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  1. Dominik Foltynski December 14, 2020 @ 9:40 pm

    Bionx is the best love how quiet they operate plus the regen braking and they made it 20 years ago

  2. As a battery builder I enjoy watching you build batteries. How many hours did the battery take you to build? How loong time do you spend on average building one battery?

  3. Stupider charge built inside .

  4. Great video Doc. I had my hands on couple of these, most of them were pointless mess, wasted a lot of time and a few cells. It is a good start when you know it charges ok but most of my customers (bionix ones) are cheap idiots who buy dead bikes/without chargers and expect me to make it work again. We also made a rule that bionix are off the table in our shop.

  5. Love the full videos – more please !!
    You make it look so easy.

  6. Please teach master joda, I shall be your trustee servant.
    Show me how to fix shitty gunai battery that just died after rebuild and changing two motors and two controlers and removing 65 billion unnecessary led lights from my sons stupid scooter.
    We humble users just want to have some fun in the mud not loose ur minds in optionaly colour coded wire jungle and loose feeling in our fingers from hot glue and solder….

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