Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro Review | A Perfect Beginner Electric Mountain Bike?

Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro Review | A Perfect Beginner Electric Mountain Bike?

Is the Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro a great first-time e-mountain bike? In order to find out, we’ve given to our presenter Michelle, who is also an off-road beginner and put it to the test.

Cube electric bike Range:

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00:00 Intro
00:33 Motor and Modes
1:35 Battery /Range
2:16 Groupset/Gearing
2:58 Wheels/ Tyres
3:45 Brakes
2:46 Suspension
5:03 Ride Impressions
7:27 Upgrades
8:14 Conclusion

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Readers Comments (27)

  1. The 2020 model was my 1st ebike as well…where I ride the tubules conversion is a must as there are thorns everywhere when the farmers cut their hedges (about now). I fitted a dropper and changed the forks, pedals and bars (not all at once). My front headset bearings failed in the first 3 months so I had my lbs fit sealed cartridge bearings and have not had a problem since.
    Thanks for a great video, I’d agree that it’s a great bike and very capable.

  2. Paintbrush 1962 March 7, 2021 @ 9:50 pm

    Thanks, is this available with mudguards and integrated lights?

  3. Great video thanks

  4. Matthew Robbins March 7, 2021 @ 9:55 pm

    Thank you for the review!

    I have been looking at a Trek Powerfly but considering a Cube as a beginner to the eBike world.

    Almost half the price too 😁

  5. Dropper post best thing money can buy

  6. Ebikes have come such a long way and are going to open up all kinds of cycling to new people, it’s very exciting to watch! That online range calculator is a good idea, so you can get a more accurate estimate.

  7. Thanks for review but you skip a couple important parts money talks and range

  8. Alistair Cumings March 7, 2021 @ 10:04 pm

    Had mine 3 months, the headset bearings broke after 3 weeks, which took dealer 2 weeks to repair, it’s currently back with the dealer with motor fault for another 2 weeks and they can’t tell me when it will be repaired, not great for a bike that costs over 2k, dealer not very helpful and could do with course in customer service!!

  9. Now add a pair of Ergon GA3, a better saddle and, most of all, some decent Schwalbe Nobby Nics.

  10. I’ve literally just got back from buying this bike, I pick it up tomorrow, Great video I shall ask about tubeless tyres when I collect it tomorrow.

  11. Johan Verpoorten March 7, 2021 @ 10:09 pm

    Hello, what Size of bike are you riding? And what is your height?

  12. Jonathan Marsden March 7, 2021 @ 10:10 pm

    Hi lovely looking mountain bike looks interesting looks like fun to ride as I am thinking of getting one for myself one enjoy watching this video about the cube mountain bike useful tips about the bike rides and how it performs to while using the bike very nicely well too..👍😀

  13. I love it!! And I think the bike is very nice also. Great video about something I’d like to try in the future. The scooters still intimidate. Nice kit by the way. Happy New Year Michelle

  14. great bike I have one, done 1000 miles already and is still going like fire , if you want a bike thats built to last for electrics this is the one.

  15. Can you review a ECargobike on this channel or your other channel? Thank You and keep up the great work.

  16. How much?

  17. I love ths video. I’ve already watched it 4 times. This is the first video I could find for new EMTBers who want a Cube bike. Please post video on range and how the bike performs under a variety of conditions.

  18. Great review very informative and nicely done. It helps me with my next month purchase of this bike, i was a bit worried that the geometry of the frame being an XC type will not be suitable for the type of terrain that you ride on but this kinda cleared my concerns. All the tracks around my house are like that :).

  19. Marek's Koi Pond March 7, 2021 @ 10:31 pm

    I have the 2020 model of this bike 🚲, and it’s absolutely fantastic, I’m 65 and far too heavy, I have covered 500 miles in probably six months and although I haven’t lost any weight I’m certainly a lot fitter, I started out using turbo mode for the first 100-150 miles but now she’s in emtb full time, the only modifications I’ve made is swapped out front forks for rockshox 35 gold as I didn’t get on with the suntour’s, had slime tubes fitted after suffering 3 punctures in 1 day, more comfortable hand grips fitted, but probably not needed now due to air spring front forks, I was worried when I bought it, I wouldn’t get on with it being unfit, but I love it and look forward to going out on it, even in the uk’s winter, I try to average about 15 miles when I take it out, can’t wait for the summer and even longer rides.

  20. This bike is so underestimated! I’ve the 2020 version, changed out a few components bars , dropper, Rockshox Recon air forks for a way better experience and Continental tyres and rode some hard trails with jumps, steep hills and rocky terrain in the UK. First ebike and got me hooked ! The motor is one of the best you can get, Fantastic review………. best yet for this model ! Enjoy

  21. I have my Cube reaction Hybrid slt for about 8 months and have already driven 3100 km with it. Am satisfied with it. Although I do notice that my battery already has less capacity than in the beginning. In tour mode I used to be able to drive 130Km now I barely reach 90 km. Maybe the cold weather has to do with it

  22. What’s an Aluminum frame ? Is it similar to an Aluminium frame ? 😉

  23. Unfortunately, this video feels like sales person speech more than a review

  24. Great review of a great bike

  25. Thank you for a very informative video 🙂

  26. btw correction: ‘Entry level’ is always ‘subpar’ by definition. Ebikes became the new ‘must have’ standard. Fine for me. But for that price you get two ‘near premium’ MTB bikes at around 11 kg weight

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