DIY – E-BIKE HACK | Pedal no more No new parts needed! [The Green Bandit]

DIY – E-BIKE HACK | Pedal no more No new parts needed! [The Green Bandit]

This is a video about how to turn your pedal assistance e-bike into a reliable e-moped/scooter. Btw this system is on a bike that has an all or nothing control board. It’s not advanced. it doesn’t recognize pedal speed.

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  1. A terrible podcast.

  2. God it’s like watching paint dry

  3. Dakarai Klassen May 20, 2021 @ 1:24 am

    So ….it would be easier to show it than explain it,wouldnt it. I mean if you built one and it works.

  4. Melianteas Ypunto May 20, 2021 @ 1:24 am

    I do not mind to pedal to get power. My problem is the speedometer is wrong and way off. When I know for real I am doing a 14 Km/h speed (8 miles/h) (I commute to work daily in the past months) the speedometer thinks I am going at 30Km/hour (18mile/h) and cuts the power when marks 25. Today was a record according to my bike I was at 40 km/h (25 miles/h) in a bit of the road I know I couldn’t reach beyond 21Km/h
    This bike It’s a pain with so many hills as soon I hit the pedal twice the speedometer jumps high and the bike power is cut off. But looking for a solution I find this hack everywhere. And I’m starting to see it as the solution for my bonkers speedometer which I’m starting to think I should try and cover the speedometer screen.

  5. At least with PAS you can coaster along without adding anymore speed. With this, as long as the wheel is moving there is extra power supplied to the wheel. It seems to me the only way to slow is to brake so as to cut the motor and kill the speed. And what happens if your going down hill? do you have to hold the brake on to keep the speed under control? it seems a waste of brake pads and battery power, It’s like some mental mechanical paradox

  6. TONY CANDERTON May 20, 2021 @ 1:26 am

    How many magnets do i need on my back wheel
    Just about to try this hack out

  7. All thanks to your drakehack01 who help me hack my meter without delay on Instagram…….

  8. Just disconnect the PAS system

  9. Do ebikes still use magnets in 2018 because surely they would loose they magnetism after rain water splashes them over time?

  10. Jon Rothenbusch May 20, 2021 @ 1:32 am

    Most newer units allow you to engage or disengage the pedal assist with the press of a button on the display.

  11. Niels Cloostermans May 20, 2021 @ 1:33 am

    Looks good, but has some problems. Your brakes will wear like hell. How do you start cycling? By pushing your bike? Even if you brake, you control unit will still receive the signal that you are pedalling and therefor increase your power to your engine.
    I’m not sure this bike will be much controllable… Especially when your motor will oscillate with the pedalling causing it to run at its max power and speed, with only 1 control, your brakes…

  12. Benjamin Leatherdale May 20, 2021 @ 1:36 am

    That鈥檚 a daft idea,you鈥檒l wear your brakes out in no time the motor will constantly try to turn,bad idea in the town and it鈥檚 bait for the po-po !!!!

  13. I’ve done the same thing, but on my bike it has a throttle for how much power I want the engine to use when I pedal. So I put the magnet system on my back wheel (which is powered), so all I have to do is "push off" and my electric motor always kicks in granting me power to the throttle. So in my case, mounting the magnets and sensor to my powered wheel was the solution.

  14. Jesus ..I fell asleep twice !


  16. I have an old bike with throttle & the horrible pedal assist( you have to peddle to make it start). Well not any more as i used a 555 timer chip to feed pulses into the controller instead. Connected to the 5v line instead of the hall sensor). It thinks i am peddling fast all the time 馃榾

  17. what happens if u don t connect ur pas sensor ,,, will the e bike still work,,,m,,,xxx

  18. Learn what the parts are on a bicycle before you teach about a bicycle. There Called SPOKES. ITS CALLED SPROCKET.

  19. Benjamin Leatherdale May 20, 2021 @ 1:48 am

    Sounds stoned out of his box !!!

  20. Leave the sensor put magnets all around the spokes and take off the speed limit for cruise control

  21. How abaot to disconnect pedal asist and put throtle to wires?

  22. 3LECTROSHOCKED May 20, 2021 @ 1:50 am

    good idea 馃榾 BUT, what if there is no PAS input on controller? I figured out a way around that, check out if interested ->

  23. Fred M.B. Fogleman May 20, 2021 @ 1:50 am

    Ok dont trash out the bike like he did! Now it looks sloppy… All you should do for the original intended purpose of Not having to peddle add magnets in between the current magnets on the disc. That’s the best way safesy way and less hassle.

  24. Can I do this with a Bosch system ebike?

  25. Chris Rosenkreuz May 20, 2021 @ 1:52 am

    haha noice!

  26. It belongs on the pedal, that’s why its called pedal assist.
    If you want constant power install a throttle

  27. One down side you will need to make sure the power is turned off when you walk with the bike
    Otherwise the turning wheel will cause the electric motor to operate could be quite dangerous

  28. Lawrence Maitland May 20, 2021 @ 1:53 am

    I am really excited at this idea. I want to keep the magnet disc in place exactly where it is and I have new magnets that I want to put on the spokes. Does anyone have any idea on how to do that? They are small single magnets and I want it to look clean. My thought process right now is to either get a wooden dowel and paint it black, cut it in half, glue the magnet to that and then put a screw through the two halfs of dowel and put the spoke in between to keep it in place but I hope theres an easier way. Like i say, i don’t want to cut the magnet ring into pieces and I want to keep it in place for the future or just in case for whatever reason that this doesn’t work with my bike

  29. Sorry I thought this was a joke

  30. A lot of pricks in the comments here 馃槀馃槀馃槀

  31. Almost Awesome With Will May 20, 2021 @ 1:55 am

    This doesn鈥檛 seem logical? Your pedal assist is activated when the magnets spin, so even after hitting the break and deactivating the motor your motor will just kick on again because the wheels are still spinning. Why not just buy a thumb throttle and connect it to your controller? Seems like less work

  32. Just one simple word stupid idea extremely dangerous I’m not sure if you know but there is three different classes of electric bikes just buy one that you need it obviously you purchase the wrong class because you making a changes to something different that it comes with the classification of the ebike

  33. just don’t add the pas system if you don’t want it, why go through all this nonsense?. p.s. you would have to register the vehicle as a road going bike only, insurance, road fund license, have a bike license for the road, too much hassle.

  34. The dancing Alien May 20, 2021 @ 1:58 am

    Our saucers work like this

  35. Would you have to add a capacitor because these DC Motors work in a delta configuration which do not rotate correctly unless motion is present?.

  36. All you have to do is go into your programming on your screen and bypass the pas I think it is po3 and it’ll be three options 0 1 or 2 and 0 is both one is one of them to as the other just get on here and ask about the programming and someone will explain it to you don’t go screwing up your e-bike when you can just change a little bit of programming

  37. boring

  38. How do u stop if your tire keeps tricking the senser when u press the brakes the motor will still deliver power to the moter

  39. Francesco Aracchi May 20, 2021 @ 2:05 am

    Ciao 猫 possibile in italiano

  40. Munther bin Gmail May 20, 2021 @ 2:05 am

    can i achieve higher speed by removing some of the magnets from the pedal disk instead…!!

  41. He wants me to trust him on a modification. On whatever these things are. They are called spokes. If you wish to teach people to make shady mods. At least have the proper vernacular when speaking. You will be more believable at least.

  42. JOHNNIE MIRANDA May 20, 2021 @ 2:09 am


  43. How can I stop the sensor and use the throttle only . I try to plug out the wires but the bike doesn鈥檛 work

  44. So I put the magnets on the wheel that doesn’t have the motor in it, I have the motor on my back wheel, so your saying that its goes on the front wheel ?

  45. I cannot understand why, if people want an electric moped they just don’t go out and buy one! Could it be because ebikes are perfectly legal in their OEM form and require no licence, road tax, insurance or registration and electric mopeds do? So what is being advocated is to disguise what is now a moped as a legal ebikes and ride without the legal requirements. Isn’t that just as bad as all these illegal motorbike riders we are currently plagued with? It’s just hypocrisy and very sneakily attempting to look legal. Just go and buy an electric moped. They aren’t much dearer.

  46. Pedal assist is good to have.

  47. Ashraf Ghoneim May 20, 2021 @ 2:15 am

    does that work on pedal assist bosch ebikes?

  48. Bob Ravenscraft May 20, 2021 @ 2:18 am

    is it me if you don’t peddle unplug pa done lol

  49. just put $2 throttle on it.

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