Bionx 36V PL 350HT Electric Bike Kit Review

Bionx 36V PL 350HT Electric Bike Kit Review

It’s a shame it’s taken us this long to test what I think is now one of the best ebike kits available in Australia, and possibly the world. This is the Bionx PL 350W kit, and although not the most recent addition in the Bionx lineup, it’s an excellent peice of technology.

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Readers Comments (15)

  1. Poor UK… and others. They should up that wattage limit. That’s ridiculous. Lowest wattage here in US (that I’ve seen anyway), is 350W… and those are super cheap.. and pretty slow. The standard is 750W-1,000W here (depending on which state your in) and you can get to 30mph using pedal assist. Sweet-looking bike though. I love that display! And thanks for the upload!

  2. lol the Goat

  3. Yes is good idea for electric bike I was thanking about it and looks like fun ride and to have more balance on it I have bike and make one and get the kit put it in and ride it so I can do it

  4. I like the way you say ‘moda’ instead of ‘motor’….you are such a bogan!

  5. what device do you use for the stats in the top right corner? thanks.

  6. good quality video, poor build weak bike

  7. I have a KTM e-bike Trek with Bionx driver. Overall I am very satisfied, but I have a small dilemma.
    The battery charge indicator shows 90% of the time that it is 100% charged. It is only at the end that the rate drops sharply to 0%, even though the support is still full. What could be the cause, wrong indications and how to fix it?

  8. The batteries on bionx are pathetic.

  9. Thank you for the video, we’ve been extremely impressed working with BionX kits these last few years. Do you have any reviews on the BionX DX?: – Jack

  10. front wheel one fits most bikes  better

  11. hi they reliable

  12. Isaac Von Gürtberg February 4, 2021 @ 9:02 pm  The man speaks about a hight torque, but  what is the torque of this bike?

  13. i built a bike thats 1000w and cost less and goes 45 kph or 28mph. im 14 y old.

  14. And you are a foul mouth ignoramus!!!!

  15. what are these kits like to install

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