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  1. what is your native language!?

  2. Good overview. A few scattered thoughts.

    You have also omitted one of the most common mid-drive retrofits, those from Bafang, which are used in retrofit kits sold under a variety of brands, though I think a Bafang mid-drive retrofit is as involved as that of the wheel-motor kit you briefly pictured and dismissed.

    I believe that the Bosch and Shimano mid-drive systems you mention are not suitable for retrofits because they both require a frame built to accommodate an ebike drive.

    I think your mid-drive competition is limited to those who require no more than the replacement of one or both crank arms.

    I think your overall competition extends beyond the other retrofit options. It includes new eBikes as well as "non consumption" — people who have bikes that they either don’t use much, or at all. I think you can compete with both on cost (essential) and also by providing a sense of satisfaction for putting something back to productive use (particularly appealing to the environmentally conscious).

    I’m very interested to see your progress. I just got my old bike working again, but I’d also like to turn it into an ebike. I’m put off by the cost, compromises, effort and waste of the existing options. I didn’t think a rear-drive retrofit could be suitable, but BikeOn looks like it could be perfect for me, provided the price is right. It seems that your system is simple enough that the unit costs could be kept low, and easy enough to install that you could amortize your fixed costs over high volumes.

    Finally, I don’t know who your intended audience is for this video but as I see it, you have a few audiences to keep in mind: end users, investors, partners, "thought leaders" — everyone from bike journalists & bloggers to that person most people know who loves to offer bike advice.

    Don’t underestimate the value and importance of this last group, they could be your most persuasive marketers and your first line of in-person tech support.

  3. Add-e is a disaster rubbish. Don’t buy it except if you want to test your luck. Or don’t buy it before having tried it. Or spend over 11500 € and buy it if you don’t believe me.

  4. i like it, non invasive, there when you need it.
    how does it fair in touring bikes, by that i mean will it last than the tour, is dust and mud going to be a problem?
    how much does it weight?
    whats the charging time and range per charge?
    and most importantly, will this break the bank?

  5. how much ?

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