BionX installation instructions.

BionX installation instructions.

BionX Intelligent Mobility products are the system of choice for many world renowned bicycle manufacturers, when it comes to powering their electric bicycles. In addition, our BionX retrofit kits allow you to convert your current bicycle into an electric one. It installs on almost any bicycle and can drastically improve your commute, training and lifestyle.
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  1. I have a KTM e-bike Trek with Bionx driver. Overall I am very satisfied, but I have a small dilemma.
    The battery charge indicator shows 90% of the time that it is 100% charged. It is only at the end that the rate drops sharply to 0%, even though the support is still full. What could be the cause, wrong indications and how to fix it?

  2. How come my Bionx bike won’t go . It has a little padlock icon on the little read out that blinks.
    Can you help?

  3. Can this thing go faster like preferably 60km?

  4. A great instructional review. Thanks again for your excellent videos and exceptional bikes! – Jack

  5. Are these holes at 1:00 -1:30 pre-drilled on most bikes? Or did you have to drill/thread? I’m getting ready to order a bike I want to put your kit on. I don’t see these on the down tube. It’s a womans bike and I dont see how I can get in there to drill out straight up and down. I think it will end up sitting off center. Make since?

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