Best Electric Bike 2018

Best Electric Bike 2018

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Top 5 Smartest Electric Bike available 2018

00:05 Gi Fly
01:53 Nireeka :
03:35 Swagtron :
05:46 Mate X
08:17 Origami FireFly :

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. What investors should note about this NIREEKA BIKE.
    You should know that this bicycle differs from the description shown here.
    Investors should make investment decisions after confirming the following.

    1. The advertisement of the smartphone-equipped integral stem is different from the fact.

    2. The light that you advertise here is different from the truth.

    3. The frame advertised as "3k carbon" is "ud carbon".
       (3k carbon adds extra cost)

    4. Smart phone-linked anti-theft device is 2G (disappearing communication system)

    5. The most important bicycle weight is 15.5KG is a lie.
      The weight of the motor and the battery-free product is 15KG. (Announced by MAX)
     The weight of motor and battery is 6 ~ 8KG.
     Be sure to ask for the weight of the bicycle. (It may be 21 ~ 23KG.)

    6. The interest is not MTB.
       The shape is MTB, but they tell you to pay attention to what is used in the mountain.

    7. You may need to obtain a safety certificate for each country. (It may be illegal to ride this bicycle on a road by country.)

    8. Asking NIREEKA about your bike weight will result in a collective attack from some suspicious people.

    9. It is not too late to check and buy after the bike is on the market.

  2. Make an E bike that can support 400lbs and I’ll buy one. Today

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