Day 6 Samson Video Review – $3.3k Relaxed, Big-Person Electric Bicycle

Day 6 Samson Video Review – $3.3k Relaxed, Big-Person Electric Bicycle The Day 6 Samson is a custom designed, relaxed upright, ergonomic electric bicycle with highly adjustable padded seat and backrest, riser handlebar, and feet-forward frame. Available in three frame sizes, supports riders up to 400 lbs, offers eight pedal speeds, five levels of assist, trigger throttle operation, and mechanical disc brakes. Option for black, champaign, or red frame color, unique backrest-bag provides storage space for the battery charger and other small personal items, raked fork offers stability. Built-in bottle cage bosses, rear rack eyelets, and fender mounting points expand utility, great weight distribution and battery protection, shift detection to protect gears. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. I bought a Day6 Samson in January 2017. Love it. It isn’t inexpensive, but I wasn’t looking for a bargain. I was looking for something that suited my needs, and the Day6 Samson does just that. Great back support, rides like a chopper, powerful and quiet motor, long battery life, and easy for an old guy like me to ride.

  2. You can get the Rohloff Speedhub as an option on the Samson and Patriot?

  3. I have one of the older ebike,24 volt can I get a battrie for it?.

  4. ReCycle Spinning January 29, 2021 @ 8:11 pm

    Pretty neat bike, however it does not put you in an aerodynamic position like a true recumbent does. I have read recumbents are a lot easier to cruise on because of the energy you save from being aero. I will say electric assist for picking up groceries , or older disabled person will get people moving under their own power at least . Our car culture is really destroying humans. I really beleive that,.
    PS does it have rear rack mounts , the design is awesome in that you can put rack on and does not interfere with your feet..

  5. I was told that you can turn the handle bars 180 and it will fit on a bus rack. Do you think that is true?

  6. Flat tire! Sam strikes again with the awesome comments. Can’t tell you how many times I could ride a flat tire in because I was on an ebike. I know, shame on me for not learning my lesson and just bringing an extra tube and pump… but when you’re out there and get a flat with an ebike… some different thinking takes over.

  7. Willnott Submitt January 29, 2021 @ 8:18 pm

    Thanks for the info and vid. You mentioned an “Iberia” rack and had a link for it on Amazon. Can you confirm if it for sure fits on the Day6 bicycles?

  8. Very nice information for me, I have a sensative lower back, I would like know how I can get the frame in India.i want the non electric

  9. I was just kidding him

  10. that’s different

  11. good idea.. get a burro, they are cheaper

  12. you read my mind… just looked up one of these… maybe I’ll pull the trigger on it.

  13. I only have two concerns about this bike. One the front forks seem excessively far forward I’d preferred them to have been straight. Two is the enormous seat I’d be pilloried by my friend’s and work colleagues. Having said that it’s nice to see a bike for people like myself that are larger than twenty one and a half stone’s.

  14. THANKS.

  15. Very innovative

  16. The Day 6 frame type is so cool,imagine it with Fat Bike tires and wheels …….

  17. The accelerator’s on the left?

  18. you forgot to tell the price

  19. What’s the name of the store you went to? I want to buy one

  20. It’s not polite to ware your helmet in the house, lol.

  21. Do you burn more calories in this seating position or on a normal mountain/road bike? If I had a bike like this I’d ride 2 hours a day, but I don’t want to feel like I’m cheating or getting an easier workout that a regular bike.

  22. beach cruiser style


  24. So glad to see this feature profile, especially the quiet, powerful motor, throttle with walk mode, quick release with disc brakes, and crank forward, upright design with a full seat including backrest. I’m a healthy, youthful male, I just want a comfortable bike and it’s been frustrating how underserved this feature profile has been.

  25. what’s the cheapest ebike out there

  26. I was really just joking around with you i didnt mean for you to take that serious, my apologies if I offended you.

  27. Could u do a collab with Seth’s bike hacks

  28. I thing it is a little overpriced.You can get a beter e-bike with that money!!!!Or even a car!

  29. Seriously a throttle would come in handy. There are times when i’m wiped and just begging for a downhill to catch my breath.

  30. 9 like!!!

  31. *Have two of these bikes✳✳>**ㅜ117**   one purchased last December one this May. This years model has adjustable handle bar T,very nice. Pedal assist mode went 14 miles and was still showing two thirds charge left, very nice. So far so good.*

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