Car Tech – GenZe 2.0 e-scooter adds high tech features to city and suburban transport

Car Tech – GenZe 2.0 e-scooter adds high tech features to city and suburban transport

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With an electric drive, LED lights all around, and a touchpad instrument cluster, the GenZe 2.0 electric scooter makes for low speed next generation transportation.

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Readers Comments (35)

  1. where can i buy?

  2. Gogoro would be my choice in electric

  3. Jattzimidarr Bhullar December 2, 2020 @ 8:29 pm


  4. Price of $3000, that’s actually really low. Yeah. Someone needs to be fired.

  5. yaaaaawn. 30 mile range at 3 grand. LOL. ( facepalm). This is such a #@$%kin joke. Where is the REAL electric scooter and motorcycle tech for much less?

  6. Glorified ebike.. You will not get any respect.. And 3000? What a piece of shit.

  7. Honda Grom! Cost the same way cooler

  8. $3k!? I got my aprilia shiver 750 for only $2k more.

    But for $3k I would rather buy the bajaboard than this scooter.

  9. 3000 is Low? Other electric scooters are a 1000 or less

  10. I’m getting one if I work closer to home.

  11. Seriously? Rear rim smaller than the front rim? – Bad design move!

  12. can people just pay attention to the video, it clearly says the range is approximately 30 miles.

  13. $3000 is a low price? hahahah I can go get an elio for $6800!

  14. $3000? HAHA NO

  15. Nice but forget about picking up hot chics with this thing. lol

  16. I don’t even think a BMW scooter would cost that much! Lol.

  17. What happened to Brian Cooley

  18. @chinds78 watch to get your awnser

  19. Hell I can buy a New Motorcycle for that price!

  20. 30 mph good for the streets

  21. Marcio Kogut Gelhoren December 2, 2020 @ 8:59 pm

    What is wrong with his thumb???

  22. Who knows what Mahindra ships over next.

  23. Looks like a cross between a motorcycle, scooter and moped.

  24. electric scooters here in china are like 200$….

  25. The Frugal Audiophile December 2, 2020 @ 9:06 pm

    Yah, but what’s the range?

  26. Oh my god it is sooooo ugly.

  27. Fat Bastard Pipes December 2, 2020 @ 9:09 pm

    Make it $1000… And you got a winner.

  28. I wonder if this scooter will be on sale across the nation or restricted to CA?

  29. Tooooooooo ugly

  30. look like it"s a cool scooter

  31. ill buy a 600 with 3000

  32. $3k?!

  33. for $3K i can get a decent nice Honda Civic. this crap is worth $1K tops

  34. first comment! sub back please!

  35. $3000 is actually not that bad and is competitively priced.

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