Easiest Way To Upgrade Your Ebike Battery

Easiest Way To Upgrade Your Ebike Battery

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. I want to do this project on my bike which currently has 36v 500 rear hub motor / 36v 13ah battery. What would be my up grade options. Also , would the upgraded 48v battery be too much power for the 36v 500w motor. I apologise if I missed the Vlog on understanding “your battery “ 🤙🏾🌊🌴

  2. sounds like koolio fun 🙂

  3. Can you please normalise your audio before you publish. Saturday afternoon snooze is challenging when I am binge watching your channel

  4. I’ve binged watched all your videos, You need to watch your Weight, It shows how much you’ve put on over the last year

  5. Great video! If you use two batteries with the same voltge do you need to change out the controler? Severel persons are doing this on Lectric XP’s. Do you have a controler that will work on the XP’s that would provide the pretection you mentionsed in thsi video.

  6. You’re doing a great job!

  7. Now it’s 599

  8. Can you put multiple packs of batteries on a E-bike?

  9. Thanks. Info was helpful for more range and power!!

  10. Great job . Be blessed .

  11. Good and fast helpful tips. Great editing and please keep them coming…

  12. Great information. I going to buy my first e-bike from your store.

  13. Gre video. We just bought an E bikes and I want to add some more battery.

  14. Lol $500 for that? Only 350 on ebay for a triangle 52v 20ah battery lol

  15. I have just started with electric bikes still into electric skateboard’s.
    My first attempt is a 250 watt skate motor with friction drive on a Giant road bike. Working quite well top. Speed on flat 26 kilometres per hour. Just over our legal limit of 25. Did get 30 on slight slope. Made up an 8 series 2 parallel pack..

  16. Have you ever upgraded your ebike battery? Comment below to get a chance to win a FREE Bolton Ebikes T-shirt!

  17. Can you add a portable back up battery to an electric bike?

  18. Do you know where I can get a battery for my a2b alpha plus or if I get another battery can I change connections and make it work

  19. What Bike is this?

    Can anyone link it

  20. At 2:18, What does Higerh mean? Is this German? Someone else commented how they like the fact that you speak in plain English. 🤔Well, I would hold off on that assertion.

  21. A very helpful video. I want one of your batteries to upgrade my bike! :->

  22. Hello I have a question in regards to a off-road 72 volt electric dirtbike I was given. can I purchased Two 48 Volt battery packs that are putting out around 100 amp hours each. This particular E bike from what I understand is Bluetooth controlled via the phone so I’m wondering if the voltage/amp regulator would work with such a high power output and obviously knowing that it’s above 72 V will it work with the current system? I’m hoping the voltage regulator/amp regulator will be able to handle it/be set up the correct way ?

  23. What about the charger for the new battery?

  24. Great video . I just got my radwagon 4 and really like it. One thing I would change is to and a front suspension fork. I’d need interested in your thoughts on that. Thanks again for the content. I suspect I’ll be doing a battery up grade and will look your way for parts and advice

  25. Great video!! Thx!!

  26. Thanks for all the info

  27. Is it better to get a lower prices bike and upgrade the battery or, swallow the higher prices bike? I am a big guy (240 lbs) and want to use the bike on trails in the back country.

  28. Do you have a video for the Bolton fatbat upgradable triangle battery? that would be awesome for the 1000watt.

  29. This is really informative videos. Before watching this video, I plan to use toggle switch for 2 batteries in my diy project. Since you mention there is a paradelle connector would prevent current run from 1 battery to the other, where can I purchase it. I have 2 36V batteries (14 ah and 20 ah). In theory, we can connect them parallelly. Now, my questions are. How to prevent current run from batteries to another? Do I need to replace the controller? Do I need to replace the motor? Any suggest will help me to complete this project. Thanks!

  30. Very good idea,,,liked it

  31. If I have a 36v 8ah battery in a bag on the handle bars and want to relocate and change to a flat back bike rack battery, does it have to be the exact same voltage and amp hours?

  32. I’m looking to add another battery on my Juiced HyperScorpion. What do I need and what would the approximate cost be? Thanks

  33. Dwayne Surdu-Miller December 21, 2020 @ 10:16 pm

    I’ve ordered my very first e-bike, a DJ Fat Bike that looks similar to the Rad Power Rover. I’m already looking for upgrades. This video is really exciting, as I’m hoping to do some riding on some very long trails that will probably call for extended run time. This video presents some very attractive options. I’m also trying to figure out what kind of rack will fit on the bike, too, so that I can carry around a spare battery and some geocaching gear. Anyhow, thanks for putting together this really great, informative video.

  34. How do I know if my controller will handle a higher voltage battery?

  35. so you can just upgrade from a 48v to 52v just like that?

  36. Thnx for the info and very helpful. Tom from VRooMeBikes@gmail.com brand new opening April 2021

  37. All thanks to # drakehack01 on Instagram who help me hack my meter without delay.

  38. Very nice video I have a juice cross current two will this battery work or do I need another controller and by the way very good job

  39. Please open a store in Canada. Love the content.

  40. eagleviewquadcopter December 21, 2020 @ 10:25 pm

    I want more info of the parallel battery connector, please.

  41. I have a 2017 Easy Motion Atom Lynx 6.0 which is now a white elephant as BH bikes has pulled out of North America. I started having issues with the bike power cutting out. I took it to the dealer who actually knows nothing about bikes and they proceeded to dismantle the battery which is now useless. Would you have an option to put a generic battery on this bike ?

  42. New to the ebike family, but your videos are awesome. Haven’t yet upgraded but I’m sure it will happen. Looking at the 35a controller. Ty for your help.

  43. Edison International School December 21, 2020 @ 10:29 pm

    I’m not upgrading. The company that makes the batteries went bankrupt and I wasnt fast enough to get their last ones.

  44. Hello I just subscribed to your channel on my question is how do I lock a 52 volt triangular battery is there a product that does it? And I always could use a dog chip that is an app for your phone and shows where your bike is at all times

  45. if the bike runs off of two 48v batteries simultaneously, does that equate to 96v of power?

  46. With this upgrade, is controller upgrade necessary as well?

  47. Hey so I’m trying to upgrade my hyper e city 700c Ebike?? I’m trying to upgrade the brakes?… can I keep the same levers and then just upgrade the V Brakes. Or upgrade the Brake set.. u know do u know any recommendations for that… and I’m trying to upgrade my 810 ebike controller.. but don’t know what to use if u have any information I’d really appreciate it thanks

  48. Love my new display on my Radrover. Great move. Power!

  49. Great video, very informative! Question for you, this battery will increase the speed, but will the speed be limited by the computer on RAD bikes where you’re able to get into the menu system and increase the speed up to 40 KMH, will this battery get you past that limitation? Thanks!

  50. Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse December 21, 2020 @ 10:39 pm

    I’ll do you a deal buddy…You answer me this question and I’ll subscribe.

    Can I retrofit a regen braking system to a Chinese 1000w 52v rear wheel motor ebike ?

    Also, my evoke doesn’t have a computer, so I don’t know how fast I’m going, how much battery is left, or anything else which I would like to know, but it is possible to retro fit an aftermarket computer?

    I’ll happily subscribe as soon as you give me an answer.

    All the best

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