Building a FAST ELECTRIC BIKE (With a 1500W Conversion Kit) | Trek Mountain Bike

Building a FAST ELECTRIC BIKE (With a 1500W Conversion Kit) | Trek Mountain Bike

A complete build guide/process on An Electric Bike I recently converted that has a top speed of 66 KPH & 55-kilometre range

The final product has a top speed of 66 kilometres per hour and a 50-kilometre range. I used an Aliexpress eBike conversion kit with a direct drive hub motor. I decided on a direct drive as they provided a more reliable and durable system. The battery pack used is a 17.5 amp hour 13s battery with Samsung 35E cells in a hailong battery case.

Build Time (including CAD, Metal Work, Assembly): 51 hours
Cost: Somewhere near $1300 including the bike itself

Tools / Engineering Equipment I Use:
Exway Electric Skateboard:
Budget/Quality 3D Printer:
Soldering Iron:

Instagram (Business Account):

GoPro Hero 7 (MAIN)
GoPro Hero 5
Galaxy S10+ (MACRO)
Canon HFR R400
Shure Studio Microphone
BEHRINGER UMC22 Audio Amplifier
DJI Mavic Pro Generation 1 Drone
Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

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  1. Awesome video

  2. Really informative video, thanks!

  3. Bloody washers always fails me to šŸ˜¤šŸ˜¤šŸ˜¤šŸ˜¤

  4. Aaron's Creations April 30, 2021 @ 12:05 am

    Kit Link: I could not find the link of the exact conversion kit. If your interested in picking up your own, search up "MTX Electric Bike Conversion Kit" on Aliexpress. My kit costed around $550 CAD.
    Battery Link: Same thing here. I could not find the direct link. It’s a "Samsung 35E 13s5p battery pack" On Aliexpress that should come out to $600.

  5. Link to hib motor?

  6. Hi iwas planning to convert my bike to e bike do you think i can make it on my own?thanks

  7. Aaron's Creations April 30, 2021 @ 12:26 am

    Update #1: I had my first flat tire after surpassing 300 total kilometers travelled. I think this is due to the low quality tube that was provided in the kit as well as my ignorance to following the correct tire pressure. I had 2 options: 1) patching 2) replacing the whole tube, but seeing as the speeds this bike will be traveling at and the stess that will be enduce on the rear wheel while accelerating, I have decided to replace the whole tube. I will be filling my new tube with Slime, which is a self healing agent for tires. Safe to say this flat was a excellent learning opportunity and hopefully you don’t make the same mistake!

  8. after saw your videoļ¼Œ I would like to get one. Thanks Aaron šŸ‘

  9. Nice video! The better option would be MIDDrive Bafang BBSHD. It is more expensive, but if we put the money and time invested to make these boxes for cables and controllers, to the final price bafang would be cheaper, lighter, faster, with more power to climb, nice looking bike. I get bbs02 with IGH and 14.5 Ah / 48Volt battery, it cost me 1000 dollars – geared hub is little bit noisy but I am pretty happy with my choice.

  10. Mao CƔceres April 30, 2021 @ 12:32 am

    Good solution fot battery!!
    Good job!!

  11. Lol. You’re welcome ā˜ŗļø

  12. such a wizard with fusion 360. keep up the creative work!

  13. A-A-ron

  14. Awesome video! First-time viewer via reddit. My only critique on the video itself is maaaaybe bring the music’s db down further by like -4 to -8db. Other than that, this was awesomesauce. Great explainer/research/build video! Keep ’em up šŸ™‚

  15. Hello
    wich brands should i prefer when buying a 1.5 kW kit from aliexpress?

  16. You know it šŸ˜œ.

  17. Half way through the video now and have to say thank you, so much great information is being given that isn’t usually passed on. kudos on the controller holder its a great idea and as well as the need for more washers between the motor and frame.

  18. 55 MPH or KPH ???

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