Building a Custom E-Mountain Bike Frame (Part 3) with Paul Brodie – Framebuilding 101

Building a Custom E-Mountain Bike Frame (Part 3) with Paul Brodie – Framebuilding 101

Sometimes projects are a challenge that test the creator in various ways, but there can be a sense of satisfaction when it all comes together. This electric MTB was one such project. This is part 3 of the custom e-mountain bike build. We attach the seat stays, braze on’s, and ream the seat tube 🤓🏁

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Readers Comments (15)

  1. this is really a work of art. truly inspiring! this is literally my dream mountain bike

  2. I loved this series! I’d love to see a video on different types of brazing rods and perferred applications for each, in regards to framebuilding. This would be very informative for someone like me, just starting out.

  3. That frame would be kick ass if it was rear suspension as well.

  4. Was fortunate to ride for brodie in the early-mid 90’s until early 2000’s and Paul is an amazing chap, and super fun to trials with! Thank you Paul, your craft is an amazing one and being a huge e-mtb rider now, that looks incredible!! Thanks for sharing, enjoy the ride!!!

  5. Thank you so much for this channel, I found it very interesting.

  6. loving your videos! question: would it be ill advised to braze the tubing to the Bosch motor mount? I’d like to get into frame modification, like adding e-bike motor mounts to existing frames, and am wondering if brazing would be alright, or if TIG is necessary. It sounds like brazing would be fine?

  7. Barry Fairbrother November 25, 2020 @ 7:47 pm

    Excellent series of videos, would be great to see the finished bike being ridden. I’ve not yet built my own frame but it’s something I hope to achieve and watching your videos spurs me on to do so!

  8. The main thing I learned from this series: simple tools and a good brain make for great bikes 👍👍

  9. CinnamonBluegard November 25, 2020 @ 7:53 pm

    I really enjoy watching this build 🙂

  10. I really enjoy, and I mean I really find it so fascinating how calm, composed, and just how well each step is taken. You do not seem to have ANY wasted motion. Everything you do is a step, or next step to something else. Amazing teaching skills and craftsmanship. And it shows. Thanks for putting out videos and allowing us to see your planned steps.

  11. Really like your seatstay jig @; that is the best I have seen for milling so far!

  12. How come you braze certain joints and weld others? My best guess is it’s easier and more reliable to braze joints with thinner tubing? Love watching your videos, thanks!

  13. Beautiful work! I’m sure those joints joining the seatstays to the seat tube are strong enough but are they as strong as the tubing? 1.6mm Cromoly and 0.049" I think you might have said for the stay are incredibly strong, about twice the wall thickness of a normal bike frame. Can a brazed joint like that be as strong as a TIG weld?

  14. In part 1 you gave the weight of various parts such as the motor bracket, down tube and batteries. I was hoping that at the end, you would give a weight of the completed frame.

    Also, I was hoping that the comments would have a link to the completed bike.

  15. Chris Kirschmann November 25, 2020 @ 8:16 pm

    That jigging is beautiful!

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