Bleed your Shimano Mountain Bike MTB M8000 hyrdo Brakes using this easy method for trouble free and air free results. This method is used in the automotive industry. Bleeding fluid through the caliper valve removing old fluid, trapped air and contaminates.

This method works 100% and is quick and easy.

Always keep the top reservoir full of oil while proceeding with this method.

What you need.
Torque Key – https://ebay.to/2KMfS69

7mm spanner eBay https://goo.gl/9Bd72r
Allen keys – eBay https://goo.gl/gS8VUL

Rubber hose eBay https://goo.gl/83VoyW
Syringes – 10ml and 20ml eBay https://goo.gl/uAsTNS

Shimano bleed kit – eBay https://goo.gl/Uxm8UR
Shimano minerial oil – https://goo.gl/bivqxr

-There is a small rubber O-ring on the upper bleed screw.
-Make sure the bleed valve on the brake caliper is closed.
-If there are any leaks do not ride your bike.

If you are unsure please consult your local bike shop.

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  1. If you use an empty syringe at the caliper you won’t have to open and close. You also remove the air and old oil. Just close when the fresh fluid comes thru the hose and simply close

  2. mountaintruth1 deeds May 2, 2021 @ 12:29 am

    For all the mechanical idiots out there, was bleeding brakes at my dads shop when I was 10, 1974. Rebuildind carbs by for cash.

  3. I open the top cap on the lever and pumping 1 syringe from calliper bleeding nozzle its easyer and faster than your way pumping 100times and unscrewing 100 times for 10 minutes my way is for 2 minutes
    And air going from down to up aesy than top pump to calliper

  4. Thank you so much for the great video. Please I would like to know if I can also use pharmacy syringe too. Is the process compatible with Magura (Marta until 2009).
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Remove the pads on the caliper should be the first step.

  6. so helpful thanks mate, love how you just do it with out all of thiss un related stuff

  7. ..and don’t forget to remove the hose from the rear bleed nipple and replace the cover before you head out for a ride 馃槈

  8. Carl Schtolke May 2, 2021 @ 12:39 am


  9. MISSING the MOST VITAL piece of information when bleeding brakes. The absolute B*stard that is the bleed nipple. 1st time, when i was told just to hand tighten it gently, i pressed brake, nipple dust cover blew off oil everywhere. 2nd time testing brakes short trip, same thing oil leaking out, maybe over tightened the little bleeping bleeper of the nipple, now 3rd time, on a trail run, more il. So im down to trying the o ring seal, calliper is brand new so there should not have been any problem with it. I absolutely HATE with a Passion Hydraulic brakes, any more messing around and i will change to basic rubber set, it will stop my wheel at the front no more messing around for days getting oil all over the place. Absolute nightmare, Shimano M8000 brakes. Why on earth is there not a simple invention / screw that does not leak oil once its fitted?

  10. I’m a motorycycle guy and this is the classic "tried and true" method. Many "cycling disc bleed" videos that I’ve seen over complicates. Muchas Gracias to "amstudio"!

  11. Seedless Bangus May 2, 2021 @ 12:42 am

    this is the basic i’ve watched for bleeding hydraulic brakes. thank you 馃檪

  12. Pongan m谩s videos de porno es lo que m谩s estusiasma.

  13. Justin Bargayo May 2, 2021 @ 12:43 am

    What if i don’t have anymore fluid in my brakes do I need to still do the close and open method? Need it ASAP thanks
    Edit: I need it ASAP cuz when I was fixing my bike I turned it upside down and the front brake got squished for 45 mins straight then I lost all of the fluid

  14. Bikersvlog yern29 May 2, 2021 @ 12:44 am

    The same lang pala sa Pag bleed ng car hydraulic brake

  15. If he鈥檚 going to use a syringe, theoretically he could go one step further. Keep that syringe very full, and put the plunger in and exert slight pressure down, and open the bled screw, don鈥檛 touch the lever…..press down on the plunger and push fluid thru the system, when fluid clear/new/free of bubbles, close the bleed port. Make sure to never let the syringe run out of fluid. That鈥檚 the essence of automotive power bleeding. Usually it鈥檚 done with one person on a car as at the reservoir is an air filled rubber bladder pushing down on the fluid.

  16. Yo guys I was the 8 thousandths like

  17. Othman Alkhayat May 2, 2021 @ 12:46 am

    I can鈥檛 find any mineral oil in the market, what to use instead, because it鈥檚 restricted in our country the shimano type, so I searched and I saw they use baby oil, and I want to ask can I use any brake fluid, like car brake fluid, and thank you for showing us how to bleed the brake!!

  18. Michel Wei脽enborn May 2, 2021 @ 12:51 am

    Pls be aware that this may not work on every mineral oil brake

  19. So the idea is that as you press the break, itll pump the oil from the top syringe to the bottom bottle, and you keep doing it til the old oil (and some of the new one) is out into the bottle?

    And what about all those other videos removing break pads and putting break blocks, etc? Not needed?

    And why do some videos pump from bottom to top?

  20. Mate that was very professionally done, thanks for the tips 馃憤

  21. Please advise me, what is your length, what is wheel size? and what is frame size..??
    Thank you

  22. David Garrett May 2, 2021 @ 12:55 am

    I have tried doing my Zee brakes from the caliper up and from the lever down they always had a spongy feeling to them…. nothing I did would聽give my Shimano Zee brake 聽levers that solid feel I always had with my old XT or Avid brakes….. …. so, OK.. I tried your method and "hey presto"聽 I now have solid feeling levers on my Zee’s for the first time since I bought and fitted them to my downhill bike… cheers from me bud… my sanity is restored聽 馃檪

  23. Daniel Martins May 2, 2021 @ 12:55 am

    This is the type of video I鈥檒l gladly save

  24. Cha-la head Cha-la May 2, 2021 @ 12:56 am

    How much mineral oil did you put?

  25. Atention not all brake levers got the bleed screw in this top position like the shimano xt. Very good video thank you very helpful indeed that’s how it is done in cars too.

  26. mark edwards May 2, 2021 @ 1:00 am

    super vid straight to the point .not like other vids .we dont want history lessons….just get to it

  27. Technical Gyan May 2, 2021 @ 1:02 am

    hey I saw that in this video you were screwing in the syringe .. but I have doubt that I must screw in it or just put it in ..
    mine are shimano brakes can any one please suggest me as I’m going to bleed my brakes for the 1st time..

  28. paul cachuela May 2, 2021 @ 1:02 am

    Finally a walkthrough minus the chit chat…

  29. Nick Mackenzie May 2, 2021 @ 1:05 am

    Is this the DOT 3 brake fluids?

  30. Thanks bro

  31. Nice video

  32. Same way I’ve used for years on mtb and mx! some crazy ways out there 馃憤馃徎

  33. That’s why I prefer mechanical disk brakes.. they are so much easier to maintain.. but great video.

  34. same method as a car brake 馃槑 don鈥檛 know why this isn鈥檛 used more often

  35. song name

  36. lol yeah I do my car brake job as well, and I’ve always wondered why bike brake bleeding is upside down. brake is just brake nothing special about it.

  37. The syringe you screw at the top…is that a normal syringe? Or is it a special one of some sort? Could I just use the funnel that comes with a bleed kit? Thanks

  38. Michael Fairweather May 2, 2021 @ 1:12 am

    Syringes are for junkies! Who needs syringes!?

  39. 3K Bay Area Productions May 2, 2021 @ 1:12 am

    Straight and simple. No bs. I like that

  40. Joel B茅dard May 2, 2021 @ 1:13 am

    Great video, straight to the point and we have the same bike.

  41. Great video very simple steps thanks !

  42. This is essentially exactly the method recommended by Shimano…nothing new here.

  43. RIP rotor and brake pad

  44. hello, I have a problem with the brake master cylinder that fails, goes all the way. I tried as in the video, the oil only comes out that the pump does not compress the same. thanks

  45. Simply perfect.

  46. Asencion Divinagracia May 2, 2021 @ 1:19 am

    Got it…

  47. Nice video

  48. Conrad Hergott May 2, 2021 @ 1:24 am

    Followed your instruction – Brakes are tight! Thank you for a simple and cheap option!

  49. So uninstalling the brake pads is not required?

  50. Cud i use this method with dot 5.1 on my avids

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