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  1. Where can we get this?? Links??

  2. Does the HiddenPower set interfere with the folding? If so: in what way? And what is the batterie’s capacity?

  3. Do you know the "add-e next" electric kit for the Brompton? I use it and it is virtually inaudible with a smooth tire like a Kojak or a used Marathon. Installation is indeed as simple as the instruction video makes one believe. → (subtitled – the product is from Austria – the country without kangaroos 😉)

  4. Is this a custom hidden power? Ive never seen one that fits in the triangle of the frame. I would love to do this to my Brompton.

  5. How many amps and volts?

  6. Tigerbone Charles December 5, 2020 @ 8:50 pm

    Do you any video of assembling ?

  7. I would like to have that on my Brompton.

  8. How much weight does it add?

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