Commuting 28 Miles a Day on a Folding Ebike – Customer Interview

Commuting 28 Miles a Day on a Folding Ebike – Customer Interview I spoke with a customer who was considering both the A2B Kuo+ and EG Vienna folding electric bikes. He wanted to get a folding electric bike so he could fit it under his desk at work verses leaving it outside. Unfortunately, he was having some chain and derailleur trouble and needed to get some maintenance and that’s when he shared his experience commuting 28 miles per day with me and he also went into why he chose the model he did. Basically, which folding electric bike was best for his needs. Both of these electric bikes are reasonably priced but the EG Vienna is less expensive and has a more basic LED console display vs. LCD on the A2B bike. He was able to carry his backpack on the rear rack (by folding it and using a bungee cord) and had replaced the original saddle with a comfort version. He would charge the battery separately from the bike at work and it would only take a couple of hours. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Excellent information. I wish I were 60 years younger!

  2. i always go with single speed bikes, due to the fact that i hate when my chain gets stuck between gears

  3. Fast forward to 2019, I was tempted to get a Rad folding bike, but we got two RadRovers first, then a RadCity for the GF. I ended up liking the tank-like SUV feeling of the RadRover e-fat bike. My bikes big boy tires roll over San Francisco’s potholed-filled streets. And when fighting cagers for the same road space, the Black Beast lives up to my user name used on some websites: MadMaxSF. (It truly feels like I’m in a Mad Max movie sometimes riding on San Francisco’s narrow streets.) Bottom Line: If your riding is mostly around town, stick to the e-fat bikes. However, if you are like the guy interviewed, a folding bike is ideal, when, as he said, he folds the bike and placed it next to his desk.

    Here’s my Black Beast, it looks small in the pics, but IMO if you are shorter than 5′ 8", with a pant inseam of 30" or less, the RadRover is NOT for you. The top tube will smash against your nads.

  4. My commute to work is also 28 miles on my bionx d series and battery percentage is very similar to kenny’s using level 1. I used to take my charger to work in the beginning but no longer have to because I always make it back home with plenty of juice to go. Great video and nice to see some real world people on your channel giving feedback on their experiences on e bikes.

  5. go green

  6. for the chain jump… get a floating chain tube from terra-cycle.

  7. Manuel Hernandez March 7, 2021 @ 10:25 pm

    They need front and rear suspensions.

  8. Sounds like he is getting more than his money鈥檚 worth. Not using a car is a huge savings. Nice looking too

  9. santa mulligan March 7, 2021 @ 10:27 pm


  10. The RadMini seems so much better and less expensive than these.

  11. U need to adjust gears if the chain n is jumping off

  12. slinkytreekreeper March 7, 2021 @ 10:28 pm

    Not showing the folding proves what I needed to know

  13. I really appreciate your work you don’t just review ebikes but interview the ebike owner too. This interview really motivate to buy ebikes.

  14. How much was that Vienna?

  15. Why all folding electric bikes don’t have front forks? It’s really serious for safety.

  16. Folding bikes are awesome, just I feel shaky on small wheels. Will you review Gi Flybike? 馃檪

  17. your camera work is S&^T. Place it on a tripod a few feet away AND LEAVE IT ALONE!
    You keep finishing his sentences – are you two married ?

  18. Why is the price of this bike such a secret? You usually list the price in the title but on this you did not. They dont list it on their site or on amazon. How much does this cost?

  19. Bro man it seems like your site only caters to wealthy people who are willing to spend a couple grands on ebikes because I’d like your take on bikes you’d recommend if you are under budget but found none on your site.

  20. cool interview its great to get the users feedback 馃檪 strange chain coming off the ends like that , the stops should be set so that cant happen, i have the e-wayfarer by pro-rider it has similar specs but it never looses the chain like that, my experience is about the same distance with hills uses very similar percentage of the battery

  21. I have the A2B Kuo+ and I had problems with derailing as well. But I got it to work well by re-tuning it over and over like 5 times. Once I got it tuned just right, it worked well and never had problems. I wonder if the chain just needed to stretch initially. But I like the A2B. The battery placement is great and I travel about 40 miles round trip and the battery will last about 20 miles per charge unless it gets cold outside. Please see my review if you have problems with the battery holder breaking on EBR. That was my biggest complaint but I was able to find a fix for it.

  22. Dexter Crisostomo March 7, 2021 @ 10:46 pm

    What do you thinks about the green bike usa

  23. Great review!

  24. Charging and storing at 100% SOC kills the pack pretty fast, assuming it is some lithium chemistry. If the commute only uses 20% 70-50% SOC each way would extend cycle life a few hundred percent.

  25. Get a Rad mini and be done with it…

  26. The interviews are helpful, especially the commuter stories. Every bike ride is an adventure and those experiences need to get back to designers. Commuters need range and the ability to not pedal if like they are headed to work and coming off a cold or flu. When biking helps you make your bread and butter, the stories become more real.

  27. Dude got a cool cartoon character voice.

  28. I like the content and organization of the host’s reviews…very helpful.聽聽聽But, as others have said, the constant movement of the camera is problematic (I was sea-sick), and I think the host聽needs to s——-l——-o——w d——o——w——-n and let the interviewee’s finish their sentences. 馃檪

  29. awesome testimonial . i dig the story of dudes chain coming off and using the throttle for 7 miles. i recall having a rear flat on my bionx and tinting all my weight on the front and throttling home

  30. I subscribed….

  31. He doesn’t look like someone who rides 28 miles a day. If he really does, than he hasn’t been doing it for very long.

  32. Texans For Parental Equality March 7, 2021 @ 11:01 pm

    My favorite non-electric folding bikes are the Mu Uno or the Uno speed. I really hope Dahon will turn them electric one day.

  33. Get a better derailleur.

  34. These user reviews are top notch.

  35. Khalid Kobe Ikram March 7, 2021 @ 11:04 pm

    Can you recommend the ideal folding electric bike (preferably with suspension) for shipping to the UK? SOmething with peddle assist and multi mode?

  36. Nice review…. well done!

  37. love real world cycling!!

  38. No mirror(s) on the bike. Death wish? Rear view mirrors should be mandated by law for people that just don’t get it.

  39. I line these bikes only if they’re capable same speed with zero assist as say a 26" MTB?

  40. crazy world lloyd March 7, 2021 @ 11:06 pm

    Please could you help me out ere with a question…which would b better 4 me I’m just over 21 stone the folding fat bike or the fat bike I like both of them.I live in the UK n I watch most of your videos there good always something different.which bike would you think would b better 4 me plus I’m 6 foot 3 tall ..u ave used both bikes on your video most appreciate it views cheers mate

  41. Clinton Baltazor March 7, 2021 @ 11:08 pm

    Great job, real people with real world fee back. Keep them coming!

  42. Hello Court. great interview. I road out to Sauvie Island from downtown PDX yesterday. My trip there and round the island was a 42 mile ride. My 4 bar battery was only down 1 bar after the ride. I’m getting amazing range with my recumbent trike. Average speed was 17mph.
    Come back to PDX for a visit my friend. 馃檪 robb

  43. If it’s folding bike then can You show how it folds completely? It should be concept of review..


  45. Your Google Meister March 7, 2021 @ 11:11 pm

    If I ever have to commute 28 miles to work on a bike, PLEASE KILL ME!

    Millenials are a completely lost generation

  46. How you going to review a foldable bike and not show it folded? I watched the entire video waiting for someone to fold the fuckin’ bike…

  47. A wsome review!!!

  48. Same problem with mine

  49. I’ve had my 2014 Neo 650b for about 18 months and commute to work a few times a week, about 9 miles each way so about 60 miles a week. On level eco, it only drops one bar round trip, but if I’m solo I usually go Sport mode, and run at about 23 MPH. In that mode, at the end of the day I have about 20-30% left. Works great for me. When I got the bike my Heart EF factor was below 15% (very bad,virus), now I’m above 30% and improving weekly, without an electric bike I would not have been able to do the commute with any kind of time. Now I can go without the 650b, but why? it’s so fun!

  50. Abinash Tripathy March 7, 2021 @ 11:17 pm

    can you do a review of Mi QiCycle ?

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