Best Electric Bike Accessories, Custom Ebike Project!

Best Electric Bike Accessories, Custom Ebike Project!

Hi guys, I got excited by the style of the Propella electric bikes and how much potential there is for accessorizing and customizing it… So I asked the founder to give me one of his newest models, the 2.2, and then I bought a bunch of accessories to experiment with. I’d like to gift this bike to someone who could use it and plan on driving from Denver, Colorado to Long Beach, California on September 5th. If you live along the route, or could meet me, and feel that it would be a great fit for you or a friend/family member, please share your story in the EBR Forums here:

The rules for applying to get the bike are as follows: I am the sponsor because I own the bike and accessories. There is no purchase necessary. A person will be chosen by Friday August 31st. Anyone can apply but must live along the route from Denver, CO to Long Beach, CA and sign a liability waiver because I’m not responsible for the bikes assembly or accessories.

This project was built with the following parts:

– Propella 2.0 7-Speed – $1,300
– Front Carbon Fiber Wheel – $300
– RockShox Paragon RL Solo Air (700c, 65mm Travel, 1-1/8″) – $260
– Suntour SP12-NCX Suspension Seatpost (27.2 x 350mm) – $100
– Ergon SFC3 Evo Gel Saddle (Small) – $50
– Ergon GS2 Grips (Small, Black) – $30
– Flat Alloy Handlebar (31.8 x 620mm) – $10
– Origin8 Drop Ends – $20
– FSA OS 190 Aluminum Stem (Threadless, 1-1/8, 31.8mm Diameter, 90mm Length) – $13
– Wellgo B087 BMX Pedals (9/16″, Black) – $20
– MOREZONE Bike Triangle Frame Bag (Small) – $14
– Velo Chainstay Protection Set (Clear) – $12
– Triseven Cycling Triathlon Saddle Cage Holder (2 Water Bottles, 2 Cartridge CO2) – $30
– 2 CamelBak Podium Water Bottles (24 oz, Black) – $20
– Two Large Black Micro-Fiber Bags Sunglasses – $10
– 2 Ibera IB-BC5 Bottle Cages (Alloy, Black) – $15
– Axiom Streamliner Disc DLX – $48
– Axiom Streamliner Nutted Axle Rack Kit – $10
– Seatpost Clamp with Rack Mounts – $15
– ArcEnCiel Waterproof Bike Bag Panniers – $46
– ABUS Bordo Lite 6055 Folding Lock – $70
– ABUS Urban-I 2.0 Bike Helmet (Large, Grey) – $63

You can see the stock Propella 2.0 Single-Speed and 2.2 7-Speed reviewed here: The music was sourced from YouTube’s royalty free audio library at and is called Shibuya by Bad Snacks EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. What a great idea – How to hide the battery… disguise it as a water bottle! Ingenious!!!

  2. Wow 😮
    I want too please

  3. Loved this video, such a cool giveaway! I’m sure somebody very deserving is going to enjoy this bike for years to come 🙂 Your reviews are always enjoyable to watch, keep them coming please! Best thing I ever done was purchase an E Bike, puts a smile on my face every trip 🙂 I only bought it in April and I have covered over 1700 miles already 😀

  4. *This bike is worth every penny✳✳>**ㅍ109 **   so nice to be riding out in the beautiful weather, enjoying the scenery and NOT huffing and puffing the whole time (but still getting plenty of exercise : ) Also, I highly recommend getting a big wide seat – way more comfortable than the seat that comes with it.*

  5. really enjoy your videos.what a good deal for some one it shows your kindness 😀😀👍🏻👍🏻🚵🏼‍♂️🚵🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♂️🚴🏼‍♀️

  6. how fat a tire can you put on the Front Carbon Fiber Wheel ? I think I would have put wider tires on the rear?

  7. Nice!!…. Court, That is an awesome bike and so jealous of whoever gets it. But you have got me thinking of putting together my own one.

  8. How were those Ergon grips with those "mini bar ends", Court ? I found them too grippy and cramped my finger position (pinkie mostly). So I went with the non-bar end gs1 ergon model

  9. For some reason the forum is saying "You have insufficient permission to reply." Not entirely sure what’s going on

  10. Are you in Denver now? Would be thrilled to show you the new family/transportation bike shop we are building and check over your build!

  11. I bought an iMortor conversion kit. I managed to buy 2 extra batteries. One from e.bay, and the other from another site for half the price. No batteries on show on my bike, they are hidden in the wheel. I bought a second, in case the first one ever fails. My first one is still going strong, despite the pot holes all over London. I have four batts, though I only ever have to carry one with me, considering the distances I travel. I don’t travel more than 10 miles a day, and rarely have to switch to a fresh batt…The whole kit, including a spare wheel, came to under $800. It’s reaches around 15 mph 19 if I peddle. Which keeps the cops off my back!

  12. Great job Court. As they say ‘Pay it forward’ and you shall be rewarded in other ways. It is all good IMO.
    Not sure if you thought of any anti-puncture protection in those 32c tires. Perhaps some liners or Stan’s tire sealant or something similar? I like those water bottle holders. A nice feature and just a good selection of accessories for that bike. I hope the new owner appreciates all you’ve done and we will all be waiting for the annual report by him/her. Great Video. Chris at Propel has also picked out a nice Rock Shox 60mm fork as well. Enjoy!

  13. Excellent job talking away from your own time and investing it in something like this is always awesome keep up the good work!

  14. Great idea..someone will be blessed.

  15. The bike rides different because you changed the geometry when you put the front suspension forks on it. I think I would have left it alone myself but whatever floats yur boat.

  16. how’s that seat suspension compared to a thudbuster or bodyfloat?

  17. Hello Court. Hope all is well..! have security (locking) bolts/nuts/locks for solid axle and security (locking) skewers for QR. (Delta, Kryptonite and more) . This makes it impossible to get the wheel off without a key or turning the bike upside down (gravity release).
    I have said this for years, It would be nice if bike or bike accessory manufacturers would give all the dimensions and specs on their products. (it either fits or it doesn’t) 🙂
    Love what you did to the amazing ebike. Please do a follow up with the lucky winner. 🙂 . Great Job. Robb PDX

  18. met a guy today riding a Trek e-bike, he stopped to talk about my RPB step thu, he was sold on the tire size(his had 32;sx700) a wider tire size seems to be a must for a e-bike as I well knew when I bought mine..

  19. Holy Moly, Cort! What a nice gesture. You’re awesome.

  20. I was thinking of building a "stelth" E-bike.. but sadly i have not have time and resources.

    The thinking was use a chain dynami and change the generator for a smal electric engine (Permanet magnet model aircraft engine). THen use two water bottles with BNC conection in  the botom for batteries, making them really easy to remove and take with you.

  21. Would be nice if you posted links for the products you bought. I did a quick check on the ABUS Urban-I 2.0 Bike Helmet and came no where near the 63$ that you are showing. Just a thought.

  22. Really nice upgrade, love the pannier and quite an upgrade with the handlebars!
    Although with 32mm tyre I don’t really see the big deal adding alot of weight with the suspended fork. Also a tri-spoke belongs on the track.
    Camelbak bottles are the best and they have life long guarantee – mine are still going strong after 5 years of heavy use, including trips into the dishwasher.

  23. Great idea … can’t wait to follow the story!

  24. This is a great build congrats to the winner! Some drop down handle bars and clipless pedals would have made this the perfect bike

  25. Really should use Blue Loctite rather than the Red, Red will require heat to loosen the Nuts/Bolts. That’s what I’ve been told anyway, I’ve never used the Red.

  26. Very nice of you to make that bike for someone – looks great

  27. Hi nice as usual when a review of a trike liké thé HP vélo technick fs26 and with thé n’ewt predelecl version thks

  28. December 30, 2020 @ 10:33 pm

    Hi guys! a recipient of the custom Propella has been chosen. You can get details back at the EBR forums

  29. I have always wanted to get an e-bike, and I’m finally about to get it! But I knew that just an e-bike wouldn’t work. So I spent months finding the best accessories for the best bike!!! And after seeing this video, it inspired me to make my own, and I will… just like this one! Thank you 🙂

  30. Cool upgrades, someobe is going to be very happy with this bike, important is to bless someone who couldn’t afford such a bike by himself.

    I just bought a speed pedelec, I might upgrade with that sprung seat post, as it feels kind of bumpy now despite the front suspension.
    I have an Abus helemt whic also has a built in raincover wich is stowed in a little compartment under the built in light, I’m not sure if the helmet in the giveaway has this, as my helmet is a different one.
    I also like the rack, it’s quite sturdy, as most racks give you only 30-40lbs loading capacity.

  31. Don Scott Macdonald December 30, 2020 @ 10:38 pm

    Great idea, and hope the winner finds this to be a real asset in their life.
    One item I might’ve added is a rear view mirror.
    Also thinking the bottle cage behind the rear seat will impact a rear cargo bag which would more useful to most people.
    In any case, great job Court and good luck with the drive.

  32. What a great thing to do, Court. You really have a huge heart. I love your site, have used it a lot over the last few years. The community is terrific. Someone is going to have the best time on that bike. 🙂

  33. Love my propella! I added a water bottle on the handle bar, like it a lot.

  34. Greetings! I would like to try and join your great give away i got a stroke and had kidney failure in the past 3 years so I could not work nor drive I ride my bike around but could not go farther I always wanted to buy a ebike but they were all expensive maybe this would be my chance to add life again riding more power to you and god bless

  35. your camera work is strong. great video, and thanks for the info!

  36. I don’t know why you didn’t think about putting lights on it

  37. Great video as usual, what is the bike stand you’re using? Also, where do you keep your tools and spare inner tube?

  38. Good luck to those who can enter!

  39. What an incredible thing that you’re doing, spending so much of your valuable time to help someone that could use this electric bicycle. I would love to have this bike, I’ve got personal medical issues that keep me from riding a standard bicycle. I live in San Francisco, but I could come down to Los Angeles to pick it up.

  40. The world needs more people like you, Court. Not only are you passionate and skilled at what you do, but you are obviously such a nice human being!

  41. Very kool!!!! CHEERS

  42. Pretty cool but I guess if you live in Florida, you’re SOL.😉.

  43. Review the go plus it’s cheap but high quality

  44. Hi Court.. Nice customization… the Suntour suspension seatpost, how much space does that take up… Looks like about 4".. If someone needs the seat in the lowest position, these may not work.. And i heard that the polego stick style suspension are at the wrong angle to work efficiently.. Suggestions for short riders that want some cushion..?

  45. « Affordable bike… just a 1000€” u rich ppl 😂

  46. Still find it amazing how you keep the camera so steady while riding… good job court! Wish i could win it but i am from the Netherlands so it won’t be on your way……. Following you for a while now since i consider buying an ebike due to a medical condition which eats up a lot of energy. I wish we would have more of the cool designs over here…. Lot of ebikes look kind a dorky and more designed for old people….

  47. Very cool bud 🇨🇦❤’s U

  48. i like your informative videos. but this one was at the top. i learned some mechanics of the bike on this in which i’m truly grateful. i had to subscribe on this one! it’s amazing & a little tearjerking what you are doing about the bike give away. you must have wings!

  49. That’s pretty slick

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