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  1. Thanks for sharing this video. 10 minutes ago I was afraid to harm my battery but following your steps I just open it succesfully. Something inside was moving and was making noise, the rubbers sustaining the cells were unglued. Repaired!!
    Thank you so much!!!!

  2. cool !
    Other ideas for customizing:
    – how to add an accessories plug
    – how to replace battery pack with a cheaper pack

  3. Thank you. Was trying to open battery from bottom. How simple when someone shows you to open from the top. thank you ++++.

  4. i would think not that is a proprity battery best to use what you have you din’t go cheap in the beginnig why mow ?

  5. we had those up already but BionX did not like the idea….

  6. Hey NYCeWheels. I like your products. I’ve been using my kickped now for almost 5 years now. I had to have someone re-weld the back brake on last year because it snapped off, but it’s been really abused by the salty roads at my university in western Canada. Since I bought it I’ve only had to do that and change the bearings once. I’m grateful for you selling such a heavy duty scooter. The thing I can’t understand is why you are selling these shit Bionx bikes? They’re incredibly overpriced, everything is proprietary so replacement parts are extremely expensive as well. The battery packs last less than two years and the motor controllers are notorious for failing and your customers could get a much better ebike kit with almost double the range and double the speed at probably less than the cost of the bionx.

  7. could you show how to open the bionx console ?? I would like to add a cruise level switch !

  8. I will do an entire video library for BionX troubleshooting coming winter.

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