Bike Hand vs Park Tool – Bike Stand Reviews

Bike Hand vs Park Tool – Bike Stand Reviews

The Bike Hand Bicycle/Bike Repair Rack Stand is currently the number 1 seller on Amazon and I bought it back in December, then I won the Park Tool PSC 9 stand at a bike event. Which one is better? Should you go with the trusted name brand of Park Tool or go the cheaper route with mainly plastic Bike Hand model?

Bike Hand Bike Stand:
Park Tool PCS 9.2:


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  1. Bike Hand is a great choice. Light, flexible configuration and easy to collapse. I use it in the garage and in the parking lot at the trail. Bike Hand is my choice. The tool shelf on the Bike Hand is made of plastic and will break, so be careful. Great review!

  2. Good comparison and shows clearly how much folks are overpaying for park tool just because of the name.

    you should compare with Park Tool Repair Stand 10.2

  4. Bike hand. Its lighter and easier to wrench on vs the heavy parktool that’s difficult to fold/unfold

  5. Nice review! The Park 9.2 in Canada is double the price of the Bikehand Pro. Made my decision that much easier.

  6. Immortalized on youtube with no shoes… must have run out of money buying bike stands… =)

  7. I owned that Park Tool stand and now own the Bike Hand, and prefer the Bike Hand (no pun intended) hands down. However, I have to point this out; If I were a pro wrench, I would undeniably choose a Park Tool stand (more likely, the next model up, their PCS-10). Any Park Tool stand is great, but for a home shop doing mostly light maintenance & tuning & cleaning, I’ll take the Bike Hand all day long. It offers great value for the money.

    One just has to remember that these aren’t pro stands for mounting and removing bikes quickly out of them especially with the plastic adjustments. In any home hobbyist set-up, they should last forever, but for someone who might do maybe more aggressive riding (either road or MTB), they’d benefit from the heavier duty construction of any Park Tool product.

    Having said all of that, my PCS-9 stand was a bear to deal with while the Bike Hand is a joy to work with. I love mine. Once you get the hang of it, it’s so easy to mount your bike and to remove it, moving it around the shop floor is a breeze and it feels very substantial. It doesn’t feel flimsy. Nice build. And its very stable as well.

    The problem with Park Tool stands is that they’re so well built that you really can’t justify buying another one. They’re gonna last forever. For anyone with the PCS-9, I believe you can upgrade the clamp to a PCS-10 and in my humble opinion, it’s well worth it. It will change your life.
    My 2 cents.
    BTW, GREAT review!

  8. The Time Lapse Factory February 12, 2021 @ 8:47 pm

    Thank you so much for this review!

  9. White Lion Sound System February 12, 2021 @ 8:48 pm

    So I really liked your review. I bought a @bikehand. I went for the heavy duty model, because 52# ebike……

  10. Bike hand is from Taiwan, very nice

  11. @AdventureMuse , thanx for your review . I made my mind up for the 98 dollar bike hand stand . May I ask where you got that awsome bike life shirt ? I luv that shirt soo much … thanx

  12. Sweet Dee Reynolds from: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  13. Omg moving the park stand is the worst 馃槄 I鈥檝e pinched my hands in it trying to move it more than once and my height adjusting Allen bolts are stripped so I can鈥檛 move it. The bike hand looks nicely designed. Thanks for the awesome comparison!

  14. Did they make a new one? the price went up to $130 for the bike hand stand

  15. Great, comparison. I am not fan of plastic stuff in this use, but worst plastic repair stand head must be Topeak prepstandpro. It use a big knob to tighten clamp, and uses teeth to adjust angle but it’s flexible, and has alot of play. Also overpriced.

  16. Thanks for the comparative. Great shirt!

  17. I got Prs3.2-2 for working at home. But if I would buy a stand it would be a different model, that has the clamp i mentioned.

  18. I have the Park Tool bike stand. It is so cumbersome to store I don’t think it is worth buying.

  19. Love the Bike Hand stand. I got both and returned the Park. The weight and collapsiblity difference is there and it really adds up when you have to lug it up and down 3 flights of stairs from apartment to garage or take it to a friend’s place

  20. Christopher Dillman February 12, 2021 @ 9:07 pm

    1:17 – As soon as I saw that demo, I hit the purchase button on my Amazon shopping cart. #ZeroGarageSpace. 馃榿

  21. leonardo da vinci February 12, 2021 @ 9:07 pm

    Good review but, more than how they collapse or fold I鈥檇 like to see how they don鈥檛 crash when loaded with a pretty heavy e-mtb.

  22. Just the comparison I needed. Thanks!

  23. Great comparison. Suggestion: lower the music volume for your next video, otherwise editing was on point. 馃憤

  24. You should compare it with pcs 10, with quick release one.

  25. Nice video!

  26. I love ParkTool for all their tools and YouTube videos! However, for bike stand check out Feedback Sports. I own the Classic since 2 years and would never change it. Its stable, lots of adjustment and once collapsed its very small and fits in its high quality bag. Nice video.

  27. You are a Bimbo and goofy. Also why are you bare foot. Your voice is annoying.

  28. Both are the same price now.

  29. I think for the park tool stand is more for workshop uses, not really meant for home.

  30. Just got the Bike Stand. Cheaper than overpriced Park. Love it so far. Comes assembled and easy to use.

  31. legit forgot this wasn’t gmbn

  32. People probably don’t realise the Park Tool is made in China (see I would not buy it on that premise alone.

  33. No no no , NEVER CLAMP THE FRAME

  34. good review

  35. I would not get any of them, the bad thing about this parktool stand is the tightening is slower and less convenient than the microadjust clamp, like on prs 3.2-2 which I have. there are different versions of that clamp for different stands, the insertion/fastening part that goes in the stand is different.

  36. Felipe Perez De Cazarin February 12, 2021 @ 9:27 pm

    La bici no se sujeta del tubo si no del poste del asiento

  37. good presentation, nice t-shirt also, don’t know what element Ke stands for tho

  38. Great video.

  39. Just came for the bird sounds I don鈥檛 have a bike, kidding,

  40. Thank u. Nice bike. Beautiful yard!!!

  41. The bike hand used to be $90 a year ago? Now is $130.

  42. The wrench bit was hilarious. Thanks for the comparison.

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