Between Bike Sizes? Amazing sunglasses? E-bikes? Kazoos? Warranties? Carbon rims? … Ask Jeff V.5

Between Bike Sizes? Amazing sunglasses? E-bikes? Kazoos? Warranties? Carbon rims? … Ask Jeff V.5

What are Jeff’s favorite glasses for riding mountain bikes? Why are bicycles so expensive? Carbon vs. aluminum frames and what the heck is fork offset? These are just a few of the questions from our latest episode of Ask Jeff Anything. Once again, you guys delivered some EPIC questions and Jeff is here to answer the best of the best. Curious about bike sizing? What about carbon or aluminum cranks? Don’t forget everyone’s favorite topic…e-bikes, that’s right we went there. So sit back, grab your favorite adult beverage, and enjoy some good old fashion WC content.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Would great sounding and strong as hell but small speakers that house a rechargeable battery & amp, and mount out the ends of the bars – ever sell?
    I know hammer-dogs wouldn’t ride them because they’d get smacked off by trees, but for a mellow long ride, like easy trail riding, wouldn’t it be awesome to flow a trail to Zepp without sweaty ear buds?

  2. Henry Wolfe-Barry March 19, 2021 @ 10:35 pm

    what are your favourite clipless pedals?

  3. I’m loving your YouTube work. One tiny detail that’s excellent: you code your videos with fairly high audio level. That’s great. It makes it much easier to listen if there’s some background noise, or if I’m doing chores and wandering around my shop. Don’t change that! I appreciate the tremendous efforts that go into these videos.

    Good luck — and the way you don’t take yourself too seriously is PERFECT!!

  4. Hey are y’all hiring? Also…how sick is space mountain!?

  5. Why is there an e-bike controvery? e-bikes are motorized vehicles, and motorized vehicles are not allowed on most parks. Simple as that. What’s next, allowing Teslas on hiking trails? They should stick to very wide fire trails and pavement. ‘Nuff said!

  6. Bradley Watters March 19, 2021 @ 10:42 pm

    “I haven’t used shampoo in years”😂😂😂

  7. sram or box what do u like better

  8. I bought my yt jeffsy as a large and I’m 5.10. Couldn’t use the 150mm dropper. It was like 25mm too long and I didn’t want go shorty so cut my seat tube a week after buying it. Luckily nothings broke in a year and a half and the seats at the perfect height now.

  9. Bram Biesiekierski March 19, 2021 @ 10:44 pm

    You dont use shampoo! What the hell is wrong with you man.

    Ive got dreadlocks, and have had them for well over a decade, and even I use shampoo. (But its organic boutique shampoo bars)

  10. Robert Barchard March 19, 2021 @ 10:44 pm

    How come most cyclists will correct me if I call it a seat, but nobody uses the term saddle post?

  11. Riding with prescription glasses has been a PITA. I use a strap for MTB riding with my regular glasses to stop the slipping, but the strap connections to the arms usually dig into my head on long rides. I also started wearing a sweatband in the hot Australian summer to wick sweat away from my glasses. I also have fogging on cold morning cycle commutes at traffic lights. Not ideal.

  12. Watching this video only left me wondering what IS the longest dropper post that will work without a seat.

  13. Kazoo, lmfao! Thankyou

  14. I would be curious as to how many times a year a bike is purchase for more than $2000.

  15. Hey Jeff I have a MTB SLX 2X10. Can this be converted to a Shimano SLX 1X11. Rear cluster seems to be same width?

  16. Ernesto Regalado March 19, 2021 @ 10:51 pm

    Hi Jeff, I live in El Salvador where it rains 6 months of the year and vise versa, which tires would you recommend for the dry and wet seasons?

  17. Sebastien Doucet March 19, 2021 @ 10:52 pm

    6:45 YEAH RIGHT

  18. Ass a guy
    Wth ridiculous thing to call a tire

  19. 9:39 those fork stanctions are about the width if his finger lol

  20. Are u related to Ellen de generes, or is it a hoax:D

  21. Why are some tires harder to seat tubeless? Does it vary within brands or between brands?

  22. There should be a company that make titanium rims

  23. Dude here in Switzerland alps i get stared and applauded at, when i climb past people: "wow, no motor ?"

  24. If you come to Australia and are in NSW, come see the trails at the Kiwarrak State Forest/MTB Park near Taree.

  25. FWIW, THIS IS MY BUYING AND BIKE OWNERSHIP EXPERIENCE…. I’m an old fat guy on a quite heavy and very fast fat ebike that I truly love. Last month I installed a Magura front brake to help stop my behemoth bike and you guys had the best price on the Magura 8S pads I was eyeing. Once I applied the extra discount you were kind enough to offer, this was a better price than Magura, Amazon, eBay and other on-line cyclery places that even carried 3rd party Magura pads and worst of all, fake Magura pads. I was actually about to buy the pads from Performance Cycle b/c last month I ordered some Connex links from them. Not sure how or if you made any money (after the discount) to make it worth your while, but as I’m sure you know, it’s almost always about lowest price.

  26. 5:29 bruh your zipper

  27. Going to buy my first mountain bike since 2001. With a $4000 max budget, would I be better off with a 2020 GX build or 2019 X01 build? (primarily looking at YT Jeffsy, Polygon Siskiu, and NukeProof Reactor)

  28. HOLY SHIT! lol

  29. This may be the best (mtb) video I’ve ever had watched!
    Friggin’ ricockulously hilarious and really informative

  30. felipe bofarull March 19, 2021 @ 11:10 pm

    Nice Sunglasses! where can i find them?

  31. E-bikes are the leading cause of vaginitis

  32. I’m a big fan of the Smith Wildcats – they fit your face tight and have a ton of vision

  33. Is Yeti going to offer the SB100 in Verde? I will buy one from WWC the instant they become available.

  34. There is nothing wrong with EBikes, but I think what makes it a problem is when people equate ebikes with mountain bikes. EBikes need to be it’s own thing separately and there would be no problems…

  35. Dude awesome!!!! So glad you guys are succeeding and picking up KETL?!? Dude, you played it very well. As a business owner myself, I know you are ecstatic. I love their gear! Just don’t own any because it’s a bit too high end for me and I haven’t needed any new gear since I’ve learned about them. I definitely will support the brand now and excited for the new stuff! Congratulations man!

  36. I’m 52 riding more than 16 years mtb if you ride like 2-3 days a week whit a good amount of climbing you get fit and get the endurance, people are to lazy i see young and old ones whit E Bikes they just start Mtb that rally piss me off, for my age I can climb faster than the young ones but not in the downhill sections younger people don’t worry about crashing is not the same a crash at 25 years old than over 50

  37. What things should I consider when buying a new full suspension mountain bike online? I’m coming from a 2017 Santa Cruz Chameleon which a hard tail bike. Since my Santa Cruz is a blast to ride and I feel like I’m complete control of it, should I consider something with similar numbers when it comes to geometry? I’m just afraid of buying something online without actually having the opportunity to test it out before buying it like we do in our local bike shops. Thanks in advance.

  38. Another awesome WW video! So much info learned – thanks!

    That e-bike issue and question: I think of it similarly to the issues and skiers had with snowboarders back in the day. If skiers and snowboarders can figure it out, well, e-bike and non e-bikers can, too.

    Just an observation, ever notice the average age of a snowboarder relative to average age of a skier? Seems to be some possible similarities with the e-bike issue, with the younger (relatively) high testosterone crew being the most anti e-bike? This 60 year old still rides pedal bikes, but I can an e-bike finding a spot in my bike quiver someday.

  39. go to maydena in tassie

  40. Love the makers mark in the background. LETS GO!

  41. Hey! 6:15 Nice azz, brah.

  42. AllCreaturesCount March 19, 2021 @ 11:21 pm

    One problem I have with eBikes right now is trying to keep Strava trail records pure when riders on eBikes just smash records due to the motor assist.

  43. TheLongestNameInTheCommentSection March 19, 2021 @ 11:23 pm

    #askjeff Can i paint my fork lowers (red) and if so with what?

  44. BRO YOU BOUGHT KETL, THAT’S SO SICK. Congrats! Maybe you’ve crossed the magical threshold to be a successful businessman now…

  45. Are you guys going to make some affordable mtb specific pants? Every other available option like fox, etc costs like $150 and up! Id like to stop destroying my calves every time I ride through bushes haha

  46. Beard on a Bike March 19, 2021 @ 11:25 pm

    Yo Jeff, check out Spokiz glasses. They are made from bike parts

  47. Australia has a huge range of trails, its great, I’ve got downhill tracks from blue to double black and pro lines on my back door step

  48. I’m overweight and cannot buy 3/4 mtb shorts big enough to fit , I’ve tried every where can you help , I need at least a 52- 54 inch waist?

  49. Regular MX&MTB guy March 19, 2021 @ 11:28 pm

    27.5 or 29?

  50. Should I build a bike up from a frame or buy a pre built bike?

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