Budget vs Premium Wheels | What's the Real Difference? | Cycling Weekly

Budget vs Premium Wheels | What's the Real Difference? | Cycling Weekly

What’s is the difference between budget and premium wheels except the price? | Subscribe to Cycling Weekly here: https://www.youtube.com/user/CyclingWeekly1?sub_confirmation=1

Find the compared wheelsets at Freewheel.co.uk at:
– DT Swiss PR 1600 Spline wheels rear https://www.freewheel.co.uk/dt-swiss-pr-1600-spline-wheel-clincher-23-x-18-mm-rear-whdtpr1601r
– DT Swiss PR 1600 Spline wheel, clincher front https://www.freewheel.co.uk/dt-swiss-pr-1600-spline-wheel-clincher-23-x-18-mm-front-whdtpr1601f
– DT Swiss PRC 1500 Spline clincher disc brake https://www.freewheel.co.uk/dt-swiss-prc-1400-spline-clincher-disc-brake-wheel-varprc14disc

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. I love how penniless writers consider 500 pounds budget.

  2. The biggest performance gain any cyclist can make doesn’t cost a penny. Dont get wowed by deep section carbon wheels costing a small fortune. Get fit on the bike and watch your weight. simple.

  3. Used Campagnolo Shamal 16 HPW 1998 it is then for less money than both of these wheels.

  4. £500 entry level wheels on a bike costing £1000? I didn’t watch any more. Never heard such shite in my life. Unsubscribed.

  5. Main difference between budget and premium wheels is the amount of ulcers you gonna get every time you ride over road ripples.

  6. I’m thinking about buying HED jet 6. They look pretty good. Any thoughts?

  7. Stefano Spasaro May 19, 2021 @ 1:29 am

    Great Video Awesome information 💙

  8. PRs are not entry level and £400 isnt cheap

  9. Keifer Padilla May 19, 2021 @ 1:30 am

    I’m not paying $2,000 for carbon wheels, I love my “training wheels”. Just bought a Trek Domane and rode 5 hours today

  10. Adi Lazarciuc May 19, 2021 @ 1:31 am

    Hey. Now i have a dillema . I have a older more worn mavic ssc (hubs run great..wheel is true just the brake rim is concave) ..and quite new specialized axis 2.0 roughly 350gr heavier than mavics .i can kinda sense a speed/acceleration increase on mavics
    Which would you use? (Commuting .casual)

  11. Guys come on. 500 pounds is hardly entry level. Get out into the real world a bit more…. 😉

  12. 65mm is huge in wind…if you want to die beneth of wheel of cars…this is the choice. I have mavic cosmic pro ust sl 45mm, in lateral winds must to push counter strong if you want to finish alive the ride😀

  13. Can i have 1pair of wheelset to start my career in Cycling🥰

  14. ….he said ‘nipples’.

  15. I don’t know about you but, as a casual rider, I’d love those cheaper ones for my ride and would never even consider the top end pair.

  16. I was hoping to see a comparison showing the actual performance gains. What does the extra £1000 buy you in terms of real world performance gains?

  17. I got mine from Light Bicycle. They’re awesome and only cost like $600 for the pair.

  18. Regarding the engagement angle, changing the ratchet for the "budget" wheel from 18T to 36T is less than 100$, which would give the exact same benefit as the expensive one. This comparison is ridiculous, please do more research before making videos.

  19. Travis Kearney May 19, 2021 @ 1:45 am

    1.58 al < 1.63 cf and yet the carbon wheels are lighter?

  20. Carbon wheels do tend to be heavier, but do have the magic Aero qualities.. there’s a great video on the comparison of these. ENV and HED (ally ones came joint top) and there are even Aero testes on what you wear!… if you really want to get anal about it. Not all carbon wheels are good. For me I would say good Hubs and Schwabe pro ones Tyres do make a real difference. (check the new Hunt Wheels coming soon as they are doing some serious tests to get it right!)… next comes bike weight and muscles.
    But saying that, I keep getting overtaken by blokes with carbon wheels, so there must be something in it. You would be better buying a £100 fixie and riding it up lots of hills, buy some steroids and build some muscles first. Probably a way cheaper way to get faster quicker (it worked for Lance!). Rovals are 1298g which is the lightest I could find, but didnt fair that well in a recent Aero test. Mavic Kycerium elites are lighter than many carbon wheels at 1440g at set rim (brake and ally.) They seem to go ok to me. bike weight 7.7kg ….but I do really want to try some carbon rims, but need to hustle more lol ;>)

  21. Lomic Concarneau May 19, 2021 @ 1:45 am

    Why do you say carbon wheels are lighter ? You weight both at the beginning and the aluminium set is 1.58kg while the carbon is 1.63 (lighter material but more of it due to the rim depth I guess).

  22. Santiago Arribas May 19, 2021 @ 1:46 am

    I have this doubt, between endurance 1400 and pr 1400.

    What should buy?
    And why?

  23. Both wheels ARE high end….just saying DT SWISS and nothing else, you’ve said it all…there is no, noooo, nooooooo, point of comparing 2 DT SWISS wheels, after 1:20 I’ve stopped watching………you should do a comparison-as the title suggest-between a budget wheel say
    £60 and a premium wheel say £ several hundred…that would do justice, in other words get REAL, if budget, people spend some hundred on an entire bike, or else £1000-1500, I know they’re-you too-calling them "entry level", but in reality those bike are far from "entry"….entry level can mean someone just learning how to ride a bike at age 6….that is entry level in reality…..or if we talking only about PRO level bike from 8-10K+, again, there is no point of comparing a £100 and a £400 wheel……. COL……

  24. I wouldn’t want those budget wheels. Five hundred pounds is high for a large lorry. I’d gladly pay more for lighter wheels.

  25. Youngboon Lim May 19, 2021 @ 1:48 am

    china says: why would they pay for 2 k ?? when u can pay for 400 and still be happy about it

  26. Wow I’m surprised this comment section is not turned off yet. This has to be the funniest ‘budget’ vs high end video I’ve seen on bikes so far. Your ‘budget’ rims are most people’s dream wheelset. If it was even worth mentioning (again)…

  27. Carl’s World of wise words May 19, 2021 @ 1:49 am

    Rolls better and rolls for longer?!? What a load of BS 🤷🏼‍♂️

  28. He said the more expensive wheel are lighter. Well the scales suggested otherwise.

  29. Máté Ágoston May 19, 2021 @ 1:51 am

    I would love to see this channel’s creators making a reaction video on this comment section and on the like/dislike ratio of this video. 😀

  30. julian sturgeon May 19, 2021 @ 1:54 am

    Utter nonsense, £500 budget and carbon wheels are more aerodynamic and roll better, ? . more like getting blown into a ditch from a cross wind.

  31. Where is the real world testing? I just heard you repeat what the manufacturers claim all the time.

  32. What a bullshit video. You should be testing the high end wheels up against a similar speck Ican wheel to see what difference £1K makes or if it is all profit. Now you can get certified low cost carbon wheels this is the real test not top and bottom of one manufactures range This is more like a paid add.

  33. The segment made absolutely no sense I didn’t understand anything in it and terminology used is so out of normal for the Layman person I couldn’t understand what you were talking about but turned it off what the hell is a clincher wheel I’ve never heard that term before

  34. ‘budget’

  35. Kevin Bennett May 19, 2021 @ 2:03 am

    Your own scales seem to disagree with your statement that carbon wheels are lighter than aluminium!

    If you’re going to compare a "budget" wheelset, why not use something truly affordable….like the Scribe Race D wheels. £370 for a disc wheelset, with Sapim bladed spokes, asymmetric rims, ratchet drive freehub similar to the DT Swiss system, endurance bearings….and all at 1,479 grams.

  36. Seriously, just by staying in touch with reality, only couple of hundred people on Earth-not too many more if at all- would use say PRC 1400 or anything else at that price point with any kind of noticeable, tangible DIFFERENCES-let alone benefits- to the 1600 or in fact any other wheel for a couple of 100 quid ….the average rider, or even serious racers would go/win just fine with even lower end wheels….let’s not forget IT’S THE RIDER, who makes the difference, NOT the wheels, cranks, shifters etc….. now, if we’re talking about cheapo Chinese "carbon" wheels, that a whole different chapter……………

  37. Im so broke after I watched this

  38. Travis Miranda May 19, 2021 @ 2:03 am

    Once again another UK British writer reviewing aluminium and carbon rams and not talking about downhill braking performance on long descents. Understandable due to not having very much elevation but does not help any writer in the United States or most of Europe for that matter. Aluminium breaking down steep grades 15% or more aluminium blows carbon out of the water.

  39. Youngboon Lim May 19, 2021 @ 2:06 am

    CHINA SAYS : thats a lie its 10$$ per pound of carbon arent u scamming the world ??

  40. Мне кажется он подо..ел со своими бюджетными за 50 косарей. Не об этом думали зрители , когда смотрели видео про бюджетные колеса.

  41. Probably the least informed, least useful, comparative video I’ve yet seen. Without wanting to be unkind … the host demonstrates very little expertise. My thoughts … please dont attempt to speak about subjects when you’re not qualified to do so! It does your brand a disservice.

  42. Great Video very informative. We are all here to learn, so I will share that "orientated" is not a word, the correct word is "oriented"

  43. Weighs the wheels while extolling the expensive wheel as being lighter…only to have the carbon wheel be heavier than the budget wheel. Also, carbon rim braking surface is better than aluminum braking surface in braking performance? Who wrote this stuff?

  44. I bought the PR1600 with 350 hub. Fantastic wheels!

  45. Aero lol bs

  46. how is this budget?

  47. Stopped watching at 1:00 minute or so in and came close to pressing the unsubscribe button. This is just 7 minutes of advertising.

  48. My triban 520 se cost £279 , managed a few KOM !
    How much quicker will these wheels. Make my triban

  49. 500 bucks entry price? Ok
    What would have been interesting is a comparison between an ACTUAL buget wheel set and the "budget" wheel set ….

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