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  1. I own a Gocycle GX and i love it for my 35 mile return commute which includes a bus journey. Please watch the Gocycle setup video as to use the seat post set up correctly. I have taken off the stock Vredestein tyres which i think are dangerous in the wet and replaced them with Schwalbe Big Ben Tyres which i trust and have on my other bike.

  2. The allen key to lower the Gocycle seat post isn’t really necessary. There’s a thumb screw mechanism which is intended to lower the seat post for "folding" purposes–the allen key is for permanent adjustments on the saddle height.

  3. And not a helmet between you

  4. Good review but it seems you didn’t fold the GoCycle completely before trying to put it in the boot of your Leaf. The whole seat post structure can be removed and slotted within the frame, secured by that rubber band and with an ingenious clip to secure it to the folded frame. I have a Leaf too (identical to yours) and if you do that it should be possible to store it easily in the boot.

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