Best Sport Riding & Motorcycle Racing Gloves Of 2017 at

Best Sport Riding & Motorcycle Racing Gloves Of 2017 at

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Best Sport Riding & Motorcycle Racing Gloves Of 2017

The faster you go, the more precise you need to be. With the stakes raised, the top motorcycle racing gloves are at their best. This list of the best sport and racing motorcycle gloves highlights the premier performers for aggressive street riding, top-tier track day participants, and pro-level motorcycle racers alike. From the specialty protection features, to the meticulous material selections, the best motorcycle racing and sport riding gloves of 2017 have been built from the ground up, in order to drop the hammer.

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Readers Comments (16)

  1. ohhhh i’m first 馃榾

  2. @Revzilla There is allot of controversy on whether the "Supertech" is built for pro-trackers who have fall experience vs daily streeters. Would the palm with lack of hard plastic skip on street riding rather then slide ? As we know pro racers don’t fall the same way streeters do.

  3. No Held, no Heroic, No Spidi, No Beuno! Incomplete comparison. 馃憥馃従

  4. best summer gloves which matches red bmw s1000xr

  5. Any opinions on the sp-1?

  6. I recently got in an accident. Thank God nothing major happened, but I did broke my pinky.. does anyone know of a pair of gloves that have more finger protection?

  7. I don’t understand why the 4 Stroke is better than the Spitfire. They both are full leather with hardparts and no kevlar. Instead of the 4 Stroke I’d say the new GP Pro R2 should have been there since you get kangaroo and kevlar.

  8. Alpinestars Sp-1 vs the held evo thrux gloves? Which is better in your opinion and why?

  9. Turbo Cars and Fast Bikes January 29, 2021 @ 8:43 pm

    I feel that the Dainese was the top of the line glove here for protection anyways, the second you take away a hard pad on the palm I was instantly unattracted to alpinestars glove, I鈥檝e broken my wrist from soft material sticking to the track when your hand goes down, plastic or carbon fiber won鈥檛 grab.

  10. Farhan Dwi Putra January 29, 2021 @ 8:44 pm

    How about dainese full metal d1

  11. Alpinestars GP Pro R2 vs Spidi Carbo Track ?
    Or other recommendations in that glove category ?
    Which one’s best in 2019 ?

  12. Hi, I think the "old" gp tech from A-stars was already CE level 2. Just looking on what is says on the box of mine

  13. I know that this might be an oldie but I can’t help but ask why was Held Titan EVO left out. It is a very solid glove, yes it is in the high end but if you are racing…. does safety do really has a price? Probably not!!

  14. I have the Scopion SG3 MK1 and bought the MK2 because I liked the MK1. Disappointed in the MK2 because the cuff is way too small. I don’t have huge forearms and the cuff will just barely touch the velcro over my AXO Indy Leather Suit or my Alpinestars GP Pro jacket. Since it just barely touches, it comes undone as soon as you start riding and starts flapping in the wind. I now only wear these when I can wear my 3/4 length winter coat or a jacket I can put the jacket cuffs over the glove gauntlet which is a royal PITA to get the gauntlet velcro’d up trying to keep your jacket sleeve pulled up. I have to take my watch off or it won’t close at all. Other than that the gloves have been nice. I think I’m going to try the AGV Sport Echelon Gloves.

  15. taxation is theft memes news & more January 29, 2021 @ 8:53 pm

    i see the reviews for the scorpion that they dont fit over race jackets sleeves. or if they do fit they wont fighten up

  16. I’m afraid to ask, but what is a Rossi Tickler?

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