BionX 48 Volt Special Edition Kit—A Quick Look

BionX 48 Volt Special Edition Kit—A Quick Look

On loan to me from NYCeWheels, this electric bike conversion kit is one of the best. With lots of silent power, easy installation, and a great range, you won’t find a better E-bike kit for your bike. You can read more about this BionX kit on my blog site–Turbo Bob’s Bicycle Blog, or on the NYCeWheels website. I have let many people try out this bike and you are welcome to do the same.

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  1. @TurboBobsBicycleBlog Thanks.

  2. In all of the reviews in all electric bikes I’ve seen on youtube, I have never seen how they do in weather. Will these still perform as described in torrential rains? ie. waterproof systems? I can leave home in sunshine and after an hour find myself in another weather system. Thanks.

  3. She’s a beauty! Happy riding!- Jack

  4. I got this kit both in a Wheeler E-Falcon full Suspension bike and in a Dahon jetstream P8 (in 20" Wheels). Range and Power are outstanding for a 250/350 W engine. It delivers – according to offical sources – up to 600 W Peak power.

  5. TurboBobsBicycleBlog February 20, 2021 @ 9:55 pm

    That’s hard to say. But not near as long as using the pedelec on it’s own. It is more for short bursts. Of course, you don’t have to use full power. The button is a throttle and can be used to add any level of power you like.
    Like any E-bike, the battery range is dependent on how much you pedal compared to using the power, the total weight of the bike (bike, rider and cargo) and the terrain you ride on (hills and the such).
    Thanks for watching and chipping in with this question, Turbo.

  6. Excellent review. Very calm and easy going.

  7. Just the review I was looking for, thanks 馃檪

  8. I have a KTM e-bike Trek with Bionx driver. Overall I am very satisfied, but I have a small dilemma.
    The battery charge indicator shows 90% of the time that it is 100% charged. It is only at the end that the rate drops sharply to 0%, even though the support is still full. What could be the cause, wrong indications and how to fix it?

  9. With this particular set up, what happens to the electronic assist, if by pedaling you exceed 20 mph? Does the assist shut off somewhat, all together, or not at all? Thank you.

  10. Great Bike, wonderful..

  11. Great product.but it is too expensive at this time.

  12. TurboBobsBicycleBlog February 20, 2021 @ 10:15 pm

    Chunky, yes it will. It has a battery regeneration feature that is activated in two ways. When you pull in the rear brake handle in just before the brake takes hold, it goes into a full level of regen, which does slow the bike down some. Also, using the + and – buttons that are on the throttle housing and the display housing, you can choose one of four levels of regen. The idea is to find a setting that lets you go down the hill at your pace, and the motor will regen accordingly.

  13. hello. Can someone tell me is there any possibility to put together BionX console with different hub motor like Magic Pie and different Li-Ion battery in one bike ? thanks

  14. TurboBobsBicycleBlog February 20, 2021 @ 10:20 pm

    Thanks Jack. Of course you know that any bike converted to an E-bike with a BionX kit is a beauty.
    I had so much fun and excitement with this kit. Plus all the people that got to try it were convinced what a great, smooth, silent and fast conversion kit the BionX is.
    Help to spread the word, Jack. It’s hard to beat a BionX.

  15. nice review thanks

  16. Will do, I’m happy to spread the word about such a great product! Go BionX!- Jack

  17. My question is….

    Are there kits faster than 40km?

    Preferably somewhere in the 50 to 60 range?

  18. Will this recharge when you go downhill with no brakes?

  19. Why the BionX DX series is so awesome:

  20. bakersfieldmusicnow February 20, 2021 @ 10:35 pm

    niiiice…would love to talk…tee 661 326 1604.
    anytime…leave info IF ya get machine.

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