E-Bike Replacement Battery Rip OFF On M Volt Pulse!

E-Bike Replacement Battery Rip OFF On M Volt Pulse!

Are we being ripped off on e-bikes when we need a replacement battery? I think we are! What’s your experience Also what about spare parts it seems for some makes there are good online shops but not for Volt bikes it seems you have to email and ask for any parts why can’t they get an excellent online parts shop up and running?

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  1. hello kev
    hows youre day gone mine has been blighted by showers–when you go for a demo ride on the cube kathmandu electric bike–please email me-i am dying to know youre opinion,you will be very satisfied with the bikes performance.

  2. It’s the same as printers and printer ink. The manufacturers have got you by the balls. They know you will need new ink/a new battery sometime in the future!

  3. .. Can one look inside Ebike and see if batteries are the little round kinds, and then find similar and just re-wire in some new little batts you buy from some good Japanese company battery maker, ,,,, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHNmVV7THBs Linus tech tips, , , ,

  4. I think you got your wish. the standard batteries are now on the site at £330.The larger are £590. I’d be tempted to buy 2 standard unless you are doing the extra mileage.

  5. Sounds like this is a problem with replacement batteries, once you have bought the bike they charge you what they feel like!

  6. hi there—i am selling my volt pulse bike,if you are interested,good condition new pads,ready for the road—meaburnwilliam007007@gmail.com

  7. Hi. My bearings went in the back wheel 2 weeks after purchase, on taking it to my local dealer they called Volt and were expecting a replacement wheel. However volt was going to send a new bearing set. On arrival to the shop (after considerable time) the shop could not got the old screws out as apparently they were machine screwed in!. Soo Volt sent a whole new piece. 3 weeks later and £300 down on taxi fares to work and back I called volt for compensation, was told No money compensation would be possible but would I like a lock and phone charger. As I had a lock I accepted the lock and asked if possible for a new front mudguard after it catching my foot and snapping in two. They sent one hmm, different colour NOT the same. Called again and was told if they got a spare one it would be sent. 1year on still waiting. Apart from all that I Love MY Bike ,its great when working which it has done since .

  8. Good morning my son has needed a new battery for his golf trolley at a cost of 280 quid he said no way am i paying it then he found a company online that sells the battery only and not the plastic casing all he had to do was prise the plastic body open he found a vid on youtube showing how to do it all in all it cost 48 quid we played golf on saturday guess what its perfect i hope this helps atb David

  9. Excellent commentary. Volt do need to buck up their after-sales and parts service and the situation regarding e-bike batteries does require a bit of attention from government if they really want cycling encouraged.

  10. nice to hear from you… was wondering when you would post a new video.. any narrowboat vids coming soon? take care

  11. PSR SX900 Beginner February 2, 2021 @ 8:56 pm

    Excellent and informative review, much appreciated.

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