eBike Conversion Kit – How to Install (easy)

eBike Conversion Kit – How to Install (easy)

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SIMILAR BAFANG 1000w KIT (updated version) :


We just bought a few Lekkie ebike kits and this is how to install them. The Lekkie E-bike Kit is basically a bafang kit with a few extras. The ebike is one of the best diy kits we have seen and rides beautifully.


The tools you need are:
Bottom Bracket Tool:

Crank Puller:

Lockring Wrench:

Main Camera
Canon 60D: https://amzn.to/2CKnyoe

Rode Video Micro: https://amzn.to/2CieEO6

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  1. Wow so nice, how much is the conversion kit like that❓do we have here in Philippines. It is better now to have that bec. Of transportation problem in the PHILIPPINES due to covid19. Less traffic, less transportation expenses, less road space, less time, and to observed social distancing in transportation. Clean environment✔. PM me 09081059889..Blanca Magada..to market the conversion kit in PH..

  2. Kriminal inspekt February 12, 2021 @ 8:34 pm

    my 750W kit is coming today

  3. Engine? Motor.

  4. please help to get this thing i need it for my bike especially this pandemic when i cant ride any puplic vehicles

  5. Man to be honest I like your accent🤗🤗

  6. why pop out a link when you could just use the master link?

  7. Does anyone know how to do this on a mountain bike

  8. Hello, I have a bike gt transeo comp 2019 and I want to turn it into an electric one, I don’t know much about motors and batteries, so please advice, what to buy which motor and battery, I weigh 115 kg and I like to pedal, but I need help on the hill, I’m crossing about 40 km a day, thank you

  9. How much?

  10. use 5mm spacers on 73mm bottom bracket

  11. Is fat bike good for daily city commute for office upto 20 km

  12. Nothing special about a $1200 mountain bike? Wy only one gear? With an 18 speed this sucker should top out at about 100mph

  13. Thanks for these directions great for an older chromoly bike. So much for doing a carbon or maybe even alum bike for now. Bites into the frame for support? Not a good design. Hopefully they will come out with a more sane approach in their next design. Now I see why everyone says use and older bike you don’t really care about with bsa 68/73 or older.

  14. nice on kiwi

  15. Where do you live???? That’s your backyard??!!!!! NICE!!

  16. Gulam Dastagir Makhdum Shaikh February 12, 2021 @ 8:49 pm

    9220494547 call to me

  17. A great video however at 3:46 you can see a gap between the bracket and the motor case, I think the gearcase must be up against the chain stay behind the chain ring. If there is no spacer on the shaft to keep the case off the chain stay then there will be a strain on the case and it could fail, also there should be 6mm washers between the bracket and the motor or the motor case will be under strain.

  18. I think , and with all the respect , You should read a manual in how to install a mid Drive Bafang Motor ,at least watch some other videos , Before making Your own video about it ,first You install the "Y" bracket against the frame but You didn’t put any spacers between the Bracket and the motor You just tide the allen bolts against the bracket , what that will do is that in few days the motor will become loose and eat away in the bike frame , second You don’t talk at all about aligning the chain with the chain ring and the rear sprockets ,I do my business Here in USA installing those type of motors , Nice area where You live , very misleading video

  19. Hello sir
    I cant find where buy electric bicycle how much

  20. what’s the shift sensor?

  21. oh, different configuration, I have the cheaper China setup. it’s an add-on motor that bolts to a bracket then runs a chain to the inner gear on the chain ring
    good video, thanks!

  22. That’s the fastest ebike i’ve ever seen

  23. my old bikes pedals keep moving and iv’e been trying to fix it even goin in the shops but NOPE. so might be a bit of a task doing this and well… im broke XD

  24. just doing my marin. Did you brace the fork and fit disc caliper bracket yourself?

  25. Can I use this on a bike without any gears ?

  26. thanks for the show. Good old SA accent. where can i buy this convention kit?

  27. Did you leave off the derailer?

  28. Dragonballzgtvegeta February 12, 2021 @ 9:06 pm

    how many miles can you go and what is top speed?

  29. Thanks 👍😎

  30. does this only work with the throttle or does the motor kick in when you start pedalling

  31. quintin joy narciso vlog February 12, 2021 @ 9:13 pm

    I love to have that one so that I can use it going to work but I don’t have enough money to buy it.. More pore on you sir..

  32. "And then you’re off laughing!" Love this…wish I could work as smart as you do…so efficient…how much do you charge to convert a bike? 🙂

  33. can i use this on bmx?

  34. What’s the bottom bracket size on the GT avalanche?

  35. how much does it weigh?

  36. Superb video. Good on ya mate.

  37. Christopher Perez February 12, 2021 @ 9:20 pm

    Where can I buy those set for making e bike. Thank you

  38. it is a moter not a an engine

  39. I paid $780 for my 500w /12ah fat tire foldable ebike on Ebay,I live it. Did everyday use for 18 months no issues. Just had to replace the battery cause of a dead cell. I probablycouldof taken better care of the battery put more thought into smarter charging cycles…Ive been riding ebikes 10 yrs…since they were 30lb nicad batteries. Ugly beasts and battery died every 5-6 months. Now Everywhere I go people stop to check it out and ask questions, its a beautiful bike. Im shopping for my next ebike now…need more speed. 500w isn’t really enough if u use it like me.

  40. Do you ever have issues with you chain line? I got a surly with this bafang and it looks like spacer city the mounting brackets not even bolted into the motor. He has so many spacers in the bb the motor mounds wont line up with the motor.

  41. How much

  42. Thank u helped me so much

  43. Great video it does not look that complicated. I am thinking about converting bicycles as a hobby and I have a few questions? How many times have you done the installation? How long did the installation take? How would the motor sit on a step through frame? Would an aluminium or steel frame be best for conversion?

  44. looks not easy at all!! whatever, i’m thinking of buying that kit and it would be great manual for me. thanks

  45. Hi I have some questions is there anyway I can email you about it?

  46. Sir is it possible to charge the battery and also use the battery to run the motor at the same time? If yes then kindly tell me the name of the battery.

  47. absolutely yes sir very interesting tutorial. See you in screen

  48. 5:55 is that the speedometer and is it really necessary to put it on?

  49. I don’t have the tools for that 😅

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