Diy ebike build, full parts and price list.

Diy ebike build, full parts and price list.

Some of my subscribers have asked for a parts list for my bike, so i did just that and also added the price for each item and totalled it up at the end.

the frame has become very difficult to get hold of but here’s a link to a shop on alibaba that has them, i have never bought from this seller so do you due diligence.

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  2. Where’s the parts list?

  3. Hiya, great video clear and concise. Would you be willing to talk as I would love to build one of these but I have questions and to gain knowledge would be great 👍

  4. can i make it without the gearing and all that?

  5. SeeOhAreBeWhy .A. November 27, 2020 @ 7:25 pm

    gotta say thankyouuuuu for this vid i been looking for this

  6. Thanks for taking the time.The only thing missing as I’m sure you’re aware is a monster controller to max out the fun.

  7. hi david if i use a 36 v battery is good?

  8. Hello can i use26 inch wheels?

  9. Is this the parts list from Ladislav?? I’d really rather not have to spend $35 just on a parts list from him. Not to mention $120 for a video tutorial

  10. very cool video thanks for the detailed info

  11. Loved the video I am going to build my own

  12. nice biuld,mine is comming along dam that shipping tho,i feel like im always waiting for parts,so i decide to order my bms from G.B.WELLthat royal mail was a royal pain and went on the slowest concord, ever 3 days on that concord…dont get me wrong im loving my biuld .i went as far as biulding my battery sat i have SPENt 809dollars ON 240 18650 lg Hg2 ( brown ones).BESTbatt for the PRICE. i wonder how many reclamed cells battery packs and pepole dont evean know 100amp72v 20s 12p bms , 100 amp controler mxus turbo v3 idont the real specks the hub and frame i got off sombody from the bronx n.y. n.y. he just couldent aford it any more.i did feel bad he realy wanted it,so i dident even haggel just handed over to go now but thank you for the videos cuz of you and others sharing giving me ideas its going to be one bad ass bike, my first ebike build too .i have bin taking vidio clips with my phone so i can get it uploded there is so much more involved as you well know im not much of a typer..
    well enjoy your ride.D.M.

  13. @David Ainscough,
    First of all, hello!
    Wondering if there are any places to acquire the same/very similar frame. The website in the description is a little off: it is crazy big font and impossible to read. Also is the website linked outdated?
    Thanks so much and nice bike

    Edit: Also, is it street legal? Looks like a dirt bike so ever been pulled over? Live in the US.

  14. Hi david! great video mate, i been really intrigued by e bikes, after discovering about andy kirbys channel, hes really inspired me and led me down the path to your channel and Ladislav Jecminek. i hope to get building a reliable fun e bike for the summer, throw it in the back of a van and tour around europe! i am looking to build a solar panel on the roof rack! you say you built it a couple years ago? are there any new adjustments you would make if you was going to build a new one in the future?! Ladislav Jecminek has a e guide for sale to build his fantastic hub drive with a order list with videos to assist, but you have done it for free! cheers for sharing the knowledge!

  15. Great build! Just started something similar with the same frame but with 26x4s on (we have lots of snow here)

  16. Why not a mid drive? Is it possible to install a mid drive with frame in video?or would it be more 5rouble than worth?

  17. hey david, i have been planning on building an enduro e-bike like this one the stealth bomber type. I am not sure what size tyres to put on. 26" x 4.3" fat ebike tyres or the 19/21" motorcycle tyre. your opininon is appreciated. thanks

  18. Fantastic build gonna try one myself but just have to ask why on your suggestion for front wheel you saying to get rear wheel 24"

  19. I love this bike I gotta build one ASAP 👍👍😁

  20. Hey man nice vid. Can u tell me what that key switch does on your bike? I am guessing to turn it on or off, if that’s the case how’d u install it? Thanks

  21. Great video, really helps. Is there a specific size hub I would need when looking for a front wheel? Also, did you lace the motor to that halo rim yourself or did you buy it like that?

  22. Controdado English November 27, 2020 @ 7:46 pm

    What amazing ebike!!!! Mamma mia!!! If you want you can see my bike on my channel!

  23. Frederik Andersen November 27, 2020 @ 7:47 pm

    what was the top speed

  24. If you wanted, could you use a 8000w hub motor on this bike?

  25. How much did you spend in total

  26. broooooooo i never thought of mounting the rear shocks upside down "holy smokes" thanks

  27. I’ve watched all your enduro build vids and no where cam I find where you mention in this video the reason for a cable sleeve feeder? Could you kindly elaborate.

  28. TheLondonCyclist November 27, 2020 @ 7:53 pm

    Just finished watching. Good work, mate. Ever thought of ramping it up to 72v 10,000w? Should get you up hills easier, too.

  29. How fast is it

  30. How fast does it charge

  31. Sick build, this has definitely spurred me on to do my own build this year.

  32. anthony woodburn November 27, 2020 @ 7:58 pm

    Enjoyed that video, very interesting, as a matter of interest how much would you want for your bike, ,,,,

  33. Hello i bought similar frame to yours,but the kit i bought the rear wheel motor axle not long enough the dropout space where wheel is sits is 170mm,so the axle need to be at least 220mm long,wished watch your video before i tried to build one

  34. And can i use this motorSfeomi Elektrisches 26” 48V 1000W Fahrrad-Umbausatz E-Bike Conversion Kit Elektro-Fahrrad Kit Elektrofahrrad Motor Umbausatz is this fits on the bike?

  35. how fast is it?

  36. I used to own one of these bad boys. Be careful, they are shockingly fast.

  37. Perry D. Gold Institute November 27, 2020 @ 8:02 pm


  38. If you were to sell the bike how much would you sell it for

  39. charlie the fun loving dog woof November 27, 2020 @ 8:03 pm

    hey dave have you a list and prices plz …..n1

  40. Why the mobile device link? Very inconvenient.

  41. outstanding excellent

  42. where can I find the specs on the bike like all the electrical and power etc and cost, is this one of the better bang for your buck builds? what would you guys say is the best or best of them e-bikes? please let me know.

  43. All that money given to CHINA ! WUHAN FLU

  44. Will you build me one 😬

  45. Please attach your blueprint in PDF that may be helpful

  46. Great video after lockdown I’m starting to order parts then the build will begin 👍

  47. Did you have to install a star nut in your front forks or did it come with it

  48. Hi, I’ve followed your guide and bought everything but my forks need a through wheel axle and mine doesn’t any advice or do I need to buy a new wheel with a through axle

  49. Beautiful build….. I would prefer a single speed freewheel on the back but that’s just preference. I’ll give you an A+ on the build but an A- because I would have went all black. LoL

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