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  1. Hello! do you know if the shaft is a standard one, or a tonaro exclusive part?
    Mine just broke (it snap right off flush to the gearbox) after over 15 000km of loyal service.


  3. Could you please let me know the answer for the following question: is the reduction gear (as shown at 5:23 timing of this video) made of plastic / nylon, or is it made of steel ? Are there moving parts made of plastic inside of this motor / gearbox ?

  4. Do you now were i can buy the axis?

  5. Hello Hyper, what an amazing job!. I dont know exactly what the problem is on my bike, since i got it almost for free cause it needed to be repaired. When i put on the throttle, I hear the motor revs – slow – but it doesn’t make the system spin, and i dont feel any push when i am spinning with my hands. I may say that i got it also with broken wires going to the control, so i am not sure what to expect (i just did a test connecting them manually). What is the name of the tool used at 0:20 ? Congratulations and thanks again for sharing. Cordially, Sergio

  6. I’m here because I spelled tornado wrong

  7. question – is this what I need to do when my motor still revs but the tires dont spin? thanks

  8. Hello and congratulations for this video. I just bought a used mountain bike Tornaro. But I see that the front plate is only 34 teeth on my bike. I see that yours is 52 teeth. Where did you find it? Thank you very much. Sorry but I do not know anything at all. Cordially. Bernard

  9. Thank you for the upload – seeing it done made a minor repair for me so very much easier. AAAAAA+++++++

  10. Alfonso Jimenez Hurtado February 21, 2021 @ 10:12 pm

    Donde puedo conseguir el eje

  11. Is the gearbox output shaft supposed to turn counter clockwise with the motor off? My Tonaro gearbox started to make a grinding sound and now the bike cannot be moved backwards because the front cog won’t rotate backwards. I was about to replace the one-way bearing and freewheel bearing but I think my gearbox is the source of the problem. Any advice?

  12. Hello Hyper I only just found your video and it’s very informative, even without audio.
    My hypothetical question is, if I need to replace the electric motor, mine is a little noisy and 200W, with a 250W is it an easy change over or even possible. Tia.
    PS do you have a schematic of the whole motor/gearbox assembly that you could post. Cheers

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