Bionx RC3, DS3, and App Overview | All New Features!

Bionx RC3, DS3, and App Overview | All New Features!

Here’s the full breakdown of the new Bionx RC3 and DS3 units! Bionx has really outdone themselves with these upgrades, and they can retrofit to any bionx kits produced no earlier than 2009! These two units come stock with DV kits, and the RC3 comes with all new Bionx kits for the same price as the G2 used to be!

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All new parts:

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Great review.I have the new rc3 and ds3 .. how much is it for the Bluetooth module?

  2. at 3:15 correction- the RC3 does show you when regen braking is active now. A new firmware update makes it so the level 1-2-3-4 LEDs cascade when the regen braking is on.

  3. BT disable: The built-in BT module is useful (though the Bionx App needs work), but it seems always ON => Security risk and power waste (always). How can we disable the BT?

  4. The previous throttle/button ring is so crappy BionX should give us a whopping discount if we upgrade. Honestly, don’t those guys do any product prototyping or testing???

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