Best Foldable Bicycle You Must Try

Best Foldable Bicycle You Must Try

Best Foldable Bicycle You Must Try

1. Gi FlyBike – Fastest Folding Electric Bike –
Gi FlyBike is an electric, smart, maintenance-free, folding bicycle with full size, 26” wheels that we created for the future of urban commuting.

2. Sliders –
A new way of moving with bicycles – Stylish riding, Cosy sliding, Elegant folding. Sliders cover the city need.

3. Loopwheels –
Loopwheels – suspension wheels for wheelchairs, bikes, and trikes. Shock-absorbing wheels give you a smoother ride to help you get more places more easily.

4. Cargo Node –
Cargo Node: World’s most useful bike now fits in your closet

5. Shockstop – The Shock-Absorbing Bike Stem –
An adjustable-stiffness suspension stem that smooths out your ride; perfect for performance cyclists, recreational riders and commuters

6. Fubifixie – Full-size folding bikes –
FUBi fixie is a full-size folding bike with the same looks, price, and riding features as a “normal” bike, yet it can be folded with ease for convenient transport and storage.

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  1. GI FlyBike, I have been waiting 3 years for my bike!!! Am now trying to get a refund. What chance ?!

  2. STILL no bike and no promised refund……

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