E Mountain Bike Batteries Explained | EMBN's E-Bike Fundamentals Part 2

E Mountain Bike Batteries Explained | EMBN's E-Bike Fundamentals Part 2

Here’s everything you need to know about the batteries that come on your E Mountain Bikes. We’re covering all brands and styles in this video and are looking into everything from weights to watt hours, power output to waterproofing…with a bonus section on getting the most from your charge at the end!

Which one do you ride? 👇

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We cover the following systems:
– Specialized
– Shimano Steps
– Brose
– Bosch
– Yamaha
– Rocky Mountain

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Hi everyone. Please advise the best ebike for a big guy weight including bike plus personal effects 140kg. At an affordable price for a mere mortal. Thanks

  2. Good comments on the IP rating.

  3. Charge time depends on the charger power .

  4. You suggest 30 to 60 For storage Does that mean 100% would be bad? Or is the middleground a good place to stay for battery Maintenance ? Sorry to be so particular but this is a very grey area Any feedback would be very much appreciated thank you in advance 👍👍

  5. In fact, bolt on systems have very practical batteries mounted on top of down tube. No need to carry battery in backpack.

  6. ive cyced all over Europe on cyclo-cross bikes., and ride a TREKfuel MTB. I’ve never had an ebike.and a little scared of making the transision? Can someone explain to me without staying in a motel or B&B every night to charge up your used battery on a tour (which can be extremely expensive) across the country, which means charging you cant camp in the wild? So is ebike touring a problem how would you overcome the constant daily charging. carrying a spare battery would weigh a ton. 2ndly Ive got a medium size dog who wants to see the world in his trailer I guess pulling a doggie triailer is going to really half your distance  per charging. I thought of paying bike shops and places I visit to charge my battery for a few hours but contemplating all this stuff makes me think may as well go dual sport Honda 250 and just pay for gas? Any tips anyone thanks????. this video is really good thankyou

  7. Many thanks Steve for taking the time to make this video. I am however confused as I was told by my battery supplier Cap-Rouge Batteries that its amp-hour size that determines the range. You say its Watt-hours, please clarify the difference. Many thanks.

  8. Constance Lovejoy April 28, 2021 @ 12:04 am

    Is making your own battery cheaper than buying one? 😊

  9. due to UK and Europe laws, ebikes are limited to 250W and 15.5mph (25km/h) otherwise its considered a motorcycle and needs to be insured if it goes faster than 15.5mph

  10. How would a 5kg back pack battery affect weight distribution! It would be like someone ridding with 5kg of extra fat. Are you saying someone who is 5kg heaver has a weight distribution problem! and your bike is 5kg lighter!

  11. How about misuse of a battery eg lack of use, leaving it stored in a drained condition etc.

  12. What about shorting the battery out during a ride? What should one avoid? Metal Rings, necklaces ect… do a vid on that. The battery… does the current run through the handle bars? Do you feel a small amount of voltage while riding?… You can deeper into this topic… kinda important.

  13. Electric Mountain Bike Network April 28, 2021 @ 12:08 am

    Leave any further questions about batteries or battery management in the comments below and we’ll get back to you ⚡️💪

  14. Thanks for the excellent topic. Very informative. One thing you didn’t cover is an issue that I have had:. The charger to battery interface plug. My Yamaha charger plug takes a bit of finesse to couple with the battery. I wish it were easier.

  15. You can use a silicone based dielectric grease to protect your battery connections but I would advise against any petroleum based products – generally their melting point is too low and will cause them to dry out at which point they will actually hinder conductivity and be difficult to remove and clean. The dielectric grease does not conduct electricity itself but the theory is the grease get’s pushed out of the way when the metal to metal connection is made and therefore should not affect conductivity. if you had a sloppy fitting connector then using any grease at all would be inadvisable.

  16. Once again……..VERY informative.

  17. This is all well and good, but not all E-Bikes are of the mountain bike type. I recently installed a front wheel drive Direct Drive hub motor on my recumbent. I just topped 300 miles today. So far my best distance is 30 miles and I still have 40% battery. Oh, the motor is a 48 Volt 500 watt hub motor, Direct Drive. The battery is LithIon 48 volts 10 amps. And I use only what I need assist wise. I have five settings and I normally cruise in assist level 3. But, there are some big hills in the town I live in, so I bump it up to 5, just to get up the hill faster. You also forgot to talk about voltage spikes. I’ve noticed my battery level indicator goes down when I’m climbing a hill in assist five, but then when I go back to three, the battery level indicator goes back up. Yeah, lots of things to consider.

  18. Birchfield Family Butchers Since 1975 April 28, 2021 @ 12:12 am

    I’m confused in buying an external battery what’s 48v 1300ah ??? I bought a kit that’s 1000 w…. front hub …
    What’s recommendations???? Plz help

  19. I think like you being an older person you could justify buying one of these over priced over marketed battery bikes. Personally speaking I’d rather buy a better spec of bike for less money and being able to not worry about rain and crap battery range is mountain biking as we know it and that won’t be beaten. Let’s keep it real guys.

  20. Oleg Petelevitch April 28, 2021 @ 12:16 am

    Volt 52 volt 910 WATTS ! On my XL 1500 I GET 100 TO 150 !

  21. Hi-can I use a 36v battery with a 48v motor?

  22. I’m "Sugribed" now!

  23. Mark H Hendricks April 28, 2021 @ 12:26 am

    It never ceases to amaze me that the type of riding we do, the bikes I sell and our target markets are a million miles apart, yet your videos are the most useful to share with my customers.

  24. How about contact points where the battery goes, can I use RC car cleaner or isopropyl alcohol? Just want to help fight corrosion.

  25. 7-£800 You must be "Mad" Every bike company is taking the piss! Wonder why they use dirty outdated tech? When they know they can use a supercapacitors bank, Instead of a big heavy battery, which would cost slightly more, But away cleaner tech, If lithium can only take 1000 charges and take a poxy 5 hrs to charge up, In my book your getting ripped off! A supercapacitor bank will take well over 1 million + charges and only take 30 seconds to charge to full power and put out the same power or even more power if required depending on your needs, If you want to run a 8,000 Watt motor it can handle it all day long! Try telling that to these outdated bike company that love to ram cheap chineesium crap down people’s necks! Don’t buy them they are a waste of money when you can buy a marine capacitor bank, They use them in nuke subs and other special kit like aircraft carriers ect, You get what you pay for and some of them bikes are way overpriced and under teched for that price, when you can build your own one and have a full charge in 30 seconds. They have fallen asleep at the wheel for the last 20 years.

  26. Cheers pal straight forward vid 👍

  27. is a 13s 3 p ok for a 250w hub ??? or is it overkill

  28. Anyone hear of any warnings about charging the batteries with a generator?

  29. A bit like listening to Boris talking about the lock down 🤯

  30. Hello, thank you for taking the time to provide brilliant videos. Is there a way you can lock 🔐 up your battery from a security point. 👍🏼🚲

  31. You said to turn the motor off when going downhill to preserve battery – is that an easy thing to do when on the go?

    I mean, is there a simple on/off switch on the handlebars to turn the motor off when you are actually about to come to a downhill bit… then turn it back on when you reach the bottom?

  32. I wish batteries were universal, so no matter how old your bike gets, you can always get a new battery

  33. You discussed watt-hours, but the specs listed regarding my e-bike’s battery only reference amp-hours. (52 Volt/19.2 A/hr) Please help me understand a bit better. Thanks!

  34. Ebike are a big money swindle of the bike company’s, 1euro for 1wah battery. 18650 LG, Samsung, Panasonic cost around 2euro, so 50x will cost 100euro, with some plastic and a bms it will be 110euro. Also the bms gives no indication about bad cells, so you rid 50km from home and the battery stop because 1-cell is under 3volt, with a balanced lcd charger that gives the user a signal it will never been happen, but for the bike company’s that’s 1euro more for a pcb with a lcd.

  35. You said “Subdribe” at the end

  36. Never did say how long a battery will last.

  37. Ok, should i put my battery in the fridge every time i don’t use it ? Thanks.

  38. do you know if its better to drain it below 20% before charging ? and if half a charge to 50-70% is good or bad for this kind of batteries?

  39. How much affect does wind have on range?

  40. Just waiting for my new yt to be delivered and still not assisted at 55 but seriously thinking about E-Bike for next one, the way there progressing they can only get better I-e battery weight/ life and quality and more stuff for your dollar! Great programme by the way well enjoying it.

  41. I have a question that I have not been able to get answered… it’s a bit left field but .. how many ebike batteries would you need to adequately power a electric car ?

  42. Hi! My Friend- sorry about that, I shouldn’t assume? We might get into a debate and might not end up Friends? What I truly wanted to say I appreciate all your coverages of considering what one really needs to take into account when considering purchasing your next E-Bike! Thanks so very much for making sense out of an overwhelming novis considering riding an E-Bike at seventy years young!!! See at the top of Mtn, Hood, Ore. Big Sam

  43. I have a PO4-20AH lithium battery in my E-Moped . I will not ride it in the winter . Can I just charge it and live it in a shed for 3 month. Cand the battery store in -20c weeks ? Or do I have to bring the battery inside for the winter?

  44. Hi I’m new to ebikes and my battery keeps cutting out it has 4 leds and when he goes down to tree is when it cuts out I found when you turn it back on and go slower it keeps going but so annoying anyway idea would be appreciated thanks.

  45. Darren Robinson April 28, 2021 @ 12:51 am

    I get conflicting messages re charging, you say get into the habit of charging after each ride however I have been told not to store battery charged so I have been leaving it flat until the day before a ride, whats the correct way

  46. The 500w Bosch battery on my Moustache Race9 carbon is guaranteed for 2 years or 500 charging cycles. It is not clear from this video if a charge from say 40% remaining qualifies as a full charging cycle or approx a 50% charging cycle? Can Bosch or other manufacturers calculate from the battery diagnostics how many cycles the battery has been through and differentiate between part and full charging cycles?

  47. Two points which eBike manufacturers won’t tell you about batteries:
    1. You should avoid discharging battery completely. Is much "healthier" for the battery to do as many "half cycles" as possible. This should give you even up to 2000 half cycles!
    2. Allow at least 30min after the ride before putting battery on charge. This settles battery chemistry to the optimal charging level.
    Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano etc they don’t make the battery cells which the batteries are build from. Those are Panasonic/Sanyo, Samsung, Lg etc. Read what they recommend for the long battery life ❣️❣️❣️

  48. Question about charging..if you do short rides daily and you drain lets say just 10% on each, should you recharge daily or after lets say 7 days when battery reach 30% and then recharge it to full? The difference is 7 charges vs 1 charge a week. What is best for battery life?

  49. shane humberstone April 28, 2021 @ 12:54 am

    Hi I need some advice,I’ve got a 1000w 36v viron scooter and I need to be able to charge the batteries while they are not plugged into the scooter( no power where it’s stored and I can’t carry the scooter up to my flat ) does it need the control box in the circuit or can I just make a wire with the necessary plugs at each end,the fuse is already wired in at the battery end,thanks for any help

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