eBike | 2020's BEST Electric Bike

eBike | 2020's BEST Electric Bike

Love to ride a bicycle? Have you been thinking about getting an E-Bike? We’ll walk you through the hottest electric bike models for 2020 whether you’re looking for a laid back cruiser or if you’d love to bomb the streets on a road ebike. In this video we’ll walk through the Specialized line up including the Como (cruiser), Specialized Novato (all around recreation), Creo (road bike), Levo (mountain bike), and the new Levo SL (mountain bike). Love to mountain bike – MTB? Regardless of what you like to do, so long as you want to get there on a bike, we’ve got a model for you. Cycling just got a lot more fun!

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Readers Comments (18)

  1. The Creo, a currently revolutionary e-bike, is now priced from $5,000 (the aluminum version) to $17,000 (the Founder’s Addition) with the displayed Comp Carbon at $6,500. And, yes, they are incredible but the range is highly dependent on many factors. Figure it being from 40-60 miles without the Range Extender and how much assistance you ask of it.

  2. When the EPO kicks in…

  3. 3 to 5 + thousand Ebikes …. Lots out there under $ 1500 with great components. Bafang motors Samsung battery’s

  4. Prices are crazy! All it is extra is an electric motor and a battery!! Typical "get the product to market first and put 1000% profit on it". Hopefully, more ebikes come out and drop the price!

  5. I like the half-life hat

  6. Hi, guys! Hope you’re fine!
    I just want to say that I ended buying a Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 for my daily city travel and I am so happy with the choice I’ve made. This is another level, I can’t use my old crappy bike anymore, even the position it’s perfect either to go relaxed or speeding . The pedalling is very smooth and I have to say that on the traffics lights it will give you extra confidence among the cars. Also, the built-in lights are very strong, I’ve noticed some scooters passing by with less light power.
    Guys, this is not for lazy people, if I want I get home sweating buckets! It’s so much versatile!
    To end, one more thing that made chose Specialized was the worldwide support, I live in Barreiro, a city on the south margin of Tagus river (Lisbon, Portugal) and lucky me, we have a Specialized shop here. (I’m still waiting for this Covid thing to calm down to have a Half-Life bike tour at Lisbon)

  7. You lost me at 6-13k

  8. Less face. More frame.

  9. It’s a Specialized ad!

  10. oh wow lets just shill everyone

  11. Christopher Sanders November 30, 2020 @ 7:59 pm

    I like the mechanic looking gerks guy. Something about him is entertaining. Good video!

  12. You simply can’t do a video and call it 2020’s best ebike and the only show one brand!!! I had a specialized ebike and now have a Bosch powered bike and I much prefer it!

  13. Save some time, eliminate the BS in the beginning and just go to 4:10 .

  14. A man has no name November 30, 2020 @ 8:09 pm

    The bikes are expensive but these guys are reviewing the best bikes not the so so bikes. The best cost money.

  15. Should have been a 5 min video

  16. “Dare swites” 😬

  17. Thank you for the prices point but no gravel bikes 😒

  18. You guys make me want to move to Washington and buy an e-bike, almost!

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