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  1. You should analyze the Aston Rider kit, which I acquired a very short time ago at a 50% discount

  2. British Columbia joined the green highway movement with California Oregon and Washington yet the E bike class 2 is still not brought back down to a class one like the American side of the border allowing them on non motorized trails, why is this? The throttle can be limited to 32 km/h meeting the pedal assist top speed, so who cares if you’re peddling or throttling, whoever made these regulations or are sticking to them, doesn’t understand the Ebikes.

  3. Canada has HUGE WIDE OPEN SPACES!(yo momma! Jk…) but seriously! I have a 17km ride to work from my house… in Dartmouth! Its all hills baby! I need a 750 continous 1000watt peak. Having trouble seeing as rad wussed out and only sells Canadian bikes within 500 motors… many websites are completely out of stock and wait times are horrid… but Volt is looking pretty hot right now. Good prices/power. The yukon 750 is ripe for warranty voiding upgrade! They should alow one HP/750 electric motor…. to at least do 50 kmh with some pedaling.

  4. Also fkn stupid that here in Quebec you have to wear a helmet if you ride an ebike meanwhile cyclists don’t have to. I can go just as fast on my road bike if not faster but because it’s an ebike you’re legally obliged to wear one. The people making all these ebike laws obviously have no idea how they work

  5. Yup. Yes. Sorta agree.
    You can’t have people on uninsured machines traveling with the cars, at speeds that cars do down the road, with no drivers license, unplanted etc. it’s not just to protect yourself, but the others as well, while your Zoooming past pedestrians on paths, for example.

    Risks with personal injury and property damage increases dramatically.

    Pedal bikes don’t do 40km/h plus at the touch of a ‘pedal’. Your likely more attentive while pedaling, rather than sitting lazy, ‘getting lost in the moment’ on a fast ebike..

  6. I’m thinking of getting an Ebike so have been looking up the laws in my State (Oregon), and am obviously curious about them in other places. I either agree or don’t disagree woth most of your points, but here we don’t have a class system and I think it makes the law simpler. Every State/Country I’ve seen doesn’t have any laws that only apply to class 1 or 2 but not both, so why make them separate classes? As for class 3, my State is a bit more restrictive in that regard and if I read the law right it considers a class 3 ebike a Moped. I’m not really interested in class 3’s so I don’t have a strong opinion agreeing or disagreeing with that ruling, but I do agree that if they are considered ebikes they should be in a different class than others.

  7. Just wait till the insurance companies realise they can lobby the government to require people to pay insurance on an ebike. Nothing will kill the ebike movement faster…

  8. Yep, a lot of confusion out there with anything new. I do know that Pres. G W Bush set the limit on ebikes in the US at 750 watts because that is supposedly equal to one horsepower. I think now that as ebikes are really starting to take off, they’ll iron out the rules in a couple years. I’m sure you’re aware of the little trick to over-ride the speed limit (not by much, though) but just in case you don’t…

  9. I wrote a paper asking for change and sent it to my MP James Cumming, the Alberta Transportation Board’s legal Consult Carole Aippersbach, PathsForPeople, the Alberta Cycling Coalition, The Centre for Active Transportation, and Velo Canada Bikes. They can use the information provided to start the process of advocating for change. Velo Canada Bikes and Alberta Cycling Coalition have already replied saying they would look into it. Velo Canada Bikes is working on something already regarding e-bikes.

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