Do you know what this pistol is??

Do you know what this pistol is??

My neighbor asked me to take a look at an old WW2 pistol he was given to find out information and possibly do some gunsmithing to bring it back to life. I told him the first step is to find out what it is and if it is more valuable in original condition, so that is where we are at. If anyone knows any information about this cool revolver let me know please! Thanks guys

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  1. looks like a spanish made copy .. I have a 1925 apache .38 long ctg

  2. Looks like a spud gun saus

  3. No… The cylinder release is aft the cylinder on the model 31, the one he shows us is in front of the cylinder

  4. But none of those were chambered in .38/200 so maybe not… And that doesn’t look like any of the weblies that i know were used in wwII, but I could be wrong

  5. im gonna say that its definitely a smith and wesson of some kind, mostly due to the wood scales on the handle frame. I really doubt its a webley, almost sure its not a MK IV…

  6. the markings are spanish and thats a spanish Escodin Eibar revolver

  7. Yeah I was about to point that out. Still researching here, I am still going with the Webly Mk IV…. but still might be wrong lol

  8. S&w m&p revolver issues to the British aka the "victory model"
    95% sure that’s your weapon

  9. I think Webly’s are all "break top’s".

  10. looks like a "la industrial orbea eibar"

  11. Look like a "hermanos orbea" gun from spain copy of a SW maybe made in 1910

  12. Interesting, those marks do match up with what you suggest… only thing is the slide release is forward of the cylinder rather than aft like S&W.

    Any clue on the model?

  13. I meant to add that Spanish patent law use to allow the copying of other designs without legal penalty if production was begun in Spain within 3 years.

  14. Eibar, Spain 1925 38 long revolver. Basically only worth scrap metal. It gonna cost A LOT to fix it, and the ammo is even more.

  15. Большой_Звезды _Протуберанец December 23, 2020 @ 10:32 pm

    This is probably a spanish copy of belgian Henri Pieper revolver. Very similar revolver  was manufactured for Mexican government.

  16. i think the 8 on the cylinder means its 8mm lebel, that why ur 38s don’t fit and on the butt it says Eibar not E bar, Eibar is a city in northern spain that has alot of firearms manufacturers. i don’t know what make ur gun is but i hope this will point u in the right direction. let me know if u find out what it is, good luck with the search.

  17. Cabot 20-32 Russian revolver?

  18. it’s an Eibar Spanish revolver in .38 long colt, model 816 or 817

  19. Definitely not a Webley. The Mk IV .38 was a top-break revolver. This one is has a solid frame with a swing-out cylinder.

    Also definitely not a S&W. All solid-frame Smiths have the release behind the cylinder.

    If it’s marked "Eibar" that means it’s Spanish. The Spanish arms industry in the early part of the 20th C was largely cottage industry, with many mom-and-pop outfits turning out small numbers of guns, so your odds of narrowing the exact model aren’t good.

  20. Its an eibar spanish pistol

  21. 1st guess: m1917
    Second guess: Nagant model 1895

  22. Eibar is Spanish from the Basque region.

  23. !!!! S&W m&P aka the "victory revolver"
    95% sure on that one

  24. Any luck on the make and model? I’m restoring one myself and having the same issue, it’s not the Webley the British .38 hammer doesn’t fit, It’s dimensions are to large.

  25. My grandmother gave me my grandpa gun and its the same one as this gun. I don’t know what kind of gun it is. The hammer is missing on it and i want to get it repaired where can i get the hammer from online???

  26. Eibar .38 long CTG 1927 is make and model

  27. CheapChizzlinMooch December 23, 2020 @ 10:52 pm

    Looks very much like a Faux S&W Revolver Made in Spain by ALFA ,32-20 CAL The Alfa’s were made pre 1945. Check it out and see what you think….Peace
    Hope this helps

  28. Beistegui bros. made in Spain. I have one in good condjtion just like out.

  29. But pretty sure that’s some sort of s&w, the model is the tricky part

  30. i don’t think it 8mm lebel. i think it is .32 windcester the faded numbers on the barrel should say cal 32-20 CTG. i think the company that made it is called Orbea Hermanos

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