or higher. Finally, the throttle worked and the wheel was spinning. I was happy, and upset at the same time. There was nothing in the manual descrbing this procedure. Thankfully, seller had refunded some costs related to changing the connectors. In the end, controller had 3 extra wires/connectors left over. No instructions about what they were for or what to do about them either.
    No tools were included, nor were the instructions on what is needed. And one needs a lot of tools, some very specialized, maybe used once. Manual doesn’t address this at all. So a lot of tools had to be learned about and purchased, adding a lot of time to the project. It took about 2 weeks and many trips to the hardware store.
    Overall, I had to spend at least $150 above the cost of the kit itself, plus a ton of time and gas.
    All in all, this was much more difficult and frustrating project than I expected. I was ready to give it up and ship the product back several times. Seller was trying to help with most of the problems (although many could have been avoided with better product description, much, much better manual and video links). This whole industry seems to be populated by young unprofessional people, bike shop kids or/and chinese enreprenuers with limited english…
    Then, I learned about Simon Cowell, who broke his back trying a new electric bike. So it occurred to me that while one has to spend over $700 for everything plus a lot frustration and work, the alternative is a very nice 65” TV with an excellent manual and no real need for it. One has to hope that this was a better decision.

  41. Wondering about conversion kit for tandem with around 380 weight on it

  42. mmmmmmm so strange why they don’t say how much it costs let me check…. OH MY GLARP HOLLY SHIT!!!!!"£$$%%%&&&//// I CAN BUY A CAR WHITH THIS MONEY OR A NEW HEART

  43. "in 2020, this list helped me decide for the best electric bike ** hope it helps you out too!"

  44. LaMichael McBryant December 9, 2020 @ 9:59 pm

    When I saw the guy, I was like wait he looks familiar, then saw his shirt and was like whoah he looks like Elvis 😂😂

  45. Which one should I get for my unicycle?

  46. how can buy in this in Bangladesh?

  47. AmateurAirsofter December 9, 2020 @ 10:00 pm

    install 2 1000w wheels on a bike

  48. Baan manali resort December 9, 2020 @ 10:03 pm

    Does the girl walking the hill with her bicycle do it in the haad rin road at Koh Phangan in Thailand?

  49. how can i contract with you???

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