diy ebike build, choosing the right frame and tips, avoid wasting money.

diy ebike build, choosing the right frame and tips, avoid wasting money.

In this video we will be looking at choosing an ebike frame and things to avoid.
If your interested in these frames and other ebike parts heres a link to a very good seller

EEB Full Suspension E-Bike Frame

the frame has become very difficult to get hold of but here’s a link to a shop on alibaba that has them, i have never bought from this seller so do you due diligence.

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  1. I love the dog gunning it lmao

  2. OZ E-Bikes 4 Life December 22, 2020 @ 9:44 pm

    Nice clean Build, thats what i like to see 馃憤馃徏馃憣馃徏
    No big "bird nests" of ugly wires & cable ties or external batteries/controller Cluthering up the bike.

    Got to love the EEB frame in that regard, Your dog going hard to stay in front of you !馃榿

  3. My bike comes in at 45 pound with just the 42v 10.4ah battery, front 250w geared hub motor unrestricted, does 20mph throttle only 24mph if I help it, mongoose tyax elite 2011 black n red ,I love it, my bike is somewhere on Ebike garage with the original 8ah battery

  4. Hello,
    Ik have a question, i’m building this type of frame myself would you recomend a steel frame with plastic panels or a beld plate of steel design?

    Sorry for my english i’m dutch.

  5. @3:16. It is in fact the most expensive part of this, and most endeavors: impatience, and poor planning. I just returned 2 frames, and am going to sell a motor kit. Why? because I didn鈥檛 think the project through, and happened to get lucky enough to meet a very serious enthusiast with a house full of parts. I鈥檝e learned more in the combined hour and a half I鈥檝e spent with this gentleman… talking and being in the presence of actual items than I could have drooling over a year鈥檚 worth of internet e-bike porn. I鈥檓 getting all my parts from him (save for a Godzilla 72v, 40ah battery already have), and the knowledge I鈥檓 doing it as close to right the first time.

    Life is about living and loving at the intersection of lust, expectation, and reality. I鈥檓 learning late, but damn it, I鈥檓 learning.

  6. Digiphex Electronics December 22, 2020 @ 9:48 pm

    Can you post a full parts list? Thanks.

  7. You put a link to Alibaba with $340 price on a frame …that frame is $80 for past 3 ripping people off …. eBay even got them for $250 free shipping .. your shipping is $250 wtf bro!!!!!

  8. you shouldve gone with 19in motorcycle wheels instead of 26in

  9. TheOffroader7458 December 22, 2020 @ 9:55 pm

    What make hub motor do you recommend, thanks

  10. Thank you for the informative video!

  11. Hi there love you video am thinking about getting the bike in you video have you ever but stopped bye police am worried they would take it off me

  12. Hello sir, can you please tell me what size is your rear shock on your old frame the black one please. thanks

  13. 小胁械褌谢芯屑懈褉 袙懈写褍谢芯胁 December 22, 2020 @ 10:03 pm

    1:40 Where I can find a rear rack, who can carry battery?

  14. Very good and informative video and I agree on all points made here. Thank you for great advice.

  15. I had a hubbed bike, with the battery on the rear, yeah they are heavy.. one other thing that was happening to me was, that the spokes kept on braking.
    I now have a fat bike with mid drive and a mid mounted water bottle type battery, with it now having a steel frame as from the others ally frame, it’s a bit heavier, but, that having a centre of gravity makes it not as heavy to handle.

    my hub bike was slightly damaged in a flood.. battery was dead.. took the hub wheel off to make it back into a non electric.. then someone stole it, with all the electrical set up still on it.. without the motor and dead battery, I could still use the hub with a new setup and battery, but the spoke problem is something that stops me from doing it… maybe later.

  16. What kind of front wheel and tires did you get. Is it a 19in rim because I’ve been searching and I don’t know what rim to get.

  17. I like the 4 legged frame near the end of the video! So FAST!

  18. I sure would like to be one of those folks that get to try out your new machine give you my opinion on a go pro YouTube style nothing but love much respect please consider me thank you by the way 58 years old and I loved it represent you please give me a chance

  19. Did you know you fitted your shocks upside down

  20. My rear racks kept snapping from the weight of a 12lb battery.

    I ordered an enduro frame, but one similar to the one at 2:35, so that I can swap to a mid drive, in the future, of the cyclone variety.

  21. I love the look of this bike, it really has this sense that it’s built to take some damage while still looking fast as hell.

  22. Wot size wheels do u have on mate

  23. That dog.. lol What a legend!

  24. God dammmit I just want to buy a sweet ebike! I don’t want to build it myself. There’s lots of stuff on ebay but I don’t want to waste 4000 bucks smh

  25. How much did u spend making your e bike ?

  26. Hi i鈥檓 making a 3000w 72v 22ah build wondering should I get an enduro build or mtb? I鈥檓 worried i鈥檒l mess something up with the enduro frame.

  27. Is it legal if i builds1000watt motor on it?

  28. Nice build. I went with a German version from Vector Ebikes. Are correct about buying twice. Build your battery that can save an arm and a leg. I went from 14s 10p to 14s 18p and soon 21s 18p. Just build the pack first with Batteryblocs then welded blocks joined together. Keep the video coming very informational.

  29. Ebike rider vlogs December 22, 2020 @ 10:30 pm

    Completely agree the biggest cost of these bikes is the fact you buy everything twice I bought a 48v battery and found I’d like more range so next was a 52v battery as it allowed better acceleration and less voltage sag just that cost me around 拢600 in the end as 1st battery was 拢450 second one was 拢500 but I’ll be selling the old one on so I’ll save some but second hand batterys don’t sell for a lot. Then the hubs them selves buy cheap buy twice as was the case with my first 1000w one where it melted the wires going into the controller so I ended up buying another kit but a 1500w one instead as again I wanted more speed 馃槄

  30. 鈿★笍鈿★笍鈿★笍鈿★笍馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟

  31. Hi, where can I buy an equivalent frame in 2020? They don’t seem to stock these now?

  32. I wish I had the skillset to build something exactly like that. I wanna go fast but feel safe with decent suspension and breaks. Everything I see prebuilt is like 10k at that point but an electric motorcycle… How much were the parts roughly if you hadn’t screwed up and ordered multiple parts?

  33. why this video feels like it’s recorded in 2010

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