DBT4 FWD Recumbent Trike Walkaround

DBT4 FWD Recumbent Trike Walkaround

A brand new 2013 build and assembly video! We do a brief walk around on the new DBT4 FWD Trike. We explore the new trike prototype and describe some of the features. More detailed videos will be coming for each section. We raced the new design prototype at the 2013 HPV Race America event velodrome in February 2013 and made a splash at the Catrike Rally! We have been working on new “production” units this year, so stay tuned!

We’ve been getting a lot of subscribers lately and these new videos should build some excitement of what’s to come.

David Bruce
aka scbvideoboy on the BROL forum

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  1. Well it’s beautifully made, but why? Much more complicated than a conventional rwd design, and the steering/suspension seems overly complicated with four headsets… I’m not seeing the utility. Also does it have a diff? I wonder whether the fwd design suffers from wheel slip on loose surfaces. Anyway, well done with the fantastic fabrication quality.

  2. You have done some impressive engineering here and my hat goes off to you. That being said, there are so many possible ware and tare points of failure with so many store-bought parts that have been modified service would inevitably become a nightmare. If this trike is only for you’re sole use I see no problem and say well done but if you intend on selling them I truly would have reservations. Its a beautiful bike none the less, well done.
    I hope over the years you have realized and addressed the concerns I have raised here as its an interesting design. There is a reason multi-wheeled front-wheel-drive anything has been a pain in the azz and that is because if its complexity vs rear-wheel drive. I’m in no way saying the rear-wheel-drive is better just it is simple with few points of failure. If you can produce quality standardized replacement parts to customers without delay I can foresee success but if not I foresee a lot of aggravated customers in your future.

  3. Look Mom no hands street legal got to love it spring is coming

  4. This trike should be mass produced! What a great build, very original!

  5. Well done. Better than a lot of manufactured bikes I’ve seen.

  6. Considering you had a differential could you go with a driveshaft instead of the chain? Could you imagine a 2-rear wheel driven shafted velomobile?

  7. It’s a really great design. Have you thought of trying to make it out of carbon fibre to lighten it up? It is strong and would take off some weight.

  8. Now that is a beautiful piece of machinery! It’s a shame it’s so heavy, perhaps some carbon is in it’s future…?

  9. I wonder, how much would a trike like this cost made of titanium?

  10. What design work and what quality of construction !!!

  11. Hello liebr Mr. I want to buy a fahrreder from her. Please what does it cost?

  12. Patricio Echauri January 22, 2021 @ 8:02 pm

    How much it costs, you can send it to an address in Miami

  13. A very fine work. Doesnt look home made at all.
    Are you thinking about building a more allday everyday trike?

  14. Somehow Dave you have managed to outdo yourself. For a guy who is a perfectionist you seemed to developed and made this pretty quick. I have not seen this type of leading swing arm suspension on a trike before, I wonder why? It seems like a very practical design that can be made to have a low seating position unlike most other designs.

  15. Cuanto vale

  16. Where you can find a dealer for or you have to order online 😍

  17. @David Bruce how do you take a turn? I don’t see a differential and the wheel inside the curb spins ALWAYS SLOWER THAN THE ONE IN THE OUTSIDE!
    Yes gabigowriel is mention about the differential mechanic ? HOW IT TURN?

  18. Just beautiful. It seems that the front end might be adaptable to many styles of back end. It could even be made into an amazing velomobile. I don’t want to take away from what you’ve accomplished; my mind says WOW and sees potential for wide acceptance, I think you are on to something. Great job.

  19. One of best looking home made trikes i have every seen

  20. good a question could be made double type transmicion that is the tracera and at the time of this in the mud work with the rusticos that with a lever they put the vehicles to go out and walk easier in the mud I wait for your answers and if you can about drawings or something done as an example

  21. And finally, where did you get the green and yellow polyurethane springs/dampers from again? And also the metal pieces that press against them?

  22. Did you you settle on a price. $4000-5000?

  23. Supreme Flagship January 22, 2021 @ 8:14 pm

    That is an awesome trike. I wonder, what are the advantages of forward wheel drive compared to a rear wheel drive setup? I suspect that you can’t climb steep hills with this setup (while climbing hills 60% of trike + rider weight will be distributed at the rear wheel). So would it make sense to go 3WD (three wheel drive)?

  24. Can wait to see it test film

  25. I think the number one reason to market a front drive trike is to utilize a Gates Carbon Drive belt instead of having three inefficient ten speed chains linked together and strung through idlers.

  26. are the front wheel drive flex couplers like a pto on a tractor..?

  27. That’s awesome! Hats off to you, mate.  Would love to see this in production soon.  One thing I am really interested in re your design is the stability when going downhill (and I am talking steep slopes here) at considerable speed.   Tried doing that with your prototype? 

  28. Love the design overall.Really like the ‘modular’ aspect of the mid-frame assembly point.I’d like a four wheel for loads,and the 3 wheel for year round use.(it snows allot here, and the front drive would pull me right along).

  29. Thanks, I’ve heard from a lot of folks who bring up the velomobile aspect. The split frame concept will allow use of different rear frames as well, one reason I made the front frame and base plate a little beefy.

  30. Believe me I’m impressed, but can you elaborate a little, please, on why you went through all this effort? I can tell that you really wanted to see this to completion, but can you tell us more about what your motivations were? I’m just gobsmacked here.

  31. all i can think of while riding is "please don’t break, please don’t break"

  32. nice engineering !

  33. I like you video and you created… #DavidBruce imagination for me for make one like yo do. Can you send me detail of you bike front wheel.. please sir

  34. Bruce W McLaughlin January 22, 2021 @ 8:27 pm

    Wot’s this no road demo? Nice trike although uss is a bit more to my liking.

  35. Greatest trike design. I can only dream to have 1 of this. DBT4 is really an awesome accomplishment.

  36. Migueldeservantes January 22, 2021 @ 8:29 pm

    It looks to me like a truck load of money have been spend in the design/manufacture of this beautiful machine.. I really hope you manage to reappear it!

  37. Great looking machine but where is it? The website you list is not working.

  38. Bruce — is there a differential in the FWD? Regarding the McMaster universal joint shafts: how smooth is the pedaling? What is your opinion on universal shafts vs CV joints?

  39. really good work and lots of interesting features. Are you planning on making frames for sale?

  40. did you purposely make it complex so that no one can copy your design? Or so that someone on a long tour can break down in BFE, and not be able to fix it until they get a replacement part… that you need to cnc machine in 3 days and send to them fedex overnight? and by then they are so pissed off sleeping and waiting in a cockroach infested hotel….

  41. Grey Wolfe Outdoors January 22, 2021 @ 8:36 pm

    I know this video is 6 years old but, dbtrikes.com is no more. I wonder what happened?

  42. if it had rear steering it would not need trans axles

  43. Did you cook up that suspension mechanism yourself, or did that come from elsewhere? If elsewhere, I’d sure appreciate knowing where that was.

  44. Hold on did U say front wheel drive thats nice that way different tell me more……?

  45. Yup!!!@ some took the time!!!

  46. Дневник Деревенщины January 22, 2021 @ 8:40 pm

    Very nice! Amazing quality!-Where did you get such axels for front drive and differential? Thanks in advance!

  47. Love it! I would definitely buy this design if it incorporated a rohloff hub gear or a pinion gearbox and belt drive. FWD together makes my ultimate machine.

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