Ebike build 72v 12,500 Watt ( SABVOTON72150 – qs273 ) parts list – costs

Ebike build 72v 12,500 Watt ( SABVOTON72150 – qs273 ) parts list – costs

3d printed part files:

please use the manufacturers torque specs, for the parts you are installing.

sry for the poor video quality, my gopro is slowly dying at the moment.

Parts list:

-Bomber Electric bike Frame

Hub motor:
-corrugated pipe d=17mm
-nylon cable sleeve d=19
-cable gland d=?

-Vee rubber vrm 140 70/100-19

-19“ motorcyle rims (alieexpress)

-Magura MT32 (rear)
-2xMagura MT5 brake caliper + magura t-piece + magura brake line+ magura big brake pump (front)
-3x 203mm brake rotor

Sabvoton 72150 (without display option)

-20S11P Samsung INR18650-30Q (33Ah)
Bms Li-ion 20S
80A continuous, 160A peak
-72V 8A charger
(note that there are even better cells out there, wich can handle up to 30a, mine can only handle 15a per cell (Sony 18650 VTC6 for example))

was used from my old bike:

-dnm usd8
-fox vanilla r / dnm burner-rcp2s

Bearings (normally included with the frame):
-shimano bb-un26/68 127,5mm
-ritchey com zero 44mm

Stuff around the handlebars:
-Set of 1.1/8“ spacers
-bbb ahead clamp 1.1/8“
-xlc pro ride d=31,8mm, 50mm
-sixpack kamikaze 780mm
-3 speed switch 22mm
-on/off switch 22mm
Domino e throttle

pedals, chain etc:
-leili enduro kickstand
-sport direct chain 1/2 x 1/8
-sumgott mtb pedals
-48T 170mm single speed

Electric stuff inside the frame:
-battery switch 200A
-anl fuse 150A
-terminal block
-usb switch
-xt90s connectors (10 pairs used)
-jst sm connectors
-cable shoes
-electrical tape
-shrink tube
-cables with different sized cross sections for extending existing cables
-cable clips

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  1. Total cost please.

  2. Upload more videos trying it please.
    Excellent work! 👊🏻✊🏻🔋⚡️💨

  3. Were do I buy one i want 2

  4. ??????? P = I x V, 72v battery, 150A motor controller = 10800W max. ?????????

  5. So for $4,841.75 usd, I’d just buy a nice motorcycle 🤣. Nice build though💪

  6. Great video…Just wondering if both of your front brake discs are running from one break lever….where did you find a magura brake system upgrade for that?

  7. Where to buy the motor, controller, and battery..?

  8. elon musk is proud of you

  9. lol only 80amp continuous lol get some recycled bus cells they do 200amp continuous and 600 peak that is what i have.

  10. Wow i want to build my own bike to 😍

  11. C’est bon je te l’achète !!!?

  12. Keeper YouTube Video! More Power than the NEW $5,000 Ebike that just came out, and it’s not available until Q4, which could be November or June 22. Remember, Parts & Batteries getting Cheaper & Better. Just need a Solar Panel incorporated.

  13. How can i buy parts of this cycle

  14. Good afternoon DSZ Garage . First of all, congratulations for you work, Superb ! I have a technical doubt. If you used 20S11P pack of INR18650-30Q Samsung cells. You reach 2,38kWh by calculation. Which is your range 20 minutes? considering your hub motor is 8kW ? Am I right?

  15. Jonez Datonetech January 24, 2021 @ 7:54 pm

    Aww come on bro, where’s the other beat at ?
    This is still my favorite stealth bomber build 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
    I miss that other track 😢😢😞😞

  16. How to build the battery set?

  17. Which version of the qs273 did you get?

  18. Jonez Datonetech January 24, 2021 @ 7:54 pm

    Hey bike friend
    Where did you get the orange rear wheel stand ?
    My wheels just arrived today…

  19. Nice video bro🔥🔥 where you bought the rear stand?

  20. What length shock do you use? Ty

  21. Combien tu me demandes si je t’en commande un ?

  22. So what’s it cost then all in

  23. How long its the distance? With this battery?

  24. Circuit diagram plizz sent

  25. i cant find the Magura MT32 (rear)

  26. Did you buy the battery or build it? Motor 3.5t or 5t?

  27. Bouchaib Rhazoui January 24, 2021 @ 8:01 pm

    هل توجد بالمغرب؟0662243295

  28. Ive built one of these – you did an excellent job with cable management and 3d-printed parts!

  29. Good vid, thx for posting.

  30. Kamolporn Sornkamharn January 24, 2021 @ 8:04 pm

    hallo seit ihr besoffen gewesen wo ihr den video gemacht habt – stumfilm war voriges jahrhundert – wir haben aktuell das 21 jahrhundert – stumfilm ist aut !!! was kommt als naechstes ein scharz-weiss video ohne ton !!! ha ha ha – wie kann mann so besoffen sein !!!

  31. Jonez Datonetech January 24, 2021 @ 8:05 pm

    Yes sir, I know when your video is on 🤣🤣👍🏾👍🏾👌😆

  32. Was kostete das schöne Stück.?
    Und ist es strassenzugelasen?

  33. Wow, best e-bike build video i have ever seen, thank you very much! This machine is a beast! I really enjoyed watchig this, your workshop is beautiful, i click subscribe, please keep doing this, its awesome!

  34. 4k baks is too much, i build the same bike and i spent 2000 dollars!!!!

  35. I know you wouldn’t do it for the power, but do you think its possible to use something like a bafang mid drive motor on this frame? As someone who is visually impaired I’m looking to make a long range e-bike and not an offroad powerhouse.

  36. Did you but the frame direct?

  37. Nice build 💯👍👍😁

  38. Good build but that chain looks like it’s the week link

  39. Wow…amazing build…❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. Aurijus Trikšys January 24, 2021 @ 8:20 pm

    Really informative video, I learned a lot, thank you for your time and effort, it helps DIY e-bikes builders move forward even faster 💪
    The only thing that I wish there was, some sort of sound, whether a background music or anything else:)

  41. good job.

  42. Jonez Datonetech January 24, 2021 @ 8:24 pm

    What happened to the soundtrack bro that’s what made me love this video that instrument you had put it back man

  43. MAHESH GUNDUBOINA January 24, 2021 @ 8:25 pm

    I I want this bike price

  44. Why is the bottom bracket on the swingarm? Seems pretty dumb

  45. What steerer 1/8 set did you use ?

  46. for sale ?


    Super dommage que tu ne mets pas les liens des pieces pour les acheter. Si non Bravo

  48. Total cost?

  49. How much was the total cost? And how fast does it go?

  50. What is the USB adapter you plugged into the bluetooth adapter before attaching?

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